Reflections on Skull Island: The Catastrophic Calamities of “Col. Kong”

I enjoyed the new King Kong movie more than I expected to, mostly for the film’s terrific special effects, imaginative creature design, and exhilarating action scenes. But surprisingly, it had more going for it than that. Set in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. war on Vietnam (plus Cambodia and Laos), “Kong: Skull Island” has a tiny wisp of an anti-war philosophy and even a moment of eloquence masquerading as a central theme (when the film’s actual central theme is “Smashy-smashy fun, big monsters and fighty soldiers, yay!”).

Battling Kong — futile, unjust, extremely costly, and risking a far greater calamity for all humanity — becomes a metaphor for the MIC’s foreign misadventures… now a permanent feature of the ruthless empire that was once the semi-democratic, somewhat law-adherent USA. Vietnam/Iraq/Syria-level catastrophes — with Kong-sized blowback to last generations — are uniformly the result when our military goes into foreign lands and *makes enemies* of the indigenous population, even when they pose no threat.

Even while serving under that gleeful, unquestioning idiot, George W. Bush, war-cheerleader Donald Rumsfeld privately questioned whether or not Washington was *creating* more terrorists than it was killing (years before President Obama and his hawkish Secretary of State would double down on the neocon agenda, dooming hundreds of thousands of Syrians to death and millions to exile… to say nothing of the fates of scores of thousands of Libyans, Yemenis, Somalis, Egyptians, Hondurans, Bahrainis, Greeks, Brazilians, and others assaulted by the U.S.-led corporate regime over the last two presidencies).

I realize that not-one-in-a-million Americans wants to hear the truth about our nation, our history, or the position we find ourselves in: an empire in decline, with the homeland tearing itself into zealously partisan pieces while we neglect nearly everything that matters: clean water, diplomacy, massively disappearing pollinators, deeply corrupt and undemocratic institutions, an eviscerated Constitution, the world’s oceans in systemic collapse, the Sixth Mass-Extinction event well underway, thanks to human activities… and more.

In a number of gatherings, in states both “Red” and “Blue,” I have been shouted down with the cry of “NO POLITICS!” by conservatives and liberals, alike — with people I deeply respect and love demonstrating the culture-wide aversion to civil discourse (in group settings) regarding controversial/forbidden topics, unapproved by unofficial state media, the corporate MSM.

So, I shall now attempt to tell OUR STORY in a different way, in Hollywood terms — in terms of “Col. Kong” (a fusion of Samuel L. Jackson’s Ahab-like Army colonel — Kong’s nemesis, the film’s tragic, sympathetic villain, who simply hated to leave Vietnam unfinished — and Kong himself, the warrior supreme, the film’s star and hero).

Picking up from where the movie leaves off:

Decades have passed since the defeat of the Lizard King (Kong’s “natural” adversary in the ecosystem of Skull Island). Col. “King” Kong, the last survivor of his family line, knows he is nearing the end of his reign — the end of his species. Dozens of the Lizard “Skull Crawler” King’s little ones have grown as big as their progenitor ever got, some bigger. They know they are poised to inherit Skull Island, and they are biding their time (the “Skull Crawlers” are China and Russia, I suppose, in this allegory, consistent with the MSM’s xenophobia and fearmongering; while “Col. Kong” is obviously the modern, suidical-ecocidal USA).

After Island War II (IWII — the *first* Island War being the one that claimed his family), Kong determined that “Never again!” meant “Never again, by anyone but me!” and proceeded to bring great violence to all corners of Skull Island in the name of “spreading democracy” (okay, in the name of “Eliminating the Lizard Threat” — like the Red Menace; only, like the US of A, Col. Kong found himself going to all corners of his world, occasionally plundering and killing liberally, whether the Lizard Things were present or not; after all, those corners of the island were often rich with resources Kong could use to shore himself up for The Long Battle; and he could always compel the allegiance of those he conquered, future “allies” for the Great War to End All… um, Wars!).

Only that strategy turned out to be shortsighted. The other denizens of the island came to see Kong as a hypocritical, bloodthirsty bully, far more apt to terrorize the island’s residents than his adversaries, the Lizard Things, who at least kept to their little corner of their world. Whereas Kong is everywhere — and no longer a protector of the little musk oxen and face-painted primates, both of which he frequently *trades* to the Lizardos, nowadays, in exchange for his own safe passage, an obeisance, or a particularly shiny rock.

