“Please USA save us from Russia!”

Thank you, Washington Post, for what might turn out to be the most incredible RussiaGate story of all!

Like the Steele Dossier* with its “pee pee” tales and the (far more credible) hush-money-for-sex reports, this scoop has salacious details — which should make it a big hit.

However, being a RussiaGate story, it also features the words “no evidence.” (That phrase, in such articles, means that institutions like WaPo and the NYT — despite all appearances — still remember what “journalistic integrity” means… and I confess I find that a tiny bit reassuring.)

But now that “Nastya” has been arrested for using the nation of Thailand to host “sex seminars for… tourists,” you’ve got to love her Hail Mary entreaties to “U.S. intelligence agencies” and NBC.

And her desperate plea: “Please USA save us from Russia!” (We can talk about evidence later, just get me out of jail!)

They say “Democracy dies in darkness” — that’s WaPo’s slogan, anyway. (I like it: sunlight is the best disinfectant.)

But democracy, it seems, also fares poorly under circus-like conditions that put Vegas to shame for frivolous garishness.

As entertaining as it may be, this report is just another example of tabloid journalism serving the neocon/WWIII-courting agenda; one more iteration of the establishment lowering its traditional standards in order to herd Donald Trump further into the neocons’ warmongering camp.

And to bamboozle the populace by demonizing one of America’s primary geopolitical rivals… even though that rival has been far more responsible than our nation — and immensely less destructive — over the past few decades.

It’s dangerous what we’re mistaking for “news” these days. And that most people don’t see the neo-fascist agenda that’s pervaded our institutions.

Yet here we are.

* linked to the Russian and British governments as well as the 2016 presidential campaign of Jeb Bush (who bequeathed it to HRC’s campaign following his defeat in the GOP primary)

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Worst. Citizens. Ever.

Responding to a comment at CommonDreams.org, I may have finally articulated something intelligible, as follows (earlier in the thread I may have face-planted a bit, rhetorically, but here’s where I redeemed myself):

You’re entirely correct about the proclivity of the right-wing, not the left, toward violence. And yes, indeed, I saw the ugly messaging from Tea Party types following President Obama’s election. Some of the more fringe messages were blatantly racist, while others went so far as to threaten violence. It was disgusting. That’s why I responded to those protests with the following original political cartoon: http://invitation2artivism.com/?attachment_id=731

However, the American right was just experiencing its political awakening at that time, utterly disillusioned after eight neo-fascist, morally grotesque, and calamitous years of George W. Bush, who’d been aided and abetted by virtually every American institution going. (All of our institutions finished the Bush years sullied and changed – dramatically, for the worse.)

But the Tea Party’s two primary messages at that time, before they were co-opted by FoxNews and the corporatists, were: 1) Don’t destroy Medicare (a traditionally liberal position); and 2) Don’t bail out Wall Street on Main Street’s back (also a liberal, perfectly defensible position).

I’m not saying we had to “bake pies,” but if we’d subverted efforts to divide us by making common cause with the right around those two issues (and ending the wars, where there was also much agreement), the establishment would’ve had a much harder time completing their coup against the middle class and rule of law.

If we’d worked together, perhaps the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households would not have been erased by robo-signing, institutionally racist Wall Street criminals (who Obama saved, needlessly, with $16 trillion of taxpayer money, per Forbes, reporting on the GAO’s audit of the Fed, while creating millions of homeless Americans).

And the ACA might even have had a public option, or better, if we had treated these (very flawed) conservative political neophytes with civility and patience. Like human beings. Like our brothers and sisters.

Maybe we could have even prevented Obama from slashing Medicare – if we were adult enough to work together.

But that’s not what modern Americans do. We swallow propaganda tailored for our group and hate, hate, hate… those who vote for the other, virtually identical, political party… and foreigners galore: Russians, Venezuelans, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians…

We hate whomever our corporate-owned media and corrupt politicians tell us to hate.

If we remotely understood what Abraham Lincoln meant about appealing to “the better angels” of each other’s nature, rather than declaring all who disagree with us “deplorable” and treating them like devils, we might still have some remnants of a democratic, open society. We might not be tearing ourselves to pieces over partisan propaganda in the info-tainment era.

