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I. Personal Reflections: “Cassandra complex” acknowledged…

Over the roughly 15 years that I have been obsessively (more or less) following news and politics, I’ve gone from being alarmed at the metastasizing corruption and polarization in the American body politic to being convinced that the United States of America is essentially committing economic and societal suicide on the world stage (with easily manipulated/generally misinformed Americans either turned off/tuned out or, conversely, at each other’s throats, spewing “Teabagger” and “Socialist” invective, while trillions of dollars are looted from the U.S. Treasury and our Constitution is overwritten in a way that would make Orwell’s pigs blush into bacon bits: “Two legs awesome — and since when does ‘due process’ require a judge or, you know, charges? JUST KILL ‘EM.”  Thanks, Mr. President, now I don’t miss John Yoo at all!).

“This is how corrupt Washington has become… Billionaires are giving very strong support to elected officials who will do exactly the opposite of what the American people want.” — Sen. Bernie Sanders, Independent (VT)

I admit it seems a rather dismal conclusion to “The Great Experiment,” but near as I can tell, our leading institutions are anxious to cede, once and for all, America’s economic future and national sovereignty to a clearly pernicious (habitually reckless, criminal, anti-democratic, and ultimately destructive) global corporatocracy.  And why not?  It’s the same corporate mob that generations of Republicans and Democrats worked their little, nest-feathering brains out to establish in the first place as the only truly preeminent world power, under the deceptive label of “capitalism” (spelled “F-A-S-C-I-S-M” and predicated on endless violence and ethnosectarian conflict — with millions of dehumanized people filling its prisons, dying in its wars, and toiling in its fields/quarries/factories for pennies a day).

[I’ll take a moment to note the post-WWII road not taken (the empire-eschewing route which would have honored the millions of victims of WWII by making the world a safer place for generations to come): promoting a robust international regime of treaties and inclusive, multilateral institutions — including a credible, democratic United Nations as the central star in this firmament (one without the rigged, war-mongering “Security” Council).  But unfortunately, like Eisenhower’s famous warning — that Americans needed to vigilantly guard against the Military-Industrial-Complex’s potential to “endanger our liberties and democratic processes” — such a course was dismissed out of hand by a war-ravenous, unilateralist, MIC-corrupted Washington: always ready for military adventurism (unlike the populace), no stranger to state terrorism, disdainful of international law, and insatiable for corporate advantage/PROFIT$.]

And while our current national catastrophe has indeed been decades in the making, I would say that America’s self-destructive turn began in earnest with GEORGE W. BUSH — particularly in the post-9/11 presidency of Mr. Bush, when imperial overreach and an unmistakable lurch toward fascism both shocked the world and signaled that America’s days of dominance were numbered.

“The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” — Princess Leia Organa (Okay, I couldn’t resist inserting that quote from my favorite childhood movie… but the principle is sound, no matter the source: Imperial despotism breeds rebels.)

*          *          *

Returning to my “Cassandra Complex” — so named for the doomed seer of Greek mythology cursed with perfect foresight coupled with the inability to convince anyone of the truth of her prophecies — let’s briefly revisit those heady, carefree days back when I was merely alarmed

In the year 2000, after a few years of rapidly intensifying interest in “current events,” I was absolutely convinced that NO ELECTION IN MY LIFETIME HAD EVER BEEN (would ever be?) SO FRAUGHT WITH CONSEQUENCE as the race for president that year (and that still seems about right to me).  Ralph Nader had made some excellent points, but George W. Bush simply had to be stopped. I’d studied his record in Texas and found it appalling, telegraphing every bit of the nightmare to come.

In short, I had never seen anything as heinous as GWB coming down the pike for the presidency, and I did a fair amount (though hardly enough) to prevent that outcome.

[Here I would like to reproduce a photograph of me in 2000 going door to door in my dorky sweater vest, handing out hundreds of copies of my single-page plea to fellow Missourians (an entreaty amounting to “ANYONE but Bush”)… only I can’t, because that photo belongs to The Columbia Daily Tribune — which dubbed me the “One-man campaign waged against Bush”.  Sigh.]

Regardless, you know how this story ends: I failed to convince enough of my fellow Missourians to change the outcome of that election.  I’d gone door-knocking with my literature and lucked into having those efforts written up in the local newspaper.  I’d published several letters to the editor and done my best to get my questions asked at the third presidential debate in St. Louis… all to no avail.


