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From CNN’s report about the Iowa Caucus debacle:

“Shawn Sebastian, a precinct secretary in Story County, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, ‘I have been on hold for over an hour with the Iowa Democratic Party. They tried to, I think, promote an app to report the results. The app by all accounts just like doesn’t work, so we’ve been recommended to call into the hot line, and the hot line has not been responsive.’

“Sebastian’s call was picked up as he was speaking on-air to Blitzer, but moments later Sebastian said he was hung up on.

Drew Kelley, a vice chair of the Clinton County Democratic Central Committee, told CNN, ‘I can’t tell you anything about the why, just that I had a busy signal for about 15 minutes, then finally got through and was on hold another hour…’

“Iowa Democratic Party officials hunkered down Monday night in their war room, initially leaving campaigns in the dark over the delay in the reporting of caucus results.

“An Iowa Democratic official said results are still being collected now — and will be overnight if the precinct chairs keep calling them in. There was no estimated time given to campaigns.

“‘They literally have no verified results,’ a senior campaign adviser said. ‘We won’t know anything until some time Tuesday — at least.’

“Officials from two Democratic campaigns tell CNN they were told the app to tabulate results had crashed. They said they had not been given any other information.”


From the Common Dreams article:

“The app, according to several news reports, was developed by the secretive for-profit tech firm Shadow Inc., which has ties to and receives funding from ACRONYM, a Democratic digital non-profit organization. Shadow’s CEO is Gerard Niemira, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.”


“Shadow has also been paid for services by the Nevada Democratic Party and the presidential campaigns of former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, according to Federal Election Commission filings.”


“Democratic Party officials kept the details of the app as well as Shadow’s involvement hidden from the public ahead of the Iowa caucus. But as Monday night wore on and frustration with the delayed reporting of the caucus results boiled over, journalists began scrutinizing the new technology and its developer more closely.

“The New York Times, citing anonymous people who were briefed on the app by Iowa Democratic Party officials, reported that the app was hastily constructed in just two months and ‘not properly tested at a statewide scale… The secrecy around the app this year came from the Iowa Democratic Party, which asked that even its name be withheld from the public,’ according to the Times. ‘There were concerns that the app would malfunction…'”


And lest we forget, the 2016 Iowa Caucus was also rigged, so much so that even The Des Moines Register called for an audit of the process (and the Register had endorsed Sec. Clinton):

“We can take ribbing over our quirky process. But what we can’t stomach is even the whiff of impropriety or error. What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle, period. Democracy, particularly at the local party level, can be slow, messy and obscure. But the refusal to undergo scrutiny or allow for an appeal reeks of autocracy.”

(That’s OK, Des Moines Register, most establishment “Democrats” are hunky dory with autocracy, lack of democracy, theft, meaningless elections, corruption at the highest levels… and blaming Russia!)

What a farce!

Democrats are actually lamenting that they can’t call John Bolton as a witness! The Republicans reportedly offered a “witness swap,” Bolton for Hunter Biden, and the Democrats folded: Not gonna’ happen, because “Cuppa’ Joe” says so.

And now Trump’s going to get the speedy acquittal everyone’s been predicting for months. (I repeat: what a farce!)

Does anyone need reminding of who John Bolton is? The thug who helped shut-down the vote-counting in Florida 2000! The lifelong warmonger who helped launch the 2003 invasion of Iraq on a bunch of lies! The uber-nationalist who said we don’t need the top ten floors of the United Nations (including the democratic General Assembly and most other nations)! The bully who chased his aide down the hall throwing things at her! The Trump NSA who got fired for trying to get Trump to declare war on nation after nation (unsuccessfully, thank goodness)!

But how perceptions can change when the politics of the parties is reversed, when the Republican leadership becomes “isolationist” and the Democratic leadership becomes neo-McCarthyite banshees after reuniting with the neocons.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the notorious JOHN BOLTON, the latest #Resistance “hero” in the holy crusade to shore up Donald Trump’s base and get him reelected…

Bolton, before Trump fired him: “If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it.”

Surprisingly, Impeachment Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was once a vociferous critic of this freshly-minted #Resistance hero: “John Bolton once suggested on Fox News that the Russian hack of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) was a false flag operation that had been conducted by the Obama administration… why we would want someone with that lack of credibility, I can’t understand.”

Schiff today, re: Bolton: “I like him a little more now…”

Donald Trump, re: Bolton: “If it were up to John, we’d be in four wars now.”

(Hey, Impeachment Managers, how about getting someone who isn’t a lying, bullying warmonger for your star witness?)