Instead, we allowed ourselves to be divided and conquered, as Obama became torture-legalizing, citizen-assassinating, Mujaheddin 2.0-creating, society-surveilling Bush on Steroids: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=1491

And FYI, President Obama also ceased the DOJ’s monitoring of dangerous, violent, right-wing groups in America, which has had disastrous effects on our society.

Obama never acted as if he had a left flank to protect, only a right flank. His Chief of Staff notoriously called progressives “retards” and his administration treated the left worse than it treated KKK types. That kind of appeasement is dangerous, and in many ways, all of these capitulations led us to Trump.

And while spending his presidency delivering for neo-fascists and sparing the extreme-right wingers, Obama worked assiduously to brutally, violently, illegally crush left-wing policies and activism. It wasn’t Bush or Trump who obliterated Occupy Wall Street with an illegal, brutal, 18-city crackdown. And it wasn’t the GOP that rigged their 2016 primary, denying the majority of lefties – and the country – President Sanders, instead of the current trainwreck president.

And it was Obama, too, who pulled off the improbable miracle of rescuing the genocidal neocon agenda and the unsustainable, financialized economy of fraudsters, just when both were in tatters. The next crash will be larger and more permanent, thanks to Obama.

The mainstream “left” come across as total hypocrites, excoriating Trump (the scumbag) while mythologizing Democrats who’ve done virtually all the heavy lifting in normalizing neo-fascism.

Until we start acting like grown-ups and working together, the 1% will keep shredding our futures and burning our planet.

We need to stop pretending that mass-incarcerating, serial racist, genocidal Democrats are so different from their Republican counterparts. Until we stop talking about personalities and start talking about policies, politicians like Trump will become the norm.

And that’s our fault as much as it is the establishment’s.

Worst citizens ever.

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“Those who have been truly silenced in the ‘Trump era’ are those who were critical of the seemingly perpetual U.S. government war machine since the invasion of Iraq.”

Spot-on, Mr. Husseini.

The anti-war left has been silenced. That’s precisely what has happened to us. For all intents and purposes, we no longer exist.

The “Trump era” marks unthinkable gains for the neocons, steamrolling progressives and turning mainstream liberals into warmongering propagandists for the Deep State.

Early in Trump’s time in office, the establishment demanded the ouster of his administration’s most prominent, anti-neocon “isolationists” because… Russia? And whaddaya’ know, those Trump-appointed opponents of the neocons lost their senior-level positions and were succeeded by the likes of… John Bolton and Mike Pompeo!

Because the establishment always gets its way, in these post-democracy times in America. People vote for one thing and get the opposite, no matter what.

Barack Obama ran against the neocons in 2008, just as Trump did in 2016, yet both presidents ended up giving the neocons practically everything they demanded, early on in their respective administrations — which is why half a million Syrians died for nothing and slavery made a huge comeback in Libya on President Obama’s watch… and why millions of Yemenis are on the brink of starvation TODAY.

Thank you, President Obama… thank you, Donald.

(Americans, where are you? WHO are you?)

The neocon atrocities keep piling up, making our country the most feared and distrusted nation in the world.

This is what happens when the mainstream no longer gives a damn about the Military Industrial Complex’s genocidal conduct over the last several decades.

This is what happens when average, everyday Americans — nominal “Christians” and “Liberals” — decide to ignore rampant, torturing, Muslim-slaughtering illegality on the part of the Deep State.

In the mainstream’s defense, I fully acknowledge that the vast majority of this monstrous, Nazi-like conduct has been swept under the rug by our corporate/neo-fascist media and badly corrupted institutions, like the U.S. Congress and presidency. Whether the treasonous high-criminal is Dick Nixon, Ronald Reagan, “Poppy” Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush/Cheney, or Barack Obama, our institutions always “LOOK FORWARD” when American elites foment coups, steal elections, murder millions, plunder trillions, assassinate, torture, and apply genocidal sanctions, murdering hundreds of thousands of babies

But generally speaking, the mainstream quit paying attention years ago, after the Vietnam War.