II. Practical advice for Nov. 6th, including an ENDORSEMENT (two, actually)!

And now that we’ve taken that stroll down memory lane, my general advice boils down to the following: 1) FIND A WAY TO SIGNAL YOUR DISPLEASURE WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT (as much as your ballot permits) and 2) WORK TO COUNTER THE ONGOING ASSAULT ON OUR DEMOCRACY (including recent efforts that threaten to disenfranchise more than three million legally registered American voters).

A. SPECIFIC RACES, PROPOSITIONS, and ONE MEASURE (I’m only weighing in here on matters I’ve researched — please don’t mistake this blog for a comprehensive voter guide):

(1) Presidential Race, Swing-State Voter: Vote your conscience, my friends — some of the savviest, most principled progressives I know seem genuinely torn over the question of whether Romney or Obama will do more harm over the next four years (yes, my GUT feeling is that Obama is preferable to Romney, but my BRAIN tells me that the CIA’s 2008 choice, Obama, may well continue on as “the more effective evil” on the foreign front, while slashing entitlements at home and continuing to move American courts further to the right (Elena Kagan for John Paul Stevens???  Why didn’t Obama just nominate John Yoo and give the Federalist Society everything it wants?)

(2) Presidential Race, non-Swing-State Voter: Is the outcome of the presidential race in your state a foregone conclusion? If so, please have the good sense to vote for someone other than a Democrat or Republican: REGISTER YOUR DISSENT. My choice: VOTE FOR Dr. JILL STEIN and help the Green Party reach 5% nationally, earning the party federal funds and increased traction in the next election (among progressive parties, I believe that the Green Party is best positioned, politically and organizationally, and has values that comport with mine far more closely than those of the current Republicrat Party).  Conversely, if you lean more to the right and you know that President Obama doesn’t have a prayer of winning your “red” state, vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, if you can’t bring yourself to vote for the excellent Ms. Stein — anyone but Mittwit and the Boy Plunder…  SIGNAL YOUR DISSENT.

(3) House of Representatives: Since no credible pollster/predictor apparently sees any serious chance of the House flipping from Republican to Democratic control (especially not in the Year of the Super-PAC), I hope that every progressive-minded individual this fall will VOTE for the Green Party’s House of Representatives candidate or, barring that possibility, the next most progressive candidate on the ballot (even if he/she is a Democrat, I suppose).

(4) Senate: If the race in your state is close, vote for the Democrat (that’s my advice; with a far-right House and White House all-but-guaranteed, a Democratic Senate could provide something of a firewall against austerity’s secret partners, Obama and the Tea Party); if the race is not close, vote GREEN (or for your preferred non-establishment candidate)…

(5) California Proposition 30 (re: tax for schools, public safety): YES!!! (It’s imperfect, but BY FAR the best result we can hope for if we care about funding for schools) — all I’ve heard, from multiple, trustworthy sources, is that Prop. 30 must pass and the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

(6) California Proposition 32 (re: “special interest” money): HELL NO!!! (This one’s an industry-funded ruse to eviscerate organized labor’s voices while leaving corporate electioneering efforts unscathed; it takes an already unlevel playing field and requires the referee to approach the disadvantaged player and shoot him in the face with his starting gun… until he stops twitching.)

(7) California Proposition 34 (repeals CA’s death penalty): Yes! Countless studies have revealed that ending the death penalty would both save money and, in many cases, spare the lives of wrongly convicted innocents (my personal feeling is that it is immoral to kill a detained individual, posing no threat to anyone — and that it’s hubris of the worst sort when human beings convince themselves that they know who should live and who should die).

(8) California Proposition 36 (reforms “Three Strikes” laws): Yes! California is the only state with a “Three Strikes” law that puts people away for life on the basis of non-violent offenses; factor in the massive flaws in our justice system, and it’s an expensive farce with terrible human consequences, particularly for minorities endlessly subjected to racial profiling — END IT!

(9) California Proposition 37 (requires GMO food labels): Yes! Monsanto and friends have a slick misinformation campaign against Prop. 37, but it’s high time for America to join scores of other countries and tell consumers what they’re eating!

