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When Prof. Anita Hill was slandered with misogynist, racially loaded slurs for coming forward with her story — involving years of sexual harassment and unwelcome advances from Judge Clarence Thomas — three other women bravely stepped forward and said “ME, TOO!”

Only that’s when Joe Biden stepped in.

In a lesser known chapter of the former VP’s sordid political history, Delaware Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr, made sure that the trio of other women saying “Me, too!” about Judge Thomas never got to share their stories.

Sen. Biden ensured that Prof. Anita Hill stood alone.

Did those three other women’s stories also involve years of unrelenting sexual harassment? Were they also subjected to Judge Thomas’s frequent lewd suggestions involving porno movies, orgies, and bestiality? Were there more strategically placed pubic hairs on these underlings’ beverages?

Thanks to Sen. Joe Biden, we’ll never know.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Cup of Joe” Biden acted with ruthless zeal and efficiency to seat Clarence Thomas, ideological radical and alleged serial workplace harasser, on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because Joe Biden didn’t just run with David Brock’s “a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty” character-assassination of Prof. Hill, grilling her like the rest of the Republicans. He made sure that the stories of those three other victims — corroborating Hill’s grim experience with predatory Clarence Thomas — would never see the light of day, so far as that confirmation process was concerned.

With Biden running the show, Prof. Anita Hill was hung out to dry.

Thanks to Joe’s tireless efforts, Clarence Thomas was elevated to the highest court in the land, where he would proceed to give us “President” George W. Bush (in a 5-4 affair which makes the 2016 general election result look like an immaculate exercise in democracy).

“Justice” Thomas also helped give us the dark money bonanza that is Citizens United — and a host of other really swell jurisprudential developments, leading to the situation we Americans enjoy today.

Thanks heaps, Joe. (Please go away now.)

So reads the headline of John Pilger’s recent article in The Independent of the U.K.

Foreign aggression, al Qaeda, and ISIS have been dealt a considerable setback in the Middle East, following several years of neoconservative bloodletting and ethno-sectarian cleansing (primarily the handiwork of Washington, DC, London, Tel Aviv, and the Saudis… primarily through radical Salafist proxies).

For Syrians, for the region, for the international community, and ultimately, for global stability — during a time of mass-insanity in Western governments and institutions — this is a remarkably good outcome.

This peace brings long-awaited relief to millions, following years of horrific suffering which the Syrian people never asked for and in no way deserved.

This resolution also represents a *second* black eye for the imperialist bully in the region (following Washington’s self-inflicted “shiner” in Iraq — which likely cost over a million Iraqis their lives, per a peer-reviewed study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Medical School and published in the respected British medical journal, The Lancet).

I hope my friends, here, won’t simply take my word for it. Read Fisk’s article and familiarize yourself with the outstanding journalism of Eva Bartlett, Consortium News, Jeffrey Sachs, and the handful of other brave souls who’ve reported this invasion (and multi-front proxy war) honestly, cutting through a sea of propaganda.

The end of this campaign of Western-initiated atrocities is a *very* good thing, and I’m happy for the Syrian people. They have weathered a brutal and prolonged assault, but now have their country back and can begin rebuilding their lives.

That this monstrously ill-conceived and destructive regime-change op ended the way it did was the best outcome anyone could have hoped for.

And the neocons’ preferred next step — a “No-fly Zone” in Syria — would have only prolonged the nightmare for most Syrians and risked plunging the globe into a third World War that humanity can ill afford.

(Though the politicians, MSM, MIC, and neocons will gnash teeth and pull hair, this outcome is truly best: self-determination under imperfect rulers is far better than going the way of post-Qaddafi Libya.)

JO’D – 9/30/17

The #McResistance is Real.

“Trump the next Hitler! Stop the Trump! Stop the war-devil, nuke-world monster…” …by giving him an additional $700 billion to wage war.

No debate, just give Donald Trump (and the Bush-Obama engorged MIC) hundreds of billions of additional Pentagon dollars — nearly 50% more than the $55 billion annual increase Trump requested — after decades of reducing millions of Americans to poverty and leaving us to drink lead-tainted, carcinogenic “water” in one sacrifice zone after another (Flint, MI, is only the tip of this appalling iceberg)..

Because Donald J. Pussygrabber is simply the captain of an “intramural” squad: “We’re actually all on one team” (the Spend the U.S. Into Oblivion Making Enemies and Slaughtering Millions team, apparently) — President Barack Obama

…STILL waiting for the average “liberal” to recognize that Democrats (every bit as much as Republicans) are pushing a dangerously unpredictable president toward war. That neoconservative foreign policy and endless war is what they are all about, in fact… aside from containing the left.

…STILL waiting for Americans of good conscience to demand an end to the carnage that Washington, DC, has unleashed in the world, especially in the post-9/11 era: in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, and Yemen, where the latest genocide is underway.

#McResistance is not enough.

(Nor is voting for the “anti-establishment” charlatan Trump enough, conservatives.)

If millions of Americans don’t register Green or Democratic Socialist or something other than GOP/Dem — ASAFP — we can expect more neo-fascist drift, several more “President Trumps,” more demagoguery and division, and gobs more WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR… until what we’ve been cruelly inflicting on other nations comes barreling back at us, literally exploding onto our shores.

Here’s a tip: Instead of rooting for one intramural squad over another —
when they all work for the same omnicidal, world-fracking oligarchs — try resisting fascism. Like, with reason and liberal, humanist values, rather than slogans, partisanship, and unbridled hate.

Just for a change.

The catharsis we've been waiting for (next stop, UNITY!)...

UPDATED 9/27/17

First they told us that unity is absolutely critical in the age of Trump, so we must never question our corrupt, incompetent, neo-McCarthyite leaders.