And now, the Kong Empire is clearly coming to a close. All that Kong once dominated is rapidly slipping from his frantically tyrannical grasp: The Razor-dactyls are allied with the Lizard Things, as are the Giant Octopi (who apparently are intelligent enough to hold a grudge, after all); and the Mighty Musk Oxen and Giant Walking-Stick Insects and Impaling Spiders refuse to honor their past commitments and simply avoid Kong (who trashes their homes upon finding them unoccupied; “They said they’d be here! Some treaties aren’t worth the papyrus they’re written on!” — this, coming from the ultimate shredder of treaties).

Facing ultimate defeat, Col. “Never say die” Kong says “HELL NO!” (and “Hold onto your butts!”), declaring war on everything, flailing and beating his breast (with BOTH arms, neo-McCarthyist left and xenophobic right) to insist that he is still the undisputed lord and ruler of his storm-enshrouded isle.

A fraction of his war (IWIII: The Global War on Horrific Things) is waged on a *few* of the Lizard Things (the smaller ones), but the “strategery”-employing Col. Kong actually spares his major rivals, preferring to cut deals with them instead. In fact, he turns several of the Lizardos loose on the secluded native human population (his “false flag” attack is intended to drive the tiny primates to support him more vigorously against their common foe — instead it completely wipes out the humans: oop oops).

And now, ancient, bloodied, nearly-broken, no longer worshipped, and with failing internal systems (zero integrity), the deranged yet highly dangerous Col. Kong is manifesting his most aggressively terrifying face: The ORANGE-HAIRED, PUSSY-GRABBING APE. He vows to build an “Anti-Lizard” WALL out of the corpses of every remaining organism on the Island. He pledges that he is willing to destroy the Island in order to “save” it. Like his predecessors, he will continue ignoring the way his wars have set off cataclysmic changes in Skull Island’s very stability (Kong’s best scientists have told him for years that the reckless way he’s been using the island’s resources promises to collapse the island, probably sinking it outright — but he’s too busy fighting everything under the sun to heed their urgent declarations).

And it will all end like the Vietnam War ended, with more losers, by far, than “winners.” And human tragedy on a massive scale, that much is certain. And Kong’s line, the vicious, myopic warmongers, clearly cannot go on. Regardless of the outcome of this generation’s war, Col. Kong’s time is over.

Were there other possibilities? Could the island have been saved? Was all that fighting and killing really necessary?

These are questions Col. Kong never asks himself. Because when it’s all said and done, he’s really not much of a king — he’s just a big, dumb, pride-driven, psychotically violent ape (Patton, Dulles, or J. Edgar Hoover, without the smooth faces). And he’s dangerously delusional — hooked on his own fabricated smack — with “WMD” tales to spin, imaginary “Election Hacking” Reds to target, and a weekly “Kill List” to fulfill (we’re coming for you, Assad! Plus any surviving children of Anwar al-Awlaki, wherever you are, you radical Colorado fucks!).

Like his business wing, Skull Island Corporation-Kong (SICK, Inc.), Col. Kong’s war-making activities must always show gains, gains, and more gains. Even while — beyond the boardrooms and Kong’s delusional, “Mission Accomplished” battlefields — everyone else is LOSING. Kong must keep bludgeoning, crushing, and smashing — even while the war, itself, is patently hopeless, undeniably metastasizing the Horror it once promised to eradicate… literally posing a threat to all living things.

If President Obama was “Bush on Steroids” — and in many ways, he was — then President Trump/KONG promises to be Obama on Steroids. Pity the wee Musk Oxen. Pity the little ones. “When the elephants battle, it is the grass that suffers.”

Because in America of 2017, “Col. Kong” is still King. Now more than ever. Oop oop. And hold onto your butts.

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All it takes to make an irascible, orange ape “PRESIDENTIAL”…

Now that the Tomahawk missiles are flying, the “liberal” media suddenly sees Trump as “PRESIDENTIAL.” Go figure. Of course, this escalation with Russia is what the establishment has been clamoring for all along, why they preferred Sec. Clinton over that “isolationist” Donald Trump, to begin with. And why they kept pushing the “Russian hacking” blather, to put Trump on his heels and force him to prove otherwise.

And now that the major impediments, like Gen. Flynn, have been removed and replaced with establishment-approved hawks, HERE WE GO!!!