(10) Local Measure F (San Francisco; drain/“restore” Hetch Hetchy): No frikkin’ way! This one’s another dog — or should I say, WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING — masquerading as “progressivism” or “environmentalism” (poppycock; this sucker paves the way for a $10 billion boondoggle that costs the Bay Area 20% of its power (CLEAN power, at that!) and strains our water supply, just as water is poised to become the most prized global commodity in history (I’ve begun a blog devoted to just this issue — Measure F — which I hope to get finished and posted in the next couple of days).

(11) Fremont (CA) City Council: I heartily endorse Vinnie Bacon (Independent) who I have personally met on a number of occasions, and with whom I have discussed local and national politics, each time with the strong sense that he shares my concerns and values.

B. CALL TO ACTION (from the least you could do to the most):

(1) Work to counter the massive effort to steal this election through disenfranchising voters — The GOP has been working to deny voting rights to some 3.2 million legal registered voters, predominantly minorities, simply because they are likely to vote Democratic.  Such an effort is clearly pernicious to democracy and should be resisted on principle.  At the very least we can promote/disseminate the following tips (courtesy of muckraking journalist Greg Palast) designed to make sure that one’s vote is counted:

Beyond that, support the anti-establishment candidates while there’s still time!

(2) Spread the word that every disillusioned voter in a non-swing state should vote for someone other than Romney/Obama in the presidential race (and non-Democrats/Republicans in “down-ticket” races); more votes for the candidates of the Green and Libertarian parties will convey a strong message of disapproval of the catastrophic direction the establishment has been taking the country; again, SIGNAL YOUR DISSENT.

(3) Work as hard as you possibly can to defeat the GOP in every (legal, moral) way possible.  Today’s GOP is without question the closest thing that America has yet produced to a bona fide FASCIST mainstream political party, so their defeat should be a moral imperative — as bad as the Democrats are in terms of policy (pursuing the SAME policies as the Republicans, mostly), PERCEPTION COUNTS, and it would be salutary indeed for the world to see Americans reject these openly bigoted, anti-democratic thugs.

In an ideal world, NEITHER PARTY WOULD GET A SINGLE VOTE (this Congress has something like a 10% approval rating (abysmal and appropriate), yet Americans are on the verge of re-electing basically the whole lot of them — because our system is deeply corrupt and because Americans have been successfully divided… and all-but conquered).  Right now, the rest of the world is watching us in stunned horror, wondering what the hell happened to our morals and good sense.  They follow our establishment-dictated national discussion, baffled as America’s two leading political parties advocate that we shoot ourselves in both feet (with authoritarianism, austerity,  deregulation, privatization…) and they KNOW, even if most Americans have yet to realize it, that they’re witnessing the demise of a great nation.

Well, there you have it!  It’s a beast, I know, but today’s blog represents my good faith effort to move beyond the ideal and provide some practical advice for the upcoming election (I hope you’ll agree).

[Before reading today’s blog, please devote a few minutes to the following brief excerpts from today’s broadcast of DemocracyNow! featuring two impressive candidates for the U.S. presidency, the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, each responding to last night’s presidential debate — in real time, thanks to Amy Goodman’s innovative “expanded” coverage.  Discussing the economy, the two MSM-arginalized (and corporate debate commission-barred) candidates both strongly endorsed the single most obvious approach to ending America’s deficit woes: adopting a Medicare-for-All/single-payer healthcare system (saving nearly $300 billion annually per a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine and in all likelihood dramatically improving health outcomes for Americans).]

Excerpt #1: The Green Party’s Jill Stein

Excerpt #2, The Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson

And now you know why these two outstanding candidates were prohibited from participating in the “presidential debates” controlled (more rigidly than ever, it seems) by a corporate commission created and run by the national Democratic and Republican parties.

Unlike Romney and Obama, Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson are not actually on board with the .01%’s program to privatize, outsource, and break the United States and its middle class with “austerity” over the next decade, needlessly slashing entitlements and deliberately sabotaging public institutions like the Postal Service and America’s public school system (with so-called “education reform” a Trojan horse for union-busting privatization that has broad bipartisan support across our pay-to-play government).  Unlike Romney and Obama, Stein and Anderson do not ignore sensible, proven approaches to resolving the crises in employment, education, and our crumbling infrastructure.  Nor do they share the establishment candidates’ zeal for economically suicidal trade deals that decimate American jobs and erode national sovereignty.