In a piece published today at, Norm Solomon writes “a tactical coalition with Warren is vital.”

Honestly, I would welcome such an alliance, but Mr. Solomon is living in a dream world if he thinks that Warren and Sanders are on the same side.

Elizabeth Warren clearly works for the Clinton-wing of the party.

As was the case in 2016, she’s been having meetings with Sec. Clinton on the down-low.

And she’s been meeting with megadonors and party elites, reassuring them that she will not meaningfully challenge the status quo — no “revolution” with Warren.

Warren and Sanders haven’t been on the same side for years, and by now it should be crystal clear to every progressive that the raison d’etre of the Warren campaign is to STOP BERNIE at all costs.

The events of the last week have demonstrated that Sen. Warren is the perfect Kamikaze warrior, willing to destroy herself if it takes out the enemy. And more than willing to trash her “friend.”

We haven’t seen tactics this sleazy, unscrupulous, and reckless since 2016! (It’s as if the Democratic Party would rather see four more years of Trump than a President Bernie Sanders!)

But Nathan J. Robinson says it best:

“If we say ‘Oh, there are two good progressives in the race, and let’s not talk about the differences,’ we are risking a political calamity. The centrist vote is split between Biden, Buttigieg, Booker, and Klobuchar. If the progressive vote wasn’t still being split right now, Bernie wouldn’t just be tied for frontrunner. He would be crushing it. The primary would be over before any votes had been cast. 

“I have been fully prepared to give Elizabeth Warren a chance. I thought that if she beat Bernie early on, he should literally drop out and endorse her. But importantly, I also felt the reverse was true: If Warren’s candidacy was hurting Bernie, but he was ahead, she needed to do the same for him if she lost near the beginning. The only reason any of the other candidates are even considered viable right now is because the progressive vote is being torn.”

And that, my friends, is by design.

Outside of her massive ego, Sen. Warren is only running to end the progressive revolution… even if that means lying to trash her “good friend.”

That she refused Bernie’s handshake and decided to keep the smear going tells us everything we need to know about this serially dishonest agent of the neoliberal “center.”

Their tutorial of the new president had backfired, even though they’d shown Trump lots of slides with pictures of dollar signs on them and spoke in real estate terms, keeping things at a remedial level. Trump repeatedly interrupted his benevolent tutors and questioned why the U.S. is still in Afghanistan, the nation’s longest war. He questioned why the U.S. has nearly a thousand bases all over the world. He said the U.S. military is apparently everywhere, but winning nowhere. He said our NATO allies, although they’ve consistently supported our illegal, genocidal regime-change wars, don’t pay their dues. They’re in “arrears!”

The generals proceeded to hang their heads, stare and blink, trying not to weep, and privately — after Trump left the room — they decried the fact that the man-child president *actually* wants to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, Syria, and South Korea, and close some of the Pentagon’s 800+ military bases around the world… which could significantly slow the gravy train for Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and the gang.

“This irascible moron wants to scale down the empire, make nice with our rivals, and end our holy Global War of Terror???” (The horror… the horror.)

Time to start leaking like sieves to the press, they always promote our empire’s wars!

Trump is no peacenik, and he just risked a major, disastrous war with Iran with his illegal assassination of Gen. Soleimani, a state actor and frequent U.S. strategic ally. He’s also let the generals and his reprehensible advisers talk him into keeping troops in Syria and Afghanistan, prolonging the unending nightmare for the citizens of those nations. He’s also committed a raft of war crimes, killing tens of thousands of people — unlike his three immediate predecessors, who killed *literally* millions of people, mostly civilians:

The only thing more astonishing than Trump’s behavior is the military-worshiping tone of the “journalists” who wrote this godawful mess of an article. I think they actually genuflect and wet themselves every time they see a general.

So, Elizabeth Warren is trashing Bernie Sanders based on a Politico story which has as its source “a person close to Sanders’ campaign.”

An anonymous source speculates that “if” the Sanders campaign is finally willing to discuss Sen. Warren’s considerable weaknesses and lack of broad support, “(Sanders) is aware.”

(All progressives have been saying — with no directives from the Sanders campaign, to my knowledge — is that Elizabeth Warren hasn’t built much of a coalition beyond affluent whites and the “Blue No Matter Who” crowd.)

Sen. Warren, these are not personal attacks, but enumerations of your potential weaknesses as a presidential candidate in a general election, as someone with little appeal to independents, crossover voters, the working class, the military, and people of color.

