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This is dramatic.

Look at this easily manipulated pig president, sowing the seeds of war… and look at the world laugh openly at the President of the United States!

(It’s about time.)

Trump’s immediate predecessors labored to bring us to this point, fulfilling the neocons’ “Clean Break” strategy, bringing genocide to several nations in the Middle East, supporting al Qaeda and ISIS — any group threatening Shi’a Muslims and ultimately Iran… Russia… China.

Like Trump, our previous presidents deserved to be derided as buffoons as they pushed the world-dominating neocon agenda… while the United States of America was disintegrating from within… crumbling infrastructure, decrepit rights, eviscerated middle class, deregulated laws, corrupted elections.

Donald Trump delivers us to the appropriate moment in our nation’s tragic history.

The imperialist buffoon is openly scorned. His economic triumphs are transparent failures, locking in future inequality. Meanwhile, his beleaguered followers continue to believe that he’s making the country “great” again.

(Just like when President Obama was in the White House, and liberals went to sleep, now conservatives can turn off their brains and snooze.)

It’s truly sad.

Trump is putting the final nails in the country’s coffin. Just as Hillary Clinton would have done. Two peas in a pod.

Yet partisanship rules the day.

Thank you, Max Blumenthal and “Moderate Rebels” for this:

This segment is good journalism exemplified. It informs us about the current political situation in Nicaragua and acknowledges our government’s continuing efforts to subvert the popular will of the Nicaraguan people. It offers a historical view and gives a sense of how this history has been experienced by Nicaraguans. It elucidates the political players involved, including the Catholic Church and other elites.

Washington’s internationally condemned aggression against Nicaragua didn’t end in the 1980s, with the mining of Nicaragua’s coastal waters and the Iran-Contra affair. And it didn’t end with Washington’s support for the dictatorship of Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza, either.

The deep state’s covert war against Nicaragua was prohibited by the U.S. Congress (official Washington) with the Boland Amendment, and later censured by the World Court:…/World-court-rules-agai…/7873453009600/

But no one ever was brought to justice for those crimes. And the victims are rarely acknowledged.

Unfortunately, with Facebook now coordinating with the notorious IRI and NED (the coup-mongering, Color “Revolution” plotting, International Republican Institute and National Endowment for Democracy), this brand of respectable journalism, Moderate Rebels, is apt to be labeled “Fake” news and algorithm’d to the bottom of your newsfeed:

(…relegated to the status of “Fake News”)

How discombobulated the Fourth Estate has become!

How very much power the billionaires have acquired!

Rupert Murdoch (right-wing lunatic), Jeff Bezos (with his $600 million CIA contract), and Mark Zuckerberg (classic sociopath in the Trump mold) control practically all that any American ever sees, media-wise. These THREE men provide the filter for the vast majority of Americans as they try to understand the world and current events.

Thanks to these three individuals, most Americans will never begin to recognize our government’s millions of victims… in Nicaragua, Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Congo, Venezuela, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda, Bahrain, Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Egypt…

Thanks, disproportionately, to these three men, democracy truly dies in darkness.

From the article appearing in the Guardian: “The Bush administration carried out roughly 50 attacks that killed around 500 people; under Obama, the government conducted more than 500 strikes that killed more than 3,000.”

…including “hundreds of children,” per this same article.

And now Donald Trump has dramatically expanded the use of civilian terrorizing drones, just as President Obama dramatically expanded the use of that same, patently illegal, mass-murdering program from what it was under his predecessor.

More than any other policy, the drone assassination program – mostly killing by profiling, with no clue as to the targets’ identities – makes the rest of the world hate and fear us. It’s outrageously illegal, with drones operating routinely in nations with which the U.S. isn’t even at war.

Creating far more “terrorists” than we kill.

Our nation’s descent into warmongering neo-fascism well precedes Trump’s arrival, noxious though he is. Because this trend isn’t really about the occupant of the White House. If it were, President Obama would have decreased the number of drone strikes – and decreased the deportation of immigrants, rather than exploding the drone program and becoming the ICE-expanding, Border Patrol-swelling, all-time “Deporter in Chief” (separating over 5,100 children from their parents/legal guardians in 2011 alone, per a study reported in McClatchy news, the one media outfit that got its “WMD” coverage right, prior to the illegal 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq).