As if to illustrate the point, many in the mainstream seemed just fine with Wall Street sycophant and neocon stalwart, Sec. Hillary Clinton, a career racist demagogue, rigging her way to the Democratic nomination — Hillary Fucking CLINTON, a completely amoral politician who has done more for the neocons’ bloody agenda (and Wall Street and Saudi butchers) than any of her ilk save for Bush/Cheney!

This is what happens when phony liberals deny the left its TRUE CANDIDATE, the shamelessly, brazenly robbed 2016 primary winner, Bernie Sanders, who the polls showed mopping the floor with Trump by double-digits — and probably restoring Democratic control of the Congress with his single-payer healthcare touting coattails.

This is what happens when the mainstream keeps going back to the same institutions that have done nothing but LIE to us and turn liberals into extreme right-wingers over the past few decades.

Not only did the NYT and WaPo lie us into war with Iraq, burying the facts, they constantly distort facts, when it comes to their foreign reporting. Most of their unquestioning “Good German” readers still believe that Hugo Chavez was some kind of “dictator!” That Dilma Rousseff was “corrupt” and her ouster constitutional! These deluded dupes believe that Julian Assange has been hunted and persecuted because he’s a “rapist” and not because WikiLeaks has repeatedly exposed the high crimes, corruption, and treachery of our leaders and world-dominating institutions…)

Nominal liberals, groupthinking and hunky dory with neocon policy, have arguably become worse than Donald J. Trump: race-baiting demagogue, outrageous misogynist, and compassionless egomaniac.

They are outraged over hush money paid to a porn star, but they don’t make a peep when U.S. sanctions murder hundreds of thousands of children under five.

Or when a Democratic president nullifies habeas corpus, assassinating Americans uncharged with crimes, with ZERO due process. Calling it “legal.”

While Trump continues to subvert, defy, and disappoint the neocons — when he isn’t giving in to them (which also happens; Obama deja vu) — nominal liberals have become unquestioning supporters of RussiaGating NAZIS (worse than Nazis – NEOCONS: the Muslim-slaughtering monsters who are in the vanguard of the empire that is killing our planet; THE faction that has revived fascism and dismantled the rule of law, hollowing out economies the world over, including ours, leaving millions upon millions of corpses in their wake, the vast majority civilians… women and children).

The neocons and their “liberal” minions (like the Democratic Party, the WaPo and NYT, Mr. Colbert, Ms. Maddow, Bill Maher…) have recklessly courted a third World War.

They have succeeded in dragging our society down with them largely because of the power of HATE (of the “Two Minutes” variety).

Because the mainstream-left has allowed Trump’s repellent hideousness to impair their critical thinking skills and turn them into exemplars of the worst traits we associate with Trump: xenophobic, bellicose, irrational, easily manipulated, and self-indulgent beyond any concern for who gets hurt.

Addicted to propaganda, feeding off their emotions, mainstream liberals have apparently not learned to distinguish between the institutions that have incessantly sold us wars on lies (and I mean for decades, Tonkin through baby incubators through WMD through Sarin gas through RussiaGate through…)

…and the journalists who still have an ounce of integrity.*

Sam Husseini is one of the latter.

And his thesis is spot-fucking-on.

* Consortium News, Max Blumenthal, Moderate Rebels (podcast), Chris Hedges, Glen Ford/Black Agenda Report, Glenn Greenwald, Global Research, Caitlin Johnstone, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, The Jimmy Dore Show, Katie Halper, Vanessa Beeley, Aaron Mate (The Real News), Medea Benjamin, Ann Wright, Patrick Cockburn, John Pilger, Mahmood Mamdani, Tariq Ali, Ralph Nader, The ACLU, Jeremy Scahill, WikiLeaks, Briahna Joy Gray, Greg Palast, David Swanson, Dr. Cornel West, Prof. Stephen F. Cohen, Eva Bartlett, Rania Khalek, Seymour Hersh, Naomi Klein, KPFA (SF Bay Area), Oliver Stone, Electronic Intifada…

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On prurience and hypocrisy… “Won’t someone please think of the children?”