But sadly, all indications are that either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is going to be president for the next four years: the Ultimate Soulless/Predatory “Trust Me” Charlatan or the Ultimate Wall St. Pawn/Middle Class-Civil Liberties Sell-Out.  Either prospect is genuinely terrifying and deeply depressing, representing a profound failure on the part of the American people to perceive and forcefully resist the near-total corruption of our politics and leading institutions by those who are clearly working against our interests (those trying to deftly manage/manufacture the permanent contraction of the American middle class while they shrink/eliminate/privatize public services and reduce consumer/worker/citizen protections under the law in order to further the already ludicrous advantages enjoyed by rapacious corporations, hedge funds, and the insanely wealthy, generally).

Obama and Romney have both amply demonstrated their intent to continue thinning America’s middle class with SHOCK DOCTRINE “austerity” and creating new generations of American poor while the gravy train rolls on for the MIC and Wall St. (with Obama growing the defense budget every year he’s been in office, while millions lost their jobs and homes — with his administration still bailing out the banksters, to the tune of $85 billion/month, four years after the 2008 crash).  And the economic fleecing America has endured over the last four years has been compounded with an endless assault on our civil liberties and the rule of law — all on behalf of the .01%, the corporatocracy that America helped create, but which no longer serves its interests… if indeed it ever did.

Like many a plutocrat (see Mitt Romney), nominally American corporations are starving the U.S. of revenue in myriad ways, but particularly by keeping some $2 trillion in wealth offshore (no patriots, these).  A recent study reported in Forbes indicates that some $21-31 trillion has been offshored by wealthy tax evaders the world over, depriving revenue to governments from America to Europe and beyond, even while the West’s economies are facing historic challenges (again, where are the patriotic plutocrats?).  Our government’s owners are also aggressively promoting the aforementioned trade deals that have hemorrhaged millions of American jobs.  And they are stifling (through the establishment media and politicians they control) practically all discussion of the painfully obvious solutions to America’s economic woes: KEYNESIAN investment in infrastructure, FDR-style; and transitioning to MEDICARE-FOR-ALL (not to mention revising those trade pacts and taxing the rich in a manner that comports with America’s history of fair, reasonably progressive taxation).

These remedies should be no-brainers. Only in America we are no longer allowed to discuss in establishment circles the policies most likely to actually help our economy recover in a meaningful way — because today’s discussion is focused almost entirely on AUSTERITY (which has done wonders for Europe, no?).  The establishment has clearly decided that it is time for America to recede; the country’s true owners will not tolerate any national discussion of long overdue banking reforms or non-industry-authored healthcare reforms.  With four presidential debates behind us, neither the moderators nor the candidates dared broach such topics; nor did they touch on America’s cruel, counterproductive, and fundamentally racist Drug War (so profitable for so few, so costly for the rest of us); nor did they discuss the virtual slave labor taking place in America’s prisons, making a mockery of our proclaimed values.  And they did not begin to question the wisdom of America’s grotesquely stupid national security strategy, no matter how much evidence accrues that the post-9/11 U.S. approach to fighting terrorism — global, boundless war, with ever-diminishing civil liberties (the Romney-endorsed Bush-Obama approach) — has been absolutely bankrupt, intellectually and morally, since its inception, metastasizing global terrorism and damaging America’s reputation and national interests from the very start (something that most of the nation’s voting citizenry soon realized and articulated strongly in consecutive national elections in 2006 and 2008, voting largely against torture and the Bush/Cheney approach to war, including the assault on our civil liberties… which President Obama proceeded unnecessarily to cement and expand).

…and that’s enough bitching about the status quo for now, I suppose.

NEXT: Part II, Practical Election Advice & an Endorsement!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been finishing up an art project I began in July, after my wife and I returned from the first ever Johnston summer seminar: Ovid’s Metamorphoses (my post-seminar blog can be read here).  The piece features caricatures of seminar participants transformed into characters from Ovid’s ~2,000 year-old masterpiece, and I hope my readers will enjoy this quick break from politics…

Art project completed: a seminar transformed!

Last week delivered another grim marker in the decline of a once great nation: the first of the 2012 presidential debates (if my response is a tad belated, please note that I had to wait until I stopped vomiting).

I have listened to Debate #1 in its entirety — twice: once in the standard format, and again with Amy Goodman’s expanded, “sound barrier-breaking” format, inserting the responses of presidential candidates from the Green and Justice parties (the Libertarian Party’s candidate was also invited to participate in the DemocracyNow! forum, but declined that invitation).  I’ve also read the transcript of the Romney-Obama debate, just to make sure I’d heard what I thought I’d heard (unfortunately, I had – urp.).  Lastly, I’ve poured over several post-game dissections of this ghastly mess, including Glenn Greenwald’s latest, which I recommend highly.   And after doing all of these things (and taking something to settle my tummy), I think I have my response/analysis together, so here goes!