By and large, the neo-fascist tendencies of our government have very old roots – and have become more pronounced with each president after John F. Kennedy. U.S. presidencies, today, are more about optics and theater than about policies, which are determined outside of public scrutiny.

Whether we’d gotten Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in the White House, prior to Trump, we’d still have the insurance industry giveaway – minus cost controls – that is the “Affordable” Care Act, complete with Obama’s Medicare slashing follow up…

We would still have no public debate or awareness as our government launched a second Mujaheddin – arming and coordinating al Qaeda and ISIS, most conspicuously, the “moderate rebels” – for the purpose of regime-change operations in the Middle East, resulting in hundreds of thousands of corpses and millions of refugees (yielding, globally, the largest number of refugees in recorded history: over 65 million, per the United Nations).

Bush’s obscenely unfair tax cuts for the rich were bad enough for one decade, but they were made permanent by Barack Obama, locking in that inequality, when all he had to do was let them “sunset.” Romney certainly would have done the same.

Also, President Obama’s war on journalism and whistleblowers was far more aggressive than George W. Bush’s, who went so far as to militarily target and kill journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet Obama would pervert the Espionage Act, using it to hunt journalists and their sources twice as many times as all of his predecessors combined. And he would effectively repeal habeas corpus, the First and Fourth Amendments, Posse Comitatus, and the Smith-Mundt Act. The government can now deploy the military against Americans on American soil, legally propagandize the public, spy on all our communications, and kill anyone, anywhere, without a hint of due process… without even charging that person with a crime.

Does anyone truly think that Obama outdoing Bush for sheer evil, on this front, was a reflection of his values, vs. “Dubya’s?” Of course not. Morally, George W. Bush is not fit to lick Barack Obama’s shoes. But on policy, bumptious, incompetent Bush discredited fascism while elegant, brainy Obama rescued and normalized it… while aggressively shielding and facilitating Wall Street’s $16 trillion heist, wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households and cratering the middle class.

Honestly, can you imagine our reaction if Donald Trump had done these monstrous things, entrenching the very machinery of totalitarianism for any would-be American dictator!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: This is so not about personalities.

The deep state long ago committed the country to a suicidal, world-destabilizing course, and these unaccountable, law-shredding, profiteering neo-fascists are more bold and reckless with every passing administration. When they couldn’t get what they wanted out of Obama, they simply defied him. Same goes for Trump:

The last president to refer to their lawlessness and the danger they pose to our country was Eisenhower. A lifetime ago.

So, here we are: Policies under Trump are more appallingly fascist than policies under Obama… whose policies were more appallingly fascist than Bush’s… whose policies were more appallingly fascist than Clinton’s. And on and on.

In short, it’s the direction of the country we need to be worried about, not hush money paid to prostitutes or fellatio in the Oval Office. Not the neo-McCarthyist, WWIII-courting Kabuki Theater in Washington, DC, designed to push Trump ever further into the neocons’ camp — but the policies… which keep getting worse with each passing president.

Appallingly so.

The time has come... to talk of DRONES and things, of presidents and Predators, of cabbages -- and kings.

From David Talbot’s critically acclaimed history, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government:

“Gehlen’s dream of reconstituting Hitler’s military intelligence structure within the U.S. national security system was about to be realized.” (p. 269)

“The Gehlen Organization saw the Cold War as the final act of the Reich’s interrupted offensive against the Soviet Union.” (p. 277)

A couple of years into this self-inflicted history course on which I’ve embarked, one critically acclaimed, impressively researched book after another informs me that, for decades, the U.S. deep state rescued and shielded thousands of high-ranking Nazis.

These new recruits of the national security state — keen to continue their war against the Russians — were not “just following orders,” and they were not just minor figures in Hitler’s Reich. By all accounts, they were zealous true believers and held positions of authority, including in the Gestapo and SS. Many of these deep state-embraced Nazis personally committed acts of torture, conducted scientific experiments on prisoners, and were directly responsible for scores of thousands of deaths.

At least one of these men, Dr. Franz Six, was one of the principle architects of the Final Solution.

To be clear: the powerful heads of the CIA and FBI, Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover, weren’t simply looking for Cold War allies. They were actual Nazi sympathizers, and in some cases, their very close friends. Dulles and Hoover used their considerable power and influence to shield their Nazi cohorts from the Nuremberg Trials, the U.S.S.R., the Europeans and Americans, Congress, the Justice Department, presidents, and the press.

Secret Kings of the U.S.A.