From the article by Glenn Greenwald:

“This kind of love, between two men or two women, has existed for thousands of years, long before the kind of ignorant bigotry that we now hear on a regular basis, provoked by a simple picture of love.”

– Pedro Lotti, crusader for equal rights and basic human decency

“Won’t someone, please, think of the children!”

– Helen Lovejoy, narrow-minded gossip and literal cartoon character

Yet Mrs. Lovejoy’s catchphrase is one that extreme conservatives, in North and South America alike, have taken up as their battle cry — oh so hypocritically — in recent years: “Won’t someone, please, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

…would these be the same children that conservatives have generally worked to impoverish, strip of food/medical benefits, and send to prison/war?

…the same children conservatives have insisted be deported back to their war-torn countries, nations ravaged for decades by Washington’s support for puppet dictators and genocidal terrorists?

…the same children that conservatives (like Duncan, De Vos, Emmanuel, Trump, Obama, Clinton…) have thrown to inferior, discriminatory private/charter schools while taking a hatchet to the nation’s public education system?

(Because… you know, “Socialism in any form is, um… the anti-Christ?”)

Or are these those other children, the ones we drop bombs on and/or starve with sanctions, deny potable water to, and generally KILL BY THE MILLIONS, year in, year out, under Democrats and Republicans alike?

(Am I not correct? Isn’t the number of children who die needlessly every year, as a result of the gangster-capitalist economic system Washington has forced on the world, somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,000,000 children per year — mostly for want of mosquito netting, clean water, and resources that could be provided for a tiny fraction of what America spends on war?)




(Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright probably thinks their sacrifice is “worth it.”)


LEAST OF ALL coming from far-right conservatives, who have led the way to fascism, at home and abroad (even as post-JFK Democrats have done virtually all of the heavy lifting, policywise, to get us to this dark place, covering up right-wingers’ crimes, retroactively legalizing them, normalizing GITMO, torture, assassination, and worse)…

But boy are these right-wingers obsessed with pedophilia conspiracies!!! They just can’t get enough pedophilia stories — Mmm MMMM! (And don’t forget to mention the Clintons… and Huma Abedin, who has a funny name and a cheating, sexting ex- named “Weiner” and who looks foreign, anyway… hurray for prurient, bigoted partisanship!)

These same folks also obsess a great deal about the “72 MUSLIM VIRGINS” in the GWOT era — religious bigotry the Western media enjoys disseminating, no matter how few people their stereotypes represent.

Basically, I’m saying these sex-obsessed right-wingers are projecting their own pathology… the pervs.

AND IN CASE ANYONE MISSED IT, I’m also saying that someone should actually start thinking of the children. In a way that amounts to a hill of beans.

Because literal millions are desperate for our empire to stop poisoning and murdering them, enslaving them, starving them, stealing their water/resources, denying them medicine, destroying democratic institutions wherever we go…


Because if it doesn’t help achieve the ends of our corporatist/Christian Dominionist/white-supremacist/militarist global empire, it isn’t worth doing???

Because adopting even vaguely socialist, humanitarian policies would be somehow worse than perpetuating the omnicidal catastrophe that Fascism 2.0 has wrought???

Because if we don’t vote for fascists every 2-4 years we’re letting down “our side” of the duopoly???

What I’m saying is that it’s WAY past time Americans started caring about something other than material goods and hating each other — while the planet burns thanks to fires WE started.

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Trump has made America “great” again… McCarthy LIVES!

I’m back in that place I call Me. Again, I have to distinguish between myself and my warlike, xenophobic, racist-imperialist society.

I love. I excoriate. I grieve.

(And I PAINT.)

(And watch movies.)

(And read comic books.)

(And immerse myself in “political” books by irrelevant people like Chalmers Johnson, Christa Wolf, Hannah Arendt, James Cone, Chris Hedges, Sheldon Wolin, John Loftus…)

President Trump has succeeded beyond any conceivable expectations.