1. Poor Player, the First: Jim Lehrer (The Empty Chair) — The cartoon on the cover of The New Yorker, depicting Romney debating the empty “Obama chair” that Clint Eastwood made famous, actually gets it wrong (as does most of the coverage that says Obama “failed to show up” or was “unprepared”).  The truth is the empty chair was Jim Lehrer’s.  The venerable PBS mainstay, the absurdly deferential dud, Mr. Lehrer, has been the subject of many scathing attacks — most of which have been pretty well-founded, actually (performing the most high-profile job he ever does, the man was invisible).  The only defense that Lehrer has offered is the tidbit that he and the candidates had decided beforehand that he would be more or less irrelevant to the proceedings.  That was the agreed-upon format: Lehrer would take a back seat and just let the two candidates engage in a conversation…  Great.  Only what does such an agreement do to the role of the JOURNALIST who is supposed to be present at these kinds of affairs? It obliterates it, obviously, leaving no moderator/referee to call fair balls and foul, resulting in a fact-free, free-for-all.  And that’s why, in my assessment, Jim Lehrer really screwed the pooch on this one.

2. Poor Player, the Second: Barack Obama (The Cautious/Ingratiating Wonky Doll, with Pull-string) — As I noted in the previous paragraph, the problem with the president’s performance isn’t that he failed to show up or prepare.  The problem was that Barack Obama showed up as himself: Mr. Conciliator, Mr. I’m One of You, Mr. I know policy like the back of my hand, if you’ll just give me a few more minutes to explain.  The president was well-prepared, dazzling even Romney with his knowledge of the details of his (Romney’s) policies — that is, when Romney wasn’t brazenly and FALSELY calling the president a liar, “not entitled to (his) own facts,” for accurately describing the Republican’s proposed policies.  The president clearly went into this debate intent on playing the Cautious Game: I’m winning, all I’ve gotta’ do is show up and not soil myself. The problem was decidedly not with his command of the facts/policy, but with his strategy, which is one-fold: try not to offend anyone. He professorially tried to correct Romney’s falsehoods in such a manner that no one would think he was being disagreeable.  It was “Rope a Dope,” I guess, but only if Ali had never thrown any punches and spent most of the fight trying to convince Foreman that he liked him and they had a lot in common (“Hey, guy, your Social Security position and mine are virtually identical, don’tcha’ think?  And my healthcare reform was really just conceived as an homage to your brilliance!  Love me!  Love me!  I bent Uncle Sam over for Wall Street!  I ended habeas corpus! I’m one of YOUUUUUU!!!”).

3. Poor Player, the Third, Mitt Romney (the Reprogrammable Man) — Actually, I think that the consensus opinion on Romney’s performance is about right: It was a triumph of style over substance.  Mr. “Etch-o-sketch” did just what his campaign promised and flipped another flop, “re-setting” his Etch-o-campaign’s message for the general election by driving hard back to the middle (why, he’ll even cover pre-existing conditions now, just like “Obamacare” does! …Only he won’t — that was one of several bona fide WHOPPERS that Romney told at the debate).  Romney has done just what his campaign telegraphed when his pollster asserted that it would not let the “fact-checkers” dictate their talking points (clearly, they have not).  Just as Cheney determined in George Bush’s first term that “deficits don’t matter” (when Republicans are in the White House), the Romney 2012 campaign has determined (accurately, unfortunately) that FACTS DON’T MATTER.

The result: a sham debate, where no hard questions were asked and many of the answers were 100% false (starkly contradicted in many cases by Mr. Romney’s own words, including core campaign promises made repeatedly in the weeks leading up to the debate) — with no adult on the scene to sort out the truth/mendacity of such claims for the audience of some 70 million viewers.  Such a “debate” represents an insult to the electorate and a canny nod/brazen F.U. (on the part of the Romney folks) to a broken and dysfunctional media elite, incapable of calling out the GOP ticket for the unprecedented and truly stunning level of contempt it has shown for facts in this U.S. presidential election season…  This conduct is very similar, I should note, to the canny nod/brazen F.U. (on the part of the Obama folks) to those same media losers, knowing that they’re too on-board with the .01%’s agenda to endanger it by pointing out that the “Democrat” in this race has already committed himself — with equal vigor — to draconian, totally unnecessary austerity and entitlement slashing!

