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Keen to start a war…

“Bandar and other Saudis have assured the White House… ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians…”

– Seymour Hersh’s article “The Redirection” (The New Yorker, 3/5/07)

More than a decade after it was written, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article still sheds an enormous amount of light on how the catastrophe in Syria happened in the first place.

George W. Bush and Saudi Prince Bandar, hell bent on regime-change in Damascus, decided to flood Syria with al Qaeda and other Washington-supported, radical Salafist militants keen to bring ethnosectarian cleansing to a nation at peace:

Mujaheddin 2.0

That’s why Syria’s 2011 “Arab Spring” was marked by so much violence and massive suicide-bombings in the early goings. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, and the United States had joined forces to hijack Syria’s peaceful uprising and trigger a violent response from Damascus — which unfortunately succeeded, after previous western efforts to stir up ethnosectarian conflict within the country had failed.

A decade after this morally grotesque policy was hatched, something like half a million Syrians are dead and 10 million refugees have fled their homes. And the U.S. political-military-media establishment continues hammering our post-Bush presidents to betray their best instincts (and break their campaign promises) in order to keep the slaughter going.

Donald Trump, like President Obama before him, has repeatedly tried to turn away from the bloody neocon agenda. But neither Obama nor Trump could count on a lick of support on that war-eschewing front from mainstream Americans or our corporatized media.

When it comes to resisting our warmongering establishment, U.S. presidents are on their own.



While Trump has increasingly been cowed, broken in, and co-opted by the neocons (most recently appointing John Bolton, after he’d first tried to make Gen. Michael Flynn his NSA), he’s spent at least as much time as President Obama trying to roll back the neocon agenda.

Upon election, Trump attempted to surround himself with senior-level advisers who vocally opposed the neocon project, like Gen. Michael Flynn (who told Mehdi Hassan that he’d run out of patience with the neocon policy of effectively providing an air force to al Qaeda).

And yes, Flynn sounded like a bigoted ignoramus when he tried to intelligently discuss his feelings on “Islam,” but the ways he tried to moderate his statements were somewhat encouraging, almost nuanced…. something like “The vast majority of Muslims are just great, good, decent people — only Islam is a (wrong/bad) religion… but the Muslim people are just swell…”

(Uhhh, wow. OK, then…)

Nonetheless, Flynn was apparently serious about ending the neocon project in Syria, which is why Trump tried to make him his NSA.

Also, early in his presidency, Trump terminated the CIA program supporting al Qaeda (and some ISIS factions) in Syria. The U.S. ending its support, arms, training, and coordination for Mujaheddin 2.0 was a significant development, and a positive one.

And Trump very recently signaled that his administration would NOT seek regime-change in Syria — and would actually withdraw U.S. troops from the country! That was huge and a very welcome development in the sane world (prompting the latest “gas attack” from the lunatics who wish to keep the neocon agenda going… and who always seem to get their way, seeing as we’re talking about the whole U.S. political-economic-military-media establishment).

Beyond that, Trump keeps trying, naively/fecklessly/hopelessly, to revert back to his campaign position of cooperating with Russia, where possible, to defeat terrorists and stabilize the Middle East (exactly the opposite of what the neocons want, which is why our neocon establishment has been pummeling Trump from Day 1 with all this RussiaGate BS — and carrying out so many false flag ops).

The way the MSM tells it, Trump the “isolationist” (because seeking diplomacy and detente is “isolationism”) is only “presidential” when he’s dropping bombs:

But Trump, the person, has been repeatedly making efforts, however feebly, to be the anti-war (anti-neocon) president his base voted him into office to be. He’s just not strong, principled, intelligent, or experienced enough to pull it off… at least not with virtually the entire U.S. establishment pushing him to be more warlike, like his three predecessors, with the blood of millions on their hands.

IMO, they’re playing with fire, since egging him on toward war is just a brilliant way to manipulate a thin-skinned, wild card nitwit like #45.

(Sure, push Mr. Tiny Hands complex, a globally reviled disgrace in the White House, toward WWIII — real smart. Yikes.)

Last night, I found myself sharing an epiphany with my darling wife, to wit: at this stage of my life, so far as my internet presence is concerned, I’m little more than “Taylor” at the end of 1968’s Planet of the Apes movie:

“YOU MANIACS, YOU BLEW IT UP…” and so forth… on a loop.