He has made America “great” again, taken us back to that safe, cozy space of indulgent Russia-hating, imaginary democracy, and fleeting wealth.

He’s given American conservatives and liberals the illusion of security, so we can continue ignoring the genocide and tyranny perpetrated by the U.S. deep state (which is not a figment of your imagination).

For mainstream, nominally liberal Americans, Trump has reinforced the absurdist notion that our institutions are healthy and “resisting” what he represents.

(When our institutions, political and corporate, are more racist and genocidal than Trump could ever hope to be.)

The propagandized, McCarthyite “left” is the new right. They demand Trump “take on” Putin, North Korea, and Assad, while ignoring America’s broken election systems and heinous war crimes under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. They remain hawkish even when there’s hope for diplomacy, cessation of war, an end to the killing.

The new “left” has adopted every single NEOCON position in the book. Pushing Donald (F’g) TRUMP to his right… Trump, a patently irresponsible nitwit, with a “tiny hands” complex.


MUELLER is a veteran propagandist. The same goes for Brennan, Clapper, Kristol, Frum, Hayden, the NYT, WaPo…

And by the by, the CIA is not your friend. (How dumb are we?)

The DNC denied the FBI and Homeland Security access to its servers. NO forensic analysis of the “Russian hack” has ever been conducted by our government. (Just a hired contractor of the Democratic Party, an EMPLOYEE of the Clinton campaign.)

Orwell was a fucking prophet.

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“Have you ever been to Russia?”

I have not been to Russia, and I highly doubt that free speech thrives there, least of all under Putin.

But I was born and raised in this country, and I’ve watched Democrats and Republicans over the last few decades tear down the First Amendment and reduce it to a pale ghost of itself. All while destroying media as an institution, including with Clinton’s Telecom Act of 1996.

(And then we have the dictatorial way that GW Bush and President Obama hunted and murdered journalists, kept them jailed, tortured, etc., using 9/11 and the GWOT as a pretext for crushing speech.)

I am an American.

It is OUR fascists I fight first, before Russia’s — starting with the domestic despots who’ve been waging war on the rule of law and the democratic pillars of our society, committing genocide around the world, and destroying the planet’s life-giving systems.

Bottom line: EVEN IF everything the Russiagating Nazis have alleged is true, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the wrecking ball that our own leaders have taken to our election systems in recent decades.

There is hardly a national election conducted anywhere in the world that is less rigged and corrupted than our own. Until we deal with the hijacking of our elections by fascist oligarchs, it’s the height of absurdity to point the finger at Moscow.

Outside of human rights, generally, and the destruction of the planet by fossil fuels, there is literally nothing Americans care less about than the integrity of our elections.

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As the press continues its feeding frenzy, churning out TRUMP!-based tabloid journalism as fast as they can print it, they consistently get their facts wrong and expose their biases… ultimately aiding conservatives who make claims of partisan media and “Fake News.”

(And that’s not just a shame or a travesty — it constitutes a real danger to press freedom and credibility. Such reckless journalism does not damage Trump, but helps him politically, while weakening one of the few remaining pillars of American democracy.)

The recent zeal to generate sensational headlines — Trump to shatter NATO alliance! — forced foreign leaders, like French President Macron, to defend Trump and correct the record:


(Cool your jets, Reuters.)

Yes, on his European diplomacy tour Donald Trump was frequently late, disorganized, unrehearsed, self-indulgent, and capricious. He said what he wanted to, rather than what he was told to say. He acted impetuously and imperiously.

What else is new?

Such conduct hardly distinguishes Trump from the average U.S. president.

Bill Clinton was famously late for everything. GWB treated foreign leaders with bumptious informality and was also, like DJT, sexist toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And dotty old Reagan could never stick to a script, either.

Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld, and his United Nations Ambassador, John Bolton — and Obama’s Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland — lobbed egregious insults at America’s traditional European allies.

None of which received much American press coverage.

Because such behavior coming out of Washington, DC, is perfectly normal.

With the notable exception of President Barack Obama, one of the most gracious, intelligent, and dignified presidents in our history, modern U.S. presidents have comported themselves with unrestrained pomposity and imperiousness, across the globe.