The unavoidable conclusion: Now more than ever, American elections and debates amount only to empty theater, bereft of substance, subject only to critiques on style, body language, forcefulness, and zingers.  Facts and histories can be easily distorted (even inverted, as Romney proved last Wednesday) with none the wiser in our current funhouse of a political milieu.  Partisan news sources on the MSM’s faux margins (Fox and MSNBC) tell the faithful what they want to hear, and ever-equivocating ditherers at supposedly credible journalistic institutions (like Mr. Lehrer, Brokaw, Blitzer, etc.) assiduously muddy the controversies and toe the official line, eschewing all talk of $16 trillion bailouts and ongoing official U.S. rendition and torture.

Meanwhile, the country’s elites and oligarchs have offered us two nearly identical candidates whose policy prescriptions not only mirror each other’s (“I have the same advisors you do,” asserted the president last Wednesday, referring to a POLICY matter), but whose alleged “remedies” (GOP-Democrat) are tantamount to national economic suicide: a permanent contraction of the middle class with jobs continuing to move overseas while our infrastructure rots and tens of millions of people remain un-/underemployed, with millions more underwater or facing foreclosure from a bunch of unreformed, recidivist criminal banking giants…

IT’S AS IF OBAMA AND ROMNEY NEVER HEARD OF FDR, THE NEW DEAL, OR JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES (but of course they have — only it’s not time for America to recover from its economic woes, as it was in the late 1930s; it’s time, in 2012, for AUSTERITY, for America to recede and get outsourced to death, bound-up with “free” trade pacts, and chopped into little pieces for global corporations to devour, making way for booming China and India and the REAL “new world order” — the global Corporatocracy/surveillance-police state that America has helped create over the last few decades).

*          *          *

Finally, as promised, here’s PROOF THAT INTELLIGENT DEBATE EXISTS:

1. The aforementioned expanded debate on DemocracyNow! featuring presidential candidates Jill Stein (The Green Party) and Rocky Anderson (The Justice Party) — brace yourself for actual issues of significance to be broached (civil liberties, the global climate crisis, the soaring healthcare costs behind America’s projected deficits…);

2. The always excellent Prof. Mahmood Mamdani debating the militarist/colonialist agenda and propaganda of the “Save Darfur” organization with John Prendergast; and

3. A fascinating debate between Glenn Greenwald and former Bush speechwriter David Frum (the committed neocon who, along with Michael Gerson, coined the immensely stultifying phrase “Axis of Evil” in 2002, paving the way for Bush to invade Iraq).  This riveting debate features one man arguing for the principles of Western civilization (Greenwald) and another who is clearly battling monsters and wants to cheer unabashedly when the state murders one (Mr. Frum, clearly having failed to appreciate Nietzsche’s warning against turning one’s human enemies into “monsters,” thereby degrading one’s own humanity and increasing the likelihood that one will commit monstrous acts oneself — TORTURE, for instance — in the pursuit of conquering that “evil”).

Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you.”Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

[The following comment was originally authored in response to a HuffingtonPost article about California’s Proposition 32, the Koch-funded proposition that masquerades as an initiative to get “special interest” money out of politics but is actually about crushing unions — decimating organized labor’s ability to raise funds while leaving unscathed the electioneering activities of corporations.]

What’s the matter with Kansas, indeed! I’m truly astonished at the gullibility of the American electorate: The .1% has completely corrupted our government and taken $16 TRILLION out of our pockets (per GAO’s audit of the Fed) and now they’ve got us arguing about unions and the “need” to slash entitlements!

WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! Over the last decade, Wall Street criminals trashed our 401ks and bilked American polities and pension funds alike. Any honest examination of the 2008 collapse reveals FRAUD on a massive and systemic scale. Wall St. crooks created the fiscal mess that’s crippled governments across America — and now they’ve shifted the conversation to austerity and unions!

It’s a classic bait and switch, but HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? (They’re betting on VERY, and so far that’s paid off handsomely.)