And if you’re not overly familiar with the indelible stamp/stain that Dulles and Hoover left on our nation’s history, you should at least understand that two, just two, unabashedly bigoted men — a globetrotting spymaster and a civil rights-crushing thug — dominated U.S. foreign and domestic security policy for decades… each overseeing his own, personal, unaccountable, relentlessly criminal fiefdom, like a modern-day lord…

(Or an extremely well-positioned Nazi, back in the day.)

Like secret kings of the U.S.A., they could have human beings disappeared as easily as they could have government files detailing the heinous crimes of their high-ranking Nazi friends disappeared.

(And they apparently did a great deal of both.)

Dulles and Hoover represented the interests of insatiable oligarchs, who vociferously complained that Franklin Delano “Jew-sevelt” had put the United States on the wrong side of WWII. And they resolved to undo FDR’s presidency, directly contravening the President’s orders — in order to rescue Nazis and keep the war against Russia going.

They subverted the presidency of Harry S. Truman, also, because even though he’d embraced and officially launched their new “cold” war, he, too, was a Democrat — and the neo-fascist cabal was more closely affiliated, at that time, with the Republican Party.

(The situation today, with Trump in the White House, is somewhat reversed.)

And they ran their own, off-the-books, highly illegal foreign policy establishment… until the arrival in the Oval Office of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who they operated like a sock puppet. In Ike’s own words, these unrepentant Nazis and American neo-fascists turned his presidency into “a legacy of ashes.”

In his famous final presidential address, calling out the “Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex” — ever malleable, Ike was persuaded to drop “Congressional” from the speech — Eisenhower tried to warn the American people about the threat this cabal posed to our very liberty.

Although he’d spoken in appropriately dire terms, Eisenhower’s speech was too little, too late. He’d already effectively handed over his presidency to these profiteering sociopaths — resulting in coups, assassinations, and wars across the globe — auguring decades of foreign policy nightmares to come.

The Moral Problem

In their internal communications, the Dulles brothers and their disciples were clear that the only obstacle toward achieving their ends was what they termed “THE MORAL PROBLEM.” They had little use for politicians, journalists, citizens, or soldiers who believed that morality should enter into U.S. policymaking.

And they strained to persuade American presidents and allied world leaders that the West shouldn’t think twice about using nuclear weapons — in all kinds of situations.

The French, in particular, were appalled. However, Dulles had President Eisenhower declaring publicly that using the hydrogen bomb was no different than using “a bullet.”

Just another bullet…

And speaking of bullets, the Dulles mob would arrange, in time, for the assassination of a United States president — an idealistic, young, Catholic president whose presence in the White House was an affront to the Protestant cabal (mind you, I’m not suggesting they killed JFK because of his religious sect; that just made it easier for them).

Unlike 9/11 “Truther” claims, the more one looks into this “conspiracy theory,” the more compelling the evidence is that the U.S. deep state, led by Allen Dulles, killed our president. Mostly because JFK was trying to end the Cold War and making diplomatic overtures to the Russians. But also, I suspect, because Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs disaster (when JFK didn’t take the CIA bait and commit the United States to a military confrontation with the U.S.S.R.).

(The upstart, who did he think he was – the democratically elected President of the United States?! Allen Dulles and the rest of the grown-up world knew who was really in charge: the cabal. The very same cabal that then presided over the Warren Commission that investigated Kennedy’s murder… with unchallenged impunity and not a lick of shame.)

The neo-fascists haven’t looked back since that Dallas motorcade. Full speed ahead.

Still fighting the Nazis’ old war — leaving millions of corpses in their wake (in Korea, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East…) — our nation’s intelligence establishment has been deliberately hyping the threat posed by Russia for decades… hunting for “Red October.”

Meanwhile, the increasingly lawless corporate state has glutted itself on obscene profits from financialized fraud and permanent war, in the process befouling and corrupting everything from our most cherished institutions — political, religious, educational, journalistic, and economic — to the planet itself.

The Nazi Pedigree of America’s Power Elite

Like the Wall Street bank run by Prescott Bush (GWB’s grandfather) in the 1940s, the titans of U.S. industry were largely sympathetic to Hitler’s Reich. Many continued doing business with Nazi Germany even after the U.S. had entered the war.

IBM, Kodak, the Coca-Cola Company, and the Associated Press were only the tip of this Reich-supporting, Wall Street iceberg.