Are there any genuine liberals left in America? Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Or does everyone simply swallow the CIA-MSM shyte-crock that Assad, the most popular political leader in Syria and the most conspicuous protector of Syrian minorities, “gassed his own people” — even though the evidence far more clearly implicates the Washington-backed Salafist militants that Assad’s been fighting over the last six years? (Even President Obama in 2013 had his doubts about the “Assad used chemical weapons” claim, after his National Security Adviser, Tom Donilon, told him that the case was not remotely a “slam dunk.” And, unlike today, Assad’s chemical weapons stocks in 2013 hadn’t been completely dismantled by the international community…)

My memory must be fading (someone help me out, here): Where have we heard this type of warmongering “WMD” claim before? Only with more evidence supporting it… (because, unlike Bashar al-Assad, Saddam actually had, at one point, “gassed his own people” — only that was back in the 1980s, with Washington’s unwavering support, with Hussein using the WMD the West had supplied him… before the 1990s inspections regime left him toothless enough to invade and lynch…)

In 2017, have Americans not had enough bloodshed, lynch-mob executions, and mass-murder of Muslims? Should we simply make the new motto of the U.S. “We came, we saw, he died”? (Why not? That kind of thing never blows back at the source… right? What’s blowback? Or karma? Or the law of reciprocity? Or the principle stating that every action has an equal and opposite reaction?)

Some of our very best, most highly acclaimed, and consistently brilliant journalists have been reporting on the REALITY in Syria for years, where the U.S. and its GCC allies have been flooding a sovereign nation — at peace, before we started all this — with legions of al Qaeda and countless weapons. I know that many of you are fairly invested in the establishment’s version of events, but why not give Pulitzer-winner Seymour Hersh’s reporting a glance? Unlike the MSM, Hersh hasn’t been feeding you a steady diet of propaganda for the last few decades, the vast majority of which has turned out to be 100% false.

And unlike the MSM, Hersh is no fan of war. He’s covered too many of them. Honestly.

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Two Sundays ago, Glenn Greenwald aimed a corrective at some 2016 political commentators who, near as he could tell, had mistaken Donald Trump for a “pacifist” in all the shit-stormy chaos and Fake News furor of a nightmarish election year. And I found myself wondering if maybe, just maybe, Mr. Greenwald was talking to me. So I thought it over… and I decided that I was implicated enough in the general charge to feel compelled to respond.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Trump unambiguously promised more war, specifically vowing to wage an actual war on ISIS and al Qaeda — as opposed to the half-hearted, contradictory, and self-defeating efforts under Bush-Obama. Candidate Trump even made reference to a horrible truth about U.S. foreign policy: In the wake of the Nuremberg-worthy catastrophe in Iraq (which had inadvertently benefited Iran, and handsomely), Washington has consistently supported various branches of ISIS and al Qaeda with arms, logistics, air support, finances, and more.

With its partners in Riyadh, Doha, the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait (per the New York Times, reporting a leaked State Dept. memo, signed by Sec. Clinton, herself), Washington has, in effect, birthed a second Mujaheddin — like the first Mujaheddin, in the interest of U.S. geopolitical dominance, predicated on taking Russia down a peg or two. This is the barely reported neoconservative agenda, as waged by Bush, first, and subsequently, President Obama, who let the neocons run wild nearly as much as “Dubya” did. Pulitzer winner Seymour Hersh has done some essential reporting on this policy (read his article in The New Yorker, “The Redirection,” for some of the gory details).

In short, for many years now, a host of official terrorist groups have acted as covert CIA/JSOC partners and proxies, particularly in places where Washington has preferred a “light footprint” (that’s why there are only 400,000 dead in Syria, instead of more than double that figure, as in Iraq). With their suicide bombings and targeting of entire (non-Sunni) communities, radical/mercenary Salafist militants have helped Washington foment civil wars and ethnosectarian conflict/cleansing in the Middle East, especially with regard to Washington’s regime-change operations in Libya and Syria.

(And yes, for what it’s worth, Candidate Trump repeatedly — and with an undeniable air of sincerity — promised to shut down the neocons and their Salafist-supporting agenda.)

Crud that he is, though, Candidate Trump also promised that he would continue some of the more grotesque post-9/11 U.S. policies, including torture and the targeted killing of even family members of suspected terrorists — practices that George Bush implemented and President Obama normalized (the story of Barack’s presidency — along with the part where he needlessly consummated Wall Street’s $16 trillion coup, wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of black households and permanently contracting the middle class).

Also on the negative side, Trump promised to escalate tensions with Iran, his bellicosity matching even Clinton’s.

All that being said, Trump was clearly serious (as serious as he gets) about trying to work with Russia, where possible, and moving us away from our dalliance with World War III — whereas Clinton unambiguously promised the opposite. Candidate Clinton vociferously advocated for a “No Fly” zone in Syria — and for increasing Washington’s shameful support for the neo-Nazi (Svoboda)-led coup in Ukraine (another ethnic cleansing campaign Washington has backed in recent years!).