The resolution I should be aiming for: “I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z…” culminating in the startling reversal, “I love you, Dr. Zaius!” (courtesy of The Simpsons’ “Planet of the Apes: The Musical,” starring Troy McClure as “Bright Eyes”)

We’ll see how sanguine and conciliatory I get once the missiles are flying, after our neo-fascist establishment gets the buffoon in the White House to reverse himself completely on WWIII.

(Let’s hope I’m wrong on that count, of course.)

In other words, I think Matt Taibbi’s latest piece in Rolling Stone is very much on point: WE did this. Trump has done his shabby best to resist, but our nation’s warmongering “liberal” establishment isn’t having any of Donald Trump’s “isolationism,” aka, talk of diplomacy, detente, and partnering with our geopolitical rivals, where possible, rather than pursuing one more global war predicated on a raft of anonymously sourced, evidence-free, intelligence agency hooey.

Next stop, the Middle East… once again.

Based on a fresh, smelly mess of “WMD” and other fabrications… once again.

(It’s what we do.)

Cliché or not, this is not going to end well for us or anyone else, in all likelihood. This one looks, for all the world, like Armageddon.

(Again, I hope I’m wrong… but I’m getting pretty tired of being right — and mostly alone — on such matters.)


George “Cassandra” Taylor (but you can call me “Bright Eyes”)

Not long ago, it was President Obama who the deep state (and affiliated Salafist militants) tried to manipulate and subvert with these false flag attacks; today it’s Donald Trump.

If we’re to believe the corporate media, it would appear that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has an absolutely uncanny way of “crossing Washington’s Red Line” every single time he and his allies are on the verge of rolling up this foreign invasion for good… every single time they’re on the cusp of winning outright with conventional weapons alone (along with the support of the vast majority of Syrians)… every single time that a U.S. president threatens to seek diplomacy and stop pushing regime-change in Damascus.

KAPOW!!! (Chlorine! Sarin! Something else!)

Apparently, we are meant to believe that the Syrian government has an irresistible death wish, an irrational desire to be further invaded by the 800-pound gorilla of the West. We’re meant to think that Syria’s leaders are utter morons, unwilling to accept imminent victory, so desperate are they for the sweet sting of America’s missiles and bombs…

On repeated occasions, both Obama and Trump were told by senior-level advisers that there is simply no hard evidence, no “smoking gun” proof, that the Syrian regime has had a hand in these chemical weapons attacks. And yet both presidents have made concessions to the warmongers, under enormous political and institutional pressure to do so.

Meanwhile, the so-called “rebels” (al Qaeda, ISIS, and their ilk, backed for years by Washington, Riyadh, et al.) have used chemical weapons “at least 52 times” in Iraq and Syria, according to The New York Times:…/isis-chemical-weapons-syria-iraq-…

Nothing to see here, folks, just our leaders and nation sleepwalking into WWIII over a raft of evidence-free claims spread by inveterate propagandists… nothing to see here at all, just the establishment trying to exert total control over a U.S. president, once again, in order to keep the “GLOBAL WAR” going… no matter how costly, in lives, treasure, or western credibility.

No matter the risks involved…

Fool Americans once, twice, a thousand times… a neo-fascist simply can’t lose with today’s “free press” and these alleged citizens.

But before long, we’re going to find ourselves wishing that we had RESISTED the neocon, neo-McCarthyite agenda of the neo-fascists who run our country, career warmongers who make Donald Trump look like a pacifist.

Ecology 101: Orwell's Pigs Devour the World

STATEMENT OF THE ARTIST (as a middle-aged man) — Adult Version:

This visceral, textural, rippling, pulsing tondo is the culmination of years of reconciling myself to the deeply flawed society America has become.

If one has spent decades meticulously following politics, economics, cultural shifts, and global war (as this artist has), one ends up witnessing an infinite galaxy of Orwellian swine murderously choking The Green, Gaea, Liberty, the Future, the Life, out of our planet.

That’s our children’s and grandchildren’s future — wiped out.