Then they plunged a series of poisoned daggers into the heart of the base — and the future of the Democratic Party, if polls and demographics mean anything.

When they said “unity,” it’s clear they meant silence and unquestioning subservience to authority. And even though most of the left acquiesced and submitted — including the vast majority of Bernie-crats (88% of whom* voted for Sec. Clinton on Election Day, even after the rigged primary) — the establishment kept kicking the progressive base in the ribs, administering one bone-crushing blow after another.

And continues doing so to this day.

Funny that. It’s almost as if the Democratic establishment exists only to crush the left.


*(versus just 75% of Clinton’s primary voters voting Democratic in 2008’s GE; because 25% of Hillary’s “PUMAs” actually voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama in 2008 — back when PUMA meant “Party Unity My Ass!”)

Trump's other value, besides... I forget (doorstop?)


Finally, a U.S. president who makes it easier for sane nations around the world to distance themselves from our establishment’s genocidal, warmongering agenda – the neocon agenda, which has killed millions of innocent, mostly Arab/Muslim, civilians over the last two decades!

This is the other, usually overlooked, VALUE of Trump in the White House: his deplorable reputation lets other nations off the hook when they defy Washington’s imperial dictates. (Mind you, Trump’s scumbag image is earned many times over, but it is greatly enhanced by the neocon-dominated corporate MSM that despises and attacks him… except when he’s dropping bombs, when he suddenly becomes presidential.”)

Trump offers us real hope that the next time our neo-fascist establishment tries to lead the world into some lunatic invasion or war – with Iran, with Venezuela, with DPRK, with Russia, etc. – many responsible world leaders will simply be able to point to the Orange Imbecile in the White House and demur.

No f’ing thank you. Not this time. Not today…

Whereas President Clinton II and her cadre of neocons (ably assisted by the “Right to Protect” mob) would’ve set the table for WWIII by now – with the corporate media cheering, the American left sitting on its hands, and reasonable leaders across the world feeling that their hands were tied.

It’s not about liking the Sexual Assaulting Demagogue in Chief; it’s about understanding our history, the extent of the corruption of our political system, and the precarious world in which we live. Without question, the neo-fascists have dominated U.S. power circles for decades and brought the world to the brink of collapse. Something needs to halt, or at least slow, their omnicidal progress.

President Obama, while occasionally offering some small resistance, actually cemented the neo-fascists’ hold on power, improbably resuscitating them after they’d utterly crashed and burned under Bush, Jr. –

Trump, however, weakens their tyrannical grip and threatens their entire project – like “Dubya,” by merit of his own lack of merit!

What’s next, the end of the Petrodollar? The emergence of an international climate accord that actually has legally binding emissions targets (just to spite The Orange One)? At the very least, the neocons bloody march across the Middle East has suddenly run out of gas.

When no one wants to be seen associating with this atrocious President, how can he bully the world into accepting more of the carnage, lawlessness, assassinations, and genocide normalized under Clinton, Bush, and Obama (in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, at least)?

He can’t.

And that’s a big win for the world and all the sane people in it.

Our present nightmare arises from the sad circumstance that we lefties, following the disappointing 2016 election result, failed to champion a progressive agenda in any meaningful way.

We failed to see any good in an anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, anti-war election result, choosing only to see racism, ignorance, and hate (much of which was sheer projection, coming from the most conservative and bigoted sectors of our own party — the ones who didn’t blink when the Clintons spent the 2008 primary race-baiting Barack Obama and trafficking in a little Birtherism; the ones oblivious to The New Jim Crow and President Obama’s expansion of the neocon agenda).

We failed to congratulate our anti-establishment counterparts on the right, and thank them for defeating two extraordinarily destructive and toxic political dynasties, the Bushes and Clintons, who together had ushered in an age of corporatized American neo-fascism (or “Inverted Totalitarianism,” as the late, acclaimed political theorist, Sheldon Wolin, termed it).

We failed to use the resulting goodwill to rally Trump’s base and the sensible center to push our new president to make good on the few excellent promises he made, which put him consistently to Sec. Clinton’s left: repealing NAFTA, rapprochement with Russia, and restoring Glass-Steagall (and Clinton’s favored/“gold standard” TPP promised to subvert not just banking regulations, but virtually all government regulations).

Instead, we lefties had a self-indulgent, hypocritical, Identity Politics-laden meltdown and comported ourselves like a rabble of Tea Party maniacs, upset with a legitimate election result — and spouting evidence-free claims about “Russian hacking.”

That was hugely gullible of us, not seeing that blaming a cartoonishly vilified Vladimir Putin was the best way to not examine the rigged primary… and push Donald Trump further to the right, on matters of war. (The neocons had bet big on Hillary Clinton, only to find themselves scrambling to co-opt Trump’s presidency in the ensuing months.)

Today’s left is teeth-gnashing, hair-rending miserable because we have failed to stand up for our purported values. Yet again. And the right is reaping the dividends. Yet again.

By and large, we have let the usual suspects in the corporate MSM talk us into accepting a voter-disenfranchising, neoconservative, neo-McCarthyist “Democratic Party” — consumed with conspiracy theories, impeachment fantasies, and war, war, war — just as progressive politics has reached unprecedented popularity across the country.

Bernie’s democratic socialist agenda has been embraced by strong majorities of Americans, giving any liberal party an easy path to defeating Trump and the GOP in 2018 and 2020 — yet the Democrats continue to spurn that path and marginalize Sen. Sanders, the most popular politician in the country. They denounce the progressive policy wish list, including Medicare-for-All, using classic right-wing talking points (“government takeover”).

Imagine how miserable we’re going to be after the 2018 “Democratic sweep” turns out to be just another hollow fantasy spun by politicians, pundits, and infotainers whose only purpose is to contain the left.