And all U.S. presidents of recent decades, especially Republicans, have dunned the hell out of Washington’s NATO allies with demands that they increase their military expenditures.

For the most part, our past presidents have done precisely as Trump did, swaggering and finger-pointing at Europe, with thinly veiled threats and embarrassing amounts of braggadocio.

Because aggressive posturing and bullying are Washington’s bread and butter.



After all:

- Trump isn’t the one who passed the 1996 Telecom Act, allowing a handful of Rupert Murdochs to gobble up virtually every news/media outlet in the nation and decimate independent, diverse journalism in America. The president who signed into law that free press-obliterating, minority-silencing abomination was celebrated by our media establishment — because he had advanced the neo-fascist agenda… dramatically.

- Trump didn’t use the U.S. military to target and murder “unembedded” journalists, as George W. Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan. BUSH KILLED THOSE JOURNALISTS to send a lethal message of intimidation to foreign reporters as he launched Operation Enduring Freedom and subsequently, Operation Iraqi Freedom. While the rest of the world witnessed those war crimes and gasped, the U.S. media was kind enough to sweep those incidents under the rug, first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Most Americans, unless they followed FAIR’s coverage or saw the award-winning documentary, “Control Room,” had no idea that the Pentagon was targeting and killing journalists.)


Vladimir Putin, our jingoist press insists, is the only world leader who “murders journalists” — not George W. Bush, despite all the evidence. Not Saakashvili, Washington’s former client in Georgia. Not our allies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Israel…

- Trump didn’t use the Espionage Act to prosecute more news sources than all of his predecessors combined, hunting world-renowned journalists and whistleblowers like traitorous dogs… something only a right-wing, proto-fascist madman would do… or Barack Obama, actually.

President Obama didn’t limit himself to Tweeting mean things about reporters he didn’t like. Instead he prosecuted journalists or cut off their access. He even booted the venerable and highly respected Helen Thomas, the “Dean of the Washington, DC, Press Pool,” out of his press conferences. Just as he excluded whole organizations, like FoxNews (neither venerable nor trusted — definitely partisan).

And Obama refused to investigate and prosecute his election-rigging lunatic predecessor for torture, illegal domestic surveillance and “white” propaganda, the politicization of the Justice Department, illegal military aggression and genocide, rendition, and targeting journalists with military weaponry.

So, let’s be honest:


(Whereas Obama was their savior and redeemer, which is why the media gave him a near-total pass.)


- Railing against NAFTA, Trump refused to sign the G7 statement (“Bad, Donald!”) and insulted neoliberal darling and oil pipeline champion, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (a posturing fraud who mostly does the bidding of right-wing oligarchs).

- Worse yet, Trump made no attempt to revive the world-enslaving Trans-Pacific Partnership (“Bad Donald!”) intended to break China and keep the West on top through modernized slave labor and the nullification of environmental regulations.

- In the company of our European allies, Trump didn’t want to discuss adding Georgia and Ukraine to NATO (“Bad Donald!”), which would heighten the risk of a needless, potentially catastrophic military confrontation with Russia. (The U.S. had brought kleptocrat dictators, coups, neo-Nazi shock troops, and worse to those nations, hoping to use them to further cage the “Russian Bear” — only those coups were largely thwarted by the people of those nations, resentful of foreign aggression and interference.)

- And Trump didn’t end up discussing prolonging NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan (“Bad Donald!”). That is extremely vexing to the warmongering neo-fascists who run America’s editorial rooms. In collusion with the military industrial complex with which they are financially entangled, the corporatized “free press” wants America’s most interminable war to go on even longer.


With Trump in the White House, the neo-fascists don’t have a front man who can keep their omnicidal, Christian Dominionist project rolling along smoothly.

And that’s why the establishment positively H-A-T-E-S Donald J. Trump.

But this analysis is only comprehensible to those who have a sense of our nation’s recent history.

Those who have paid close attention and resisted the gradual takeover of America by modern fascists.

Recognizing the true nature of our neo-fascist establishment doesn’t mean we think that Trump is “The Good Guy.”