Sec. Clinton clearly promised greater provocations on the Russian front — where U.S. aggression has already backed Russia into a corner. Russian president Putin has said as much, in an important speech that the U.S. media virtually ignored. As non-belligerently as possible, Putin made it explicit that Moscow will have no choice but to respond forcefully if the U.S. keeps threatening its borders with neo-Nazis, freshly-minted NATO countries, troops, bases, and missiles, missiles, missiles. (Imagine if Moscow were lining up troops and missiles on OUR borders… after launching a preventive war against a defenseless nation, killing over a million human beings, as we did in Iraq… and then doubling down on that agenda, as we have in Libya, Syria, Yemen…!)

But here’s the crucially important thing to note about the political reality that America is in right now: It’s been obvious for quite some time that the neoconservatives behind the atrocious policies enumerated above positively HATE Donald Trump — and he doesn’t care much for them, either.

That mutual enmity is neither ambiguous nor insignificant, so let’s consider its implications. WHO ARE THE NEOCONS? They’re only the ones who’ve been committing genocide over the course of the last few American presidencies, in one country after another. The neocons are simply the radicals (dubbed “The Crazies” by their Pentagon predecessors in the 1980s) who have destabilized the globe and taken us to a dangerous place — where serious people need to admit the possibility that we might actually be on the brink of a third world war, if we continue in this direction (as Sec. Clinton promised). The neocons (Kagan, Kristol, etc.) are the ones with the blood of millions of Muslims on their hands… and plenty of other people’s blood, too.

If I lived in a swing state, would I have voted for Trump on that basis? Absolutely not. (No more than I could have ever brought myself to vote for his opponent, the neocons’ darling. Both were utter trash.)

So, to make matters perfectly clear: I never saw Trump as anti-war; just anti-WWIII. And I found it most eloquent of our political reality that the bloodiest militarists of the 21st century, bar none (the closest thing, in today’s world, to Nazis, with millions of corpses in their wake) relentlessly attacked — and clearly hated — Candidate Trump.

Sure, the neocons have already made great strides in commandeering Trump’s foreign policy (with the Democrats’ demagogic, neo-McCarthyite assistance, pushing him further to the right). And, yes, President Trump will probably end up giving us the worst of the neo-fascist establishment combined with the worst of Donald Trump (I shudder at the thought). But in the meantime, he’s feebly resisting the WWIII crowd — and he did put the kibosh on the slavery-overlooking/sovereignty-effacing TPP (which would’ve passed, very likely, under President Clinton II, precluding even the possibility of regulating emissions, food safety, pharmaceuticals…)

And for the first time in eight years the center-left is resisting these neo-fascist policies — in addition to school privatization, ICE raids, entitlement-slashing, and such — which they didn’t even register under President Obama, who deported more immigrants than all 20th-century presidents combined. With Trump, the establishment-friendly left has reawakened. Once again, they’re resisting our monstrously right-wing establishment, now that an orange man is in the Oval Office (thank goodness for the bigotry of the left!).

That’s Trump’s one actual value (beyond his value as a tasteless, bad, and ultimately sickening joke): he mobilizes the left. And we can always use more of that.

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Religion nerd’s thought for the day…

“As to the Apocryphal books, I omit them because I am no papist.” (King James… allegedly)

Midday reading got me pondering the notion of the Bible as a form of “graven image,” ultimately, with temporal bounds and such (leaving aside the question of whether the book was divinely inspired). I found myself contemplating how political considerations have inevitably played a role in the book’s many translations and redactions, over the centuries; and how, even within the faith, there are different preferred versions of “The Bible,” from one sect to the next. (In the 21st century, leading Christian institutions still haven’t managed to agree on a single, unifying Bible… although leading Western-Christian institutions have largely coalesced, it would seem, behind America’s three-decade embrace of neo-fascism, even as Muslims have been slaughtered by the millions and as the planet’s life-sustaining systems are clearly foundering… hooray for blessed corporatism!)

And then the post-apocalyptic film “THE BOOK OF ELI” popped into my head (go figure)… and I realized an unintended irony of the film. Eli’s quest is to deliver a King James Bible, specifically, to those who will properly value and preserve it… faithfully, as he has. But even if Eli’s faith is indeed founded in some cosmic truth, and the book he carries was originally handed down by God Hirself*, the bowdlerized version of the text that Eli is carrying would seem to represent the sort of distortion of The Word of God that CARNEGIE (Gary Oldman’s pathetic, power-crazed villain) has in mind!