The .1% have terminated the Bill of Rights — with habeas corpus GONE — and now they’re coming for what’s left of Americans’ ability to organize against a management class obsessed with achieving global slave/prison/sweatshop-labor costs (Foxconn/Wal-Mart style) — an obsession that explains why our middle class, like our infrastructure, is crumbling…

Meanwhile we’re hopelessly divided, mostly engaging in the fact-free arguments the .1% have spoon-fed us, populated by phantom “socialists” and an imaginary “Constitutionalist.” If we had any brains or gumption, NOT ONE Republican or Democrat would be elected/reelected; both parties have demonstrated beyond doubt that they work exclusively for those trying to break and enslave us.

The New York Times has been a staple of my daily news consumption for well over a decade.  During this period, the “Gray Lady” has printed a very high percentage of the comments I’ve submitted, however they have consistently censored my comments addressing the organization’s journalistic failures.

The following is the latest example of this tendency of the Times, regarding a comment I submitted observing that a recent NYT article — whatever distinctions it correctly drew between the two leading presidential candidates’ positions on waterboarding — mostly obscured their common positions on rendition and torture (while falsely denying the continued use of such tactics).

My NYT-censored comment:

The article is premised on a falsehood: “Mr. Obama has stuck to that strict no-torture policy.” (Here, Mr. Savage exemplifies that tendency in the MSM to forego journalistic rigor and emptily parrot official propaganda.)  As has been reported by Jeremy Scahill, Allan Nairn, Amy Goodman, Alfred McCoy, and others, OBAMA HAS CONTINUED THE TORTURE, albeit with some minor adjustments:

The new rules: NO torturing by military personnel in war zones (PERMITTED, however, in places America is NOT at war — have at it, special ops!); “NO more rendition”… (EXCEPT when necessary to transport prisoners to the CIA’s torturing partners, with CIA feeding questions and directing the torture from the next room). There’s also been a steady stream of reports of torture at the U.S.-operated prison in Bagram (documented by the ICRC and Afghan human rights organizations) — which is why our Canadian and European allies refuse to bring prisoners there.

In short, America has wholeheartedly embraced torture in the post-9/11 era, and none of our institutions seem willing to do anything about it, from the DOJ to Congress to the NYT. Meanwhile we continue to fuel the flames of rage (backing al Qaeda in Syria, targeting medics and funerals with our drones, funding terrorism in Iran…) — dramatically reducing our national security.

There you have it, the first comment I’ve submitted to the NYT in months and they refused to post it!

*          *          *

And now for part two of this sorry saga… I’ve also been comment-blocked this week by The HuffingtonPost. (Maybe I am the problem, after all.  You be the judge.)  I was feeling appalled at several HuffPo members’ comments responding to an article about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s (by all accounts subdued) speech at the United Nations this week.  The anti-Islamic, anti-Arab bigotry and neocon-propagated falsehoods were flying fast and furious on that comments board, so I decided to put out a little corrective pertinent to the discussion, as follows:

I’ve just read several pages of hate-filled and stunningly ignorant comments here, very few with any connection whatsoever to reality (yet more evidence that America has collapsed, morally and intellectually, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks).

Here are some FACTS:

1) In 1953, the CIA executed a violent coup in Iran, replacing an internationally celebrated democrat with a torturing, secret police-employing, resource-stealing puppet for the next quarter century;

2) In 1979, after the student-led Iranian Revolution, the West elevated Saddam in Iraq in order to use him as a proxy (he invaded Iran within months and one million people died as a result);

3) Iranians are not “Arab” but Persian (and they haven’t been militarily aggressive for centuries);

4) While Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah, the vast majority of the world understands these organizations to be legitimate resistance groups, defying illegal occupation and a recidivist war criminal regime; even official Europe and Canada recognized these groups as freedom fighters prior to 9/11);

5) Neither the IAEA nor America’s 16 intelligence agencies have found ANY evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program since the abandoned effort in 2003;

6) The U.S. has been terrorizing Iran (mostly through proxies, like Saddam and the MEK) for decades — Iran has mostly responded with angry WORDS; and

7) Iran’s leaders have NEVER threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” (that is a deliberate mistranslation of a Khomeini speech once quoted by Ahmadinejad).