It simply means that history’s worst malefactors, those responsible for reviving fascism and killing the planet’s ecosystem, positively DETEST Trump… because he’s unequivocally bad for their agenda.

(Almost as “bad” as they perceive Bernie would have been… though Sen. Sanders has been genuflecting before the altar of RussiaGate, of late. Shame on him.)

Donald Trump, despite his natural inclinations, his temperament, and blatant racism… is in point of fact a very BAD neo-fascist.

Like most everything else he’s ever attempted, outside of reality TV, Trump sucks at this.

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Yes, literal Nazis. In Ukraine. Washington’s proxies for years, first under President Obama, now under Donald Trump.


In 2014, Dick Cheney’s acolyte, Victoria Nuland — Assistant Sec. State in charge of European and Eurasian affairs in Sec. Hillary Clinton’s State Department — masterminded the violent coup that overthrew democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and put billionaire oligarch, Petro Poroshenko, in charge of the country.

Backed by U.S.-supported, Russophobic, anti-Semitic NAZI SHOCK TROOPS…

How are they Nazis? Well, they honor past Nazi mass-murderers and preach white supremacy. They’ve adopted the SS symbol and are fond of the U.S. Confederate Flag, as well. And they apparently love anti-Semitic rhetoric and murdering ethnic-Russian/Eastern European folks… much like the original Nazis did.

After mystery snipers shot up Kiev police and protesters alike, the openly neo-Nazi Svoboda party took the streets like Brownshirts. Their job was to create chaos and force President Yanukovych’s ouster. With the help of the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Obama administration, they succeeded.

America had undone yet another internationally monitored presidential election.

Once again, at the end of a gun barrel.


And how about that coup? The unabashed Nazi-exalting Svoboda Party provided the ethnic-cleansing vanguard of the new, far-right Ukrainian “government.” Until they were finally stopped in Crimea, where a military response and democratic referendum curbed their aggression.

LET US NOT FORGET that Ukraine’s post-coup leaders were handpicked by Washington, DC.

Dick “Dark Side” Cheney’s acolyte, Asst. Sec. Nuland, was RECORDED discussing who the new Ukrainian government would be led by, who OTOH would simply not do, and how they must govern: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26079957

(Thank you, to the brave whistleblower who made this damning information public, so even the BBC and the NYT would eventually cover it… just as they eventually reported the billions of dollars the U.S. spent to make the Ukraine coup happen in the first place.)

But finally, the corporate media, with Trump the Chump in charge, is forced to admit the sad truth:


Because Trump, the colossal dumbass, has doubled down on that losing strategy: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/01/01/arming-ukraine-will-likely-escalate-conflict-editorials-debates/109061476/

And there’s no one pretty in the White House for the neo-fascist American establishment to hide behind anymore.


Thank you, Dumpster-fire in the Oval Office. Your ineptitude and repugnance damages the neo-fascists’ agenda on a daily basis. It even makes the corporate media conduct itself in a vaguely journalistic fashion.

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Sorry, but my wife and I have been sick for two weeks, and coincidentally, we’ve run out of patience with our neighborhood’s year-round mortar exploding “Ernest T. Bass.” His nighttime hobby terrorizes traumatized adults (including war zone survivors/veterans), infants, and pets alike — including two of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever known, Izzy and Darwin, generously shared by our awesome neighbors.

The last thing any of us needs is more suburban yokels detonating things in the vicinity of our otherwise tranquil “Bay Area Mayberry” home. Where we raise bees and grow tomatoes. And sleep… once we stop coughing.

In days gone by, I celebrated this holiday by screening the film “Gandhi” — for myself and whoever else I could entice to see it with me. Because, I figured, there’s more than one way to liberate a nation… and Ben Kingsley is simply fantastic in the title role. To this day, I find the film inspirational.

[BOOYAH FOR NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE! Nonviolent resistance liberated India from British colonial rule and ended Apartheid in South Africa. And it helped the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. notch real victories... until the Southern Strategy/New Jim Crow backlash in the 1970s-90s... and the 2013 evisceration of the Voting Rights Act... following Wall Street's larcenous plunder of African-American households' wealth, wiping out black families’ post-Civil Rights Era gains.]