(Meanwhile, Bernie’s campaign excites the base, breaks fundraising records without PACs or megadonors, brings new people into the party, including millions of under-40 voters, and he’s the number one choice of women, people of color, Wal-Mart workers, Amazon employees, Starbucks workers, teachers, and people serving in the military — making Bernie Sanders the one true threat to Trump’s reelection.)

Even if it’s true that Sen. Sanders gave the “green light” for his supporters to mention Warren’s narrow band of support — as the data reveals (over 70% of Warren’s supporters are white, and the majority are affluent white men) — how is that a personal attack?

And don’t you think Sen. Warren should have asked her friend Bernie, personally, about this allegation, before going to the press with these ugly attacks on his character?

No. Screwing over her friend and ally, Warren simply assumes the allegations are true, and goes on the attack, trashing Bernie, saying: “we cannot nominate” him, and that he “takes big chunks of the Democratic Coalition for granted.”

Bernie’s good “friend” then implies that he won’t “bring the party together” and won’t “excite every part of the Democratic Party,” that he won’t “be there” for Democrats, and that many simply can’t “believe in” him.

(He won’t “be there” for Democrats??? Really, Sen. Warren? After the millions of dollars he’s raised for down-ballot Democrats??? After he refused to challenge the rigged 2016 primary and campaigned across the country for Sec. Clinton??? After 88% of his supporters held their noses and voted for Clinton in order to defeat Trump???)

Some friend!

An anonymous source — reported uncritically by a right-wing rag — and that’s enough for Warren to go for the jugular.

What else should we expect from the candidate who has spent the last two consecutive presidential election cycles sabotaging the liberal revolution on behalf of party elites? Once again, Warren is showing her true, Clintonian colors — always there for party elites, always willing to undermine the left.

While most establishment voices have cheered the assassination of Gen. Soleimani, a recent CounterPunch article has a much better take on Soleimani’s role in the GWOT era.

From the article:

“As Soleimani moved about openly in Iraq, U.S. commanders did not attack him because he did not attack them. Sometimes, pro-American and pro-Iranian soldiers even fought side by side. Thanks to this tacit U.S.-Iranian cooperation that neither country cared to publicly acknowledge, ISIS was expelled from Iraq into Syria by 2017.”

From Washington’s perspective, Gen. Soleimani’s greatest offense was defeating the CIA’s Operation Timber Sycamore in Syria, conceived by Bush and Saudi Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, implemented by President Obama.

Basically, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia conspired for the second time in our history to create a Mujaheddin Army, flooding Syria with thousands of CIA-armed-and-coordinated Salafist militants, predominately al Qaeda, in order to effect regime-change in a nation at peace.

Thanks to Operation Timber Sycamore, Syria became Obama’s Iraq, resulting in over half-a-million deaths and over 10 million refugees, after Washington’s proxy-invasion failed, leaving the country devastated — and the regime in Damascus more popular than ever: the protector of Syrian minority populations, the regime that defeated a foreign invasion and strengthened its alliance with regional and international partners.

Also from the CounterPunch article:

“Soleimani helped defeat ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria’s civil war. In 2015, President Bashar al-Assad’s armed forces were losing ground to Sunni fundamentalist forces funded by the CIA and the Persian Gulf oil monarchies. The CIA wanted to overthrow Assad. Iran feared losing its ally in Damascus to a hostile anti-Shia regime controlled by al-Qaeda.”

All Donald Trump has done is murder the most effective enemy that al Qaeda and ISIS ever had.

He’s caved to his political enemies, the neocons, as we always feared he would, risking another catastrophic war in the Middle East, one that threatens to descend into a third World War, as Russia and China have been engaging in joint military exercises for the first time in history (as Washington has threatened all three with annihilation in the post-9/11 era, bringing them into an alliance against the most genocidal nation since Nazi Germany, the post-Cold War USA).

I still believe that between Sec. Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump was the clear *lesser* of two fairly obvious, reprehensible evils (not someone I could vote for, but clearly less dangerous and authoritarian than his rival and former family friend).

But this latest action on Trump’s part was extremely reckless and may prove to be far more self-destructive to the U.S. than the illegal invasion of Iraq, which resulted in over a million deaths.

As Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has said, assassinating Soleimani in Iraq was unconstitutional, counterproductive, and has dramatically decreased our national security, rather than enhancing it.

All Trump has done is murder a frequent strategic ally of the U.S. military in Iraq, an invited guest of Iraq’s government, and an unrelenting foe of al Qaeda, ISIS, and the neocons who’ve been backing their genocidal butchery in the region.

NOT a smart move, and NOT consistent with Trump’s promises to pull back from the neocon agenda that’s killed several million Muslims in a modern holocaust.