In painting this piece — mindful of James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree, Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, James Baldwin’s life’s work, David Talbot’s The Devil’s Chessboard, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ acclaimed essays — it occurred to this artist that IF we were honest about our country’s historical and spiritual essence, we wouldn’t have a Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, but a Ku Klux Klan Memorial, acknowledging our nation’s white-supremacist, gun-worshiping, “Christian” Dominionist soul. (In this painting, that “KKK Memorial” is depicted sunk to the bottom of the ocean, decaying, as befits such a monument.)

This painting bears witness to what its author has painstakingly observed over decades: that the absence of progressive institutions in a period marked by rising oligarchy and inequality — under a brutal, corporatist establishment (serially racist, endlessly warmongering, bankster-abetting, and democracy-subverting)has contributed mightily to the rise of modern FASCISM.

The moral and intellectual collapse of the left hasn’t merely given us the Bush/Cheney regime, Donald Trump, Theresa May (U.K.), the Le Pens (France), Netanyahu (Israel), et al. — and brought us to the precipice of a third World War, on a barrage of evidence-free claims — it has also given us melting glaciers, acidifying oceans, Colony Collapse Disorder, and CO2 levels that no credible scientist considers sustainable.

It has given our species and civilization a terminal prognosis, with little chance of survival for any of us, in the long term, let alone the millions of human beings currently in our empire’s crosshairs (Russians, Koreans, Syrians, Venezuelans, Iranians, Yemenis, Somalis, etc.).

These “pigs” — today’s fascists — literally DEVOUR THE WORLD. A child could see it. Millennials, who are not children, see it clearly.Ecology 101” is for the woke.

Last chance to save the planet, people. No more dawdling. Our final exam is now.

Ecology 101: Orwell's Pigs Devour the World


STATEMENT OF THE ARTIST — Child Version (also fun for adults!):

This painting is about the threat posed to our planet’s ecological systems and most living things by institutionalized racism, apathy, and greed.

Hey, kids!

In this painting, can you find: a golden eagle’s head * at least two elephants * a giant, orange moth * several pigs * a serpent * the KKK Memorial * a Victorian lady looking down on Billie Holiday’s auntie * a moray eel * a gentle dog * a swinging orangutan * a cartoon crab * a deluded spaceman * a purple octopus * a crazy clown * an erupting volcano * a great white shark feasting * an otter pup * a caterpillar devouring a tiny butterfly * a beached beluga * a sated vulture, barely able to keep itself aloft * a screaming/vomiting artist…

Ecology 101: Orwell's Pigs Devour the World

Ecology 101: Orwell's Pigs Devour the World

Thanks to the caprices of Autoplay and YouTube (which has NOT been paying attention, apparently, to my likes and dislikes), I’ve just been given my first dose of the U.K.’s anti-Islam phenom, Tommy Robinson (pseudonym of Stephen Lennon/Yaxley, aka Andrew McMaster, aka Paul Harris).

Shock of shocks, I did not like what I heard, so I gave his video a “Thumbs Down” and posted the following comment for the benefit of Tommy’s White-Christian supremacist followers…



I agree with Tommy Robinson on precisely one count: he has the right to express his views, no matter how repugnant.


All “liberal” establishment folderol and hypocrisy aside, such a “principled stand” (cough) puts this power-kowtowing “rebel” in perfect, subservient lockstep with generations of Western governments who have enslaved Islam under brutal despots and supported one genocidal campaign after another perpetrated against predominantly Arab Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.

The White-Christian West created al Qaeda and supports it to this day — and worse, including neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the modern terrorist apartheid-state that Israel has become. But al Qaeda doesn’t represent Islam any more than Netanyahu’s Israel represents Judaism. Both entities are far more representative of the CIA and other regime-toppling, election-rigging world-shapers in the West.

So who is Robinson defying? No one in power. He’s a minion, pretending to be a leader, spouting the allegedly controversial notion that it’s COOL to be an anti-Semite of the Islamophobic variety.

(What a poltroon!)

A little history lesson*, for those unfamiliar with the modern leadership of the West: Allen Dulles and a horde of Nazi-loving Wall Street titans and plutocrats — oligarchs on both sides of the Atlantic — resolved WWII by subverting FDR and rescuing thousands of Nazis (and their militarized corporatism), as well as most of their fascist agenda, at home and abroad. These racist mass-murderers hijacked U.S. foreign policy, defying president after president, empowering Nazis, launching the Cold War (continuing the war against Russia), dividing and conquering people along racial/sectarian/class lines, and all but extinguishing democracy in the United States (despite a few hiccups of decency and justice, like the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act — the results of irresistible popular, organized resistance, back when there was some semblance of a free press in America).