This year, I’ve decided to mark Independence Day with a celebration of the free press.

Specifically, I’d like to honor one of the finest journalists America has ever produced: JEREMY SCAHILL, the award-winning co-founder of The Intercept and author of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” and “Dirty Wars,” among other acclaimed books.

Scahill’s recent report is so good that it’s forced me to accept that SOME ELEMENTS OF RUSSIAGATE ARE BASED IN FACT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2FlQHwi300

Although I’ve been a vocal RussiaGate skeptic — seeing far more debunked stories than evidence, to date — Jeremy Scahill’s report has introduced me to a legitimate, official Russia-Trump campaign link, dating as far back as the August 2016 meeting in Trump Tower, with Donald Trump, Jr., in attendance. Along with Erik Prince, America’s preeminent mercenary warlord.

Although I maintain that RussiaGate is primarily a propaganda campaign and a distraction, I have to admit that Scahill has apparently found an actual Trump-Moscow connection.

That said, Scahill’s report also confirms my hunch that the NEOCON AGENDA — ultimately targeting Iran — is the real center of gravity in this geopolitical tangle.

As this and other reports reveal, advancing the neocon agenda seems to be the ONLY major issue that the Trump folks had to talk about with the Russians, before and after the election.

Mind you, self-censoring corporate journalists will do all they can to keep Israel, the Saudis, UAE, and especially the neocons OUT of their breathless, error-riddled “Russia, Russia, Russia!” coverage; their stock in trade is xenophobic neo-McCarthyism, that which conditions the American people toward accepting war, even a World War.


Ask Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Syria…

(Ask anyone. We’re famous for our bombing.)

Exposing the grimy, genocidal underside of American foreign policy is the last thing the corporate MSM is interested in doing.

But Jeremy Scahill doesn’t push narratives, he uncovers truths. History will get this right, even as the majority tune into FoxNews and MSNBC for partisan programming.

Oddball that I am, this is just my way of saying… HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Because, the way I see it, freedom is also for celebrating independent thinking. And independent journalism.

Not just for waking up sick people and scaring pets.


Other Jeremy Scahill highlights of recent years:

Scahill on Canadian news during the Obama presidency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jUQjXTa4U8

Scahill predicting the future in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4jD1bQYQj4&feature=share

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… which, believe it or not, doesn’t have a blessed thing to do with Iran — but everything to do with Saudi Arabia’s regional ambitions.

As reported by Whitney Webb at MintPress News, the United Nations now estimates that 18.4 MILLION Yemenis are at risk of starvation by the end of this year:

“During a briefing last Friday, the UN warned that millions more Yemeni civilians are expected to starve to death before year’s end as a result of a blockade imposed on the country by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition. The Saudis’ unsuccessful bid to quash the Houthi-led resistance movement against Western and Saudi imperialism in Yemen has already claimed the lives of thousands of civilians and transformed the country into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since the war began in 2015…”

IF ONLY Donald Trump would Tweet something ignorant and obnoxious about this hellish nightmare, initiated by GWB and dramatically expanded by President Obama. Then (and only then?) mainstream Americans might begin to register the ongoing genocide in Yemen, committed by Washington’s Wahhabi “besties” — with the weapons, logistical support, and diplomatic cover our nation has been providing for years.

If the United Nations is right, and nothing is done to prevent this atrocity, we’re talking about an event on the scale of the Holocaust… and yet our media has been virtually silent as the mass-killing and blockade of Yemen continues.

Who are we? Why does the rest of the world fear us?

Maybe it’s because the United States, which enjoyed sole superpower status in the world for decades, has projected its military across the globe and is responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings under Trump’s three predecessors alone.

It could also be because we’re responsible, more than any other nation on Earth, for the Sixth Mass Extinction event and ongoing collapse of the oceans and climate.

(How is it, again, that Americans haven’t outdone the Nazis? Who, exactly, do we think we are — because I guarantee you that’s not how we’re going down in the history books.)

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