Now this comment (above) was posted on that comment board — not censored/lost/blocked — hooray!  And after its posting, the comment generated a small wave of fiery criticism, with some critics suggesting that I had been “brainwashed” and others suggesting that I am hostile to Israel (on what grounds, they didn’t say).  In responding to these attacks, I tried to add nuance to my position and clarify my feelings about Mr. Ahmadinejad:

While Iran’s leadership is highly flawed, you should know that you’re regurgitating some of the more common falsehoods about Iran (neocon propaganda, actually). The truth: Ahmadinejad is a pipsqueak populist, rarely aligned with the mullahs. His political opponents are mostly folks like Rafsanjani in the corrupt old business-political-religious establishment. That said, however much of a popular following he has — which is considerable; he’s not a “dictator” by any accepted definition — he’s WAY too prone to making ignorant comments (questioning the Holocaust and so forth) to be an effective leader. Iran can surely do better than this provincial, red meat-chumming math professor.

That said, here’s the vital corrective: No Iranian leader has EVER called for the “destruction of Israel” or anything like that. The original comment (Khomeini’s, quoted once by Ahmadinejad) expressed a hope that the REGIME in Israel would one day fade — just as the REGIME of the Shah eventually faded away (that was the specific context):

America has been terrorizing Iran for over half a century now, leaving hundreds of thousands dead since the 1953 CIA coup. It’s no defense of Ahmadinejad to note the West’s history of terrorizing the region or that Iran has been the subject of a great deal of propaganda designed to build popular support in America for war.

So there I was, being reasonable and polite as peach pie in responding to those critical of my initial comment, when HuffPo apparently decided to shut me down.  When asked to present some facts demonstrating my sympathy with the Israeli people, I tried repeatedly to post the following two-part comment, both installments of which have been blocked, blocked, and blocked (with HuffPo’s support staff also refusing to respond to my request for an explanation) — just BLOCKED:

FACTS from the Israeli position:

After centuries of persecution at the hands of pharaohs, tsars, and Europeans — culminating in the Nazi Holocaust that killed at least 11 million people (a predominately Jewish holocaust, whatever Ahmadinejad thinks in his ignorance) — Zionists realized their dream of a Jewish homeland in 1948, courtesy of a U.N. resolution backed by strong Western support.

HOWEVER, thanks to Washington’s imperialist ambitions, the rightful founding of the state of Israel was achieved with unnecessary brutality and next to no consultation with Arabs (who had officially accepted the proposition of a Jewish state).

What followed was the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Arabs (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) ensuring an environment of perpetual hostility to the state of Israel — one that has been assiduously nurtured by the Military Industrial Complex and Washington in the decades since. The abandoned British garrison had been successfully replaced with another armed, extraordinarily militarist polity, effectively providing a Middle Eastern toehold for Western colonialism (initially under the guise of fighting the Cold War — most of which consisted of thwarting democrats and elevating the thugs and terrorists who created the most favorable conditions for American corporations: in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa…).

Israeli Jews have suffered from decades of foreign manipulation and corrupt, inept, frequently terrorist leaders (much like their Palestinian counterparts on ALL counts) who do not remotely represent the majority of the state.

Israel can take pride in many institutions that function in a reasonably democratic way (including a Supreme Court that was willing to fault Sharon for the civilian massacres he unleashed and a Winograd Commission that honestly depicted the incompetence of Olmert’s botched, civilian-slaughtering war on Lebanon).

In sum, Israel has from the start suffered Western manipulation, hostility from their neighbors (including wars and chronic terrorist attacks), and corruption from within — but especially from the external forces that are in the BUSINESS of perpetual conflict.

Sadly, anti-Semitism is alive and well (particularly on the American right, where Jews are seen as the cannon fodder in their fundamentalist Christian war on Islam and also as the necessary precondition for their Rapture). Jews are STILL blamed for all kinds of things by bigots everywhere (from American right-wingers to the Arab dictators they support — and deranged lefties and nutters, too, some of whom think Israel had something to do with 9/11…).

European Jews and their descendants deserved better than to have their homeland conceived from the start as a Western military base. But with more good journalism (Haaretz) and more good leaders (like Rabin) possible in the future, maybe the Israeli warmongers (Netanyahu, Lieberman, and the racist settlers) can finally be restrained by the Israeli people — and a PEACE worthy of Israel and Palestine can finally be forged!

Now, whether or not you agree with my arguments, please ask yourself: have I been abusive?  Off-topic?  Did I engage in threats or hate speech?  I would say that the answer to those questions is a resounding “none of the above.”  In fact, I can’t figure out how I’ve violated the comment policies of either the New York Times or HuffingtonPost… and that’s why this feels like censorship to me.

But again, you be the judge.