The robber barons had been dealt real setbacks by the American labor movement, which was led by patriotic American communists and democratic socialists (back when Americans were permitted to think for themselves, before holding unpopular opinions about political/economic systems became grounds for dismissal, demonization, and worse).

But such people as these — the Kochs of their day, sociopathic, profiteering oligarchs — don’t give up easily, no matter how many presidents they have to deceive, manipulate, openly defy, or assassinate.

Setbacks or not, they usually get what they want.

And what does that look like? An unending holocaust of death, human misery, terror, and despotism.

Let’s review the history, shocking and depressing as it is:

An explicitly amoral, literally traitorous, neo-fascist cabal, with its hands on most of the levers of power in the American government/military/intelligence apparatus — and astonishing influence, if not outright control, over Western media — assiduously and covertly folded thousands of literal Nazis into the secret heart of our power structure… and Italy’s and West Germany’s (though France and England balked, at the time, siding with the U.S.S.R. on the question of whether Nazis should be prosecuted for their monstrous crimes — or rather, as Dulles and Hoover would have it, rewarded with important jobs in national security, U.S. government-purchased mansions and sailboats, and tickets to the World Series.).

These ruthless American warmongers covered up their Nazi allies’ old crimes while zealously facilitating new ones… in Iran in 1953, in Guatemala in 1954, and on and on, year in, year out, butchering millions and thwarting democracy wherever it raised its pretty head (terrifying to them)… in the name of “fighting communism.”

Like the War on Drugs, with its anti-black/Southern Strategy raison d’etre, the Cold War proved to be a complete and total sham. The “Domino Theory” was a fraudulent means to an unspeakable end: conquering and enslaving the world.

And the fascists are still up to their same old tricks today, in Syria, Brazil, Ukraine, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Yemen, and beyond. (In Yemen alone, millions of people are on the brink of starvation, thanks to U.S. foreign policy.)

With spies in the White House and across the bureaucracy, these sociopaths have demonstrated, time and again, that they have nothing but contempt for democracy, morality, or the rule of law.

Domination by force is all they know.

Along with James W. Douglass’s JFK and the Unspeakable, John Loftus’s America’s Nazi Secret, Eric Lichtblau’s The Nazis Next Door, Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree, and Jeff Sharlett’s The Family, David Talbot’s book should be required reading in every high school and college in this nation.

Because when literal Nazis and their philosophical counterparts take over the internal mechanisms of the country, eventually our society comes to reflect that.

(It’s our country’s SOUL we’re fighting for… as well as whatever we can salvage of the future.)

The new fascist establishment, like the old, works exclusively for corporations, oligarchs, and plutocrats. It continues to practice Divide & Conquer, persecuting the marginalized and oppressed, with the masses vilifying each other first.

And their all-consuming project still threatens the future of billions of human beings…

Especially indigenous and dark-skinned peoples, any and all who are not of Western European ancestry.

Non-white, non-Protestant Christian, indigenous human beings are the first ones targeted by our political establishment. Indeed, the racism of our government is unmistakable, as our history amply demonstrates.

And the mass-murdering establishment’s champion in 2016 — it needs to be understood — was unquestionably Sec. Clinton, a career racist, warmongering demagogue, institutionally and politically. (That said, Donald Trump has proved pliable and useful enough to the cabal… even if he’s not the front person they desired for their grotesque enterprise.)

Today’s fascists, like yesterday’s, are still clawing and flailing madly at world domination, destroying far more than they conquer.

And they are still working to extinguish democracy in any form, corrupting our media and political institutions as they go, and dividing us along as many lines as possible, the better to conquer us.

They are still blithely amoral, perfectly willing to resort to ethnosectarian cleansing — usually through their terrorist, mercenary, and neo-Nazi proxies, but with “first-world” bombs and soldiers, if necessary — so long as they believe that genocide will advance their geopolitical aims… the aims of a corporatist, white-supremacist, Christian-Dominionist empire.

A Nazi empire.

Same as it ever was.

(Only this iteration is the one that’s wrecked the planet’s ecosystem and likely doomed us all.)

NSA John Bolton’s recent threats to the International Criminal Court are appallingly bellicose and obscene, but in truth his threats of sanctions and travel restrictions fall well short of what U.S. law permits.

Does no one remember the “INVASION OF THE HAGUE ACT” (American Service Members Protection Act) passed by the U.S. Congress in 2002 and signed by that year’s “not fascist” Commander in Chief?

That law, politely not mentioned today in the breathless reporting of Bolton’s ugly threats, authorizes the U.S. government to militarily invade international criminal tribunals in order to protect American war criminals from being tried and convicted of their crimes (like Gen. David Petraeus whose “Troop Surge” resulted in the ethnosectarian cleansing of millions of Baghdad’s Sunnis, as reported by Reuters: the deadliest year of the entire war for Iraqi civilians).

Like the rest of the world, I found that post-9/11 development in our polity terrifying and shocking.

But not nearly as terrifying and shocking as today’s silence on the subject of the “Invasion of the Hague Act” (as the law was immediately dubbed by those who’d read it).

The greatest danger to us all: the corporate media goes on pretending that evil and fascism just arrived in Washington, DC, with Trump’s election. They continue covering up the monstrous crimes of Trump’s patently evil, neo-fascist predecessors, with the blood of millions on their hands.

The establishment continues laboring double-time to make everything about Donald Trump — so Washington can go right back to mass-murdering, torturing, rule of law-obliterating business as usual, the moment the fool is out of office… not that that agenda has slowed much with Trump in office, as evidenced in Yemen, at least.

Trump is both an impediment to their project and a useful distraction. He helps the mainstream remain blissfully unaware, with regard to POLICY. He helps provide the illusion that our institutions are healthy — and not fascist.

That’s Reality TV for you!

I’m happy to share Vijay Prashad’s excellent article, which provides a useful overview of the current situation, politically, with Syria and its neighbors, as the next horrific battle looms in Idlib — the last stronghold of al Qaeda, ISIS, and affiliated Salafi militant groups armed, financed, coordinated, and given diplomatic cover by Riyadh, Doha, Washington, DC, and Tel Aviv.

But not Ankara, not anymore… which is why Turkey’s Prime Minister, Mr. Erdogan, has lost favor in the West: he stopped supporting our Mujaheddin when the costs of that support, domestically, became too much for his government to bear. The CIA could no longer use Turkish soil to train and funnel terrorists into Syria, a significant turning point in the war.

Prashad’s article is one of the few that deals at all with the Western origins of the conflict in Syria — something more Americans need to comprehend.

I’ve tackled this issue more than once, linking to information directly implicating Washington, DC, in this regime-change campaign (with particular thanks to Seymour Hersh’s “The Redirection,” published in The New Yorker, way back in 2007).

Here are some of my better efforts, for what it’s worth, complete with links to other Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and mainstream news organizations like The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Reuters, etc.:

The following is excerpted from the first linked blog of mine, in this list. The rest you can peruse as you will, if you’re interested in what U.S. foreign policy looks like to those on the receiving end: ethnosectarian bloodletting on a massive scale, backed occasionally with Western air support…

A historical reminder: It was Washington that arranged for al Qaeda “to throw bombs… at the Syrians” in the first place.

Keen to start a war…

“Bandar and other Saudis have assured the White House… ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians…”

– from Seymour Hersh’s article “The Redirection” ( The New Yorker, 3/5/07)

More than a decade after it was written, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article still sheds an enormous amount of light on how the catastrophe in Syria happened in the first place.

George W. Bush and Saudi Prince Bandar, hell bent on regime-change in Damascus, decided to flood Syria with al Qaeda and other Washington-supported, radical Salafist militants keen to bring ethnosectarian cleansing to a nation at peace:

Mujaheddin 2.0

That’s why Syria’s 2011 “Arab Spring” was marked by so much violence and massive suicide-bombings in the early goings. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, and the United States had joined forces to hijack Syria’s peaceful uprising and trigger a violent response from Damascus — which unfortunately succeeded, after previous Western efforts to stir up ethnosectarian conflict within the country had failed:…/features/2011/02/20112910312156…

A decade after this morally grotesque policy was hatched, something like half a million Syrians are dead and 10 million refugees have fled their homes. And the U.S. political-military-media establishment continues hammering our post-Bush presidents to betray their best instincts (and break their campaign promises) in order to keep the slaughter going.

Donald Trump, like President Obama before him, has repeatedly tried to turn away from the bloody neocon agenda. But neither Obama nor Trump could count on a lick of support on that war-eschewing front from mainstream Americans or our corporatized media:

When it comes to resisting our warmongering establishment, U.S. presidents are on their own.