The sad truth is that the ideological heirs of the Nazis run the U.S. (and the U.K., EU, the West) and appear to have dropped all pretense of liberal democratic principles in the wake of the terror attacks of 9/11. As Dick Cheney infamously said, the gloves have come off (and now, after the “forward looking” Obama, so too has the Rule of Law mask). And with Trump, the Liberal Humanist farce is over, too.

UNMASKED! Today, most of humanity sees the West for the torturing, corrupt neo-fascism our governments have birthed and normalized… along with unleashing the ecological calamity that’s upon us, threatening our planet’s future.

Don’t tell Mr. Robinson, but MUSLIMS have been chief among the tens of millions of victims of this (unofficial) Fourth Reich. Muslim lives have been snuffed out by the terrifyingly powerful, Nazi-loving factions (led for decades by Dulles and Hoover) which are almost certainly responsible, also, for the assassination of JFK… and for finishing off what was left of our occasionally democratic constitutional republic.

Mr. Robinson effectively works for the Islam-demonizing establishment he pretends to rebel against. He is not merely a fraud preaching dangerous, ignorance-fueled hate — he is also a weak-minded fool, too self-worshiping and shallow to consider his role in the greater scheme of things: HELPING TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER HUMANITY SO THE POWERFUL CAN REAP THE SPOILS.

And his followers are the worst kind of sheep. They follow the witless follower. They condemn billions out of hand because doing so is easier than reading an objective, well-researched, widely acclaimed book on Islam (say, Mahmood Mamdani’s “Good Muslim, Bad Muslim”) — or interacting, heaven forbid, with one of “them.”


* History lesson sources: “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot; “The Nazis Next Door” by Eric Lichtblau; “America’s Nazi Secret” by John Loftus; and “The Family” by Jeff Sharlet



My god, would you look at this backwards savage!

(Will you? We’ve only killed 500,000 of his country’s citizens. Will you give him the time of day?)

Left, right, and center, we Americans all “know” what a tin-pot dictator Bashar al-Assad is. We all “know” the monstrous things he’s done… At least we think we know, because that’s what all the Very Serious People are saying, ad infinitum, citing sources like Netflix, the al-Nusra Front’s front organization the White Helmets, that guy in England, aka “The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights,” lil’ Bana, and the ever-progressive Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The corporate media and politicians constantly remind us what a horrible man Bashar Assad is, and the only people who seem to disagree are the vast majority of Syrians — and the few Western journalists who have actually spent time ON THE GROUND in Syria. (Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett come to mind.)

Since 9/11, at least, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has bent over backwards to appease the genocidal invaders of Iraq (and recidivist sponsors of al Qaeda). He simply won’t surrender his country outright to ethnosectarian maniacs, regional enemies, and a spiraling, flailing, increasingly fascist empire hellbent on world domination as its superpower status is collapsing (the people behind the false-flag chemical-weapons attacks, at least 52 of which have been conducted by ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, per The New York Times).

I know it’s unfashionable/forbidden to contradict the propaganda of our nation’s masters, but I’ve been closely following developments in the Middle East for some time. The truth is that Bashar al-Assad met the Arab Spring in his country — and the indigenous Syrian resistance — with immediate concessions and constitutional reforms, including term limits and multi-party elections.

Compared to the U.S.-sanctioned massacres of civilians in Egypt (and mass-arrests of political dissidents), Assad was goddamned Jeffersonian.

Only that wasn’t enough. Apparently, Assad was supposed to do what the FBI was urging Martin Luther King to do in the 1960s — commit suicide. Nothing less would satisfy. Damascus is, after all, providing a naval port to Russia, aka The Great Satan.

What a jerk, thinking Syria can be a sovereign, independent nation, free to honor its longstanding geopolitical alliances — just when we Americans are frantically demanding that all opposition and non-aligned dissenters DIE, DIE, DIE!

What a barbarian. (Western officials and the six Rupert Murdochs who control 90% of the media told me so.)