In Carnegie’s mind, this book is for crowd control; this book serves the crown; this book is about POWER. This is the Bible Carnegie knows… and desperately wants to possess. With the Apocrypha all but expurgated and Adam’s first partner, Lilith, effectively banished (transformed into a banshee-like spirit of the deep, dark woods) much of the “original” text’s richness is lost in the old King Me version. But something tells me that more than poetry has been lost. I suspect that the book’s more Hellenistic notions — expressionist, empathetic, imaginative, feminine — have been pared down in favor of Christendom’s more Hellenic, militaristic, “heroic,” and patriarchal predilections.

Who benefits? Cui bono? (Sonny Bono? I don’t know, I’m just asking questions…) I’d wager that Mr. Oldman’s villain, Carnegie, would have some excellent insights on this matter.


* a nod to the dual-sexed Shekala aspect of God (referenced in our Oxford/NRSV Bibles, in the Book of Genesis)

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MY State of the Union address…

It’s entirely safe to say in March of 2017 that our country, the United States of America, has gone completely off the deep end. Our institutions, public and private, from Washington, DC, to Wall Street, are deeply corrupt and mostly failing, at home and abroad. The Fourth Estate (aka, the “free press”) is dominated by just five companies, following the last two decades of mergers and acquisitions (thanks to Bill Clinton), meaning that we have a monopoly of media control under a handful of Rupert Murdochs: bigoted, right-wing, law-flouting war profiteers, far more concerned with manufacturing consent among the proles than informing anyone. Twenty-one years after the passage of the Telecom Act, hundreds of small-medium media outlets, disproportionately minority-owned, have disappeared entirely, crushed by the few remaining giants… again, thanks to Bill Clinton. As a result, most Americans, including the politicians, can no longer tell the difference between propaganda and news. Ignorance, cultural division, and jingoism in America are at record levels, with respect to the modern/post-WWII period, as we coast on the achievements of previous, freer generations of Americans (the ones who ushered in regulation of banks and businesses, democratic socialism, and taxation of the wealthy — all endangered or extinct policies today).

Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our schools and the U.S. Postal Service are under assault by profiteering privatizers (from Arne Duncan to Betsy DeVos) who couldn’t care less about the education of our children or the constitutional imperative of the USPS, keeping people connected. Our drinking water is less safe than ever, much like our bridges and dams. After over three consecutive decades of unflinching Reaganomics and neoliberalism, the country’s economic foundations and institutions have been badly eroded while its treasures have been plundered. We’ve allowed ourselves to be transformed from a nation of producers to a nation of consumers. The economy has been 66% financialized, producing nothing but titanic wealth for the top “earning” .01% (the investor class), and leaving most workers and society behind. Agriculture and industry have been decimated, along with the middle class, sped by globalization, monopolies/cartels, and “free trade” pacts, which have done nothing but impoverish the country while normalizing working conditions akin to slavery and placing ruthless corporations over elected governments (in case those governments ever get it into their heads to help their own people rather than the sociopathic corporations that prey on them).

As Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges has observed, the corporate coup de tat is complete. All illusions and empty rituals aside, representative government in America is largely a thing of the past, just like upward mobility in our false meritocracy, as the data makes crystal clear (recent studies have shown that the will of the American people, unlike the will of major political donors and lobbies, makes no difference in public policy; and that Europe, even with its entrenched aristocracies, enjoys far greater class mobility than the U.S., where the circumstances of one’s birth determine so much).

And then there’s the imperialism/neo-fascism that America has spent the past decades embracing and normalizing. In 1992, the entire world (and much of America) reacted in horror to Bush Sr.’s Defense Planning Guidance, authored by Paul Wolfowitz (who would go on to become one of the principle architects of the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, which in all likelihood left over a million Iraqis dead). This announcement of hegemonic intent was called the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and it made explicit Washington’s ambition to administer all global affairs, with no challengers or dissenters permitted, from 1992 until, presumably, the end of time (since the Cold War was over and we’d “won” it, we would tolerate no independent nations: the world was OURS FOREVER). Yes, America’s policy, articulated by Wolfowitz, was that ridiculous… and that terrifying, as Bush’s government merely pretended to rescind it after the nations of the world balked, shouting “Never again!”

Only nothing was truly rescinded — because Wolfowitz represented the vanguard of those the Pentagon’s old guard had dubbed “The Crazies” — radical military extremists who were then taking over U.S. foreign policy… and who’ve run it ever since. They were keen to move past the moral atrocity of the Vