I just unsubscribed from ActBlue (service for donating to Democrats), and here’s the message I sent them, explaining WHY…

[SUBJECT] Contributing to Obama and the Democrats…

…is something I can no longer do, in good conscience.  Obama’s foreign and domestic policies largely represent continuity from his predecessor (or worse, such as the president’s assertion of the right to execute American citizens without a shred of due process). 

I did not canvas neighborhoods in Missouri, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. and donate hundreds of dollars to elect this corporatist party — and yet that is what I have received for my efforts: a “Democratic” party that scorns progressive values and fights its base, tooth and nail, to advance GWB-style conservatism: tax cuts for millionaires and hikes for 40 million low-income Americans; millions illegally foreclosed upon; Mitt Romney’s health care “reform;” persecution of journalists (Assange) and whistleblowers; and a wholeheartedly NeoConservative foreign policy, continuing the policies that erode civil liberties at home and create terrorists at home and abroad. 
It would be easier to take if I had seen this president fight — just once — on the side of liberals, instead of against us (such as when the Public Option was clearly within reach; or reform of the financial industry’s fraudulent, plundering practices). 

I will never make the same mistake again. 
I am presently devoting all my efforts to persuading progressives to abandon these Wall St-first Democrats and seek a LIBERAL standard bearer to support in the next election.  I hope that you who are reading this will consider my arguments (www.invitation2artivism.com) and join my cause.  In the coming months, I will explain my strategy for dealing the corporate-duopoly (Rs and Ds) a major setback and making progressives (and true conservatives) relevant again.
Thank you,
James O’Donnell III
P.S. And now, regrettably, I must unsubscribe from your service.

James O’Donnell
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