In a piece published today at CommonDreams.org, Norm Solomon writes “a tactical coalition with Warren is vital.”

Honestly, I would welcome such an alliance, but Mr. Solomon is living in a dream world if he thinks that Warren and Sanders are on the same side.

Elizabeth Warren clearly works for the Clinton-wing of the party.

As was the case in 2016, she’s been having meetings with Sec. Clinton on the down-low.

And she’s been meeting with megadonors and party elites, reassuring them that she will not meaningfully challenge the status quo — no “revolution” with Warren.

Warren and Sanders haven’t been on the same side for years, and by now it should be crystal clear to every progressive that the raison d’etre of the Warren campaign is to STOP BERNIE at all costs.

The events of the last week have demonstrated that Sen. Warren is the perfect Kamikaze warrior, willing to destroy herself if it takes out the enemy. And more than willing to trash her “friend.”

We haven’t seen tactics this sleazy, unscrupulous, and reckless since 2016! (It’s as if the Democratic Party would rather see four more years of Trump than a President Bernie Sanders!)

But Nathan J. Robinson says it best: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/01/everyone-is-getting-on-the-bernie-train

“If we say ‘Oh, there are two good progressives in the race, and let’s not talk about the differences,’ we are risking a political calamity. The centrist vote is split between Biden, Buttigieg, Booker, and Klobuchar. If the progressive vote wasn’t still being split right now, Bernie wouldn’t just be tied for frontrunner. He would be crushing it. The primary would be over before any votes had been cast. 

“I have been fully prepared to give Elizabeth Warren a chance. I thought that if she beat Bernie early on, he should literally drop out and endorse her. But importantly, I also felt the reverse was true: If Warren’s candidacy was hurting Bernie, but he was ahead, she needed to do the same for him if she lost near the beginning. The only reason any of the other candidates are even considered viable right now is because the progressive vote is being torn.”

And that, my friends, is by design.

Outside of her massive ego, Sen. Warren is only running to end the progressive revolution… even if that means lying to trash her “good friend.”

That she refused Bernie’s handshake and decided to keep the smear going tells us everything we need to know about this serially dishonest agent of the neoliberal “center.”

James O’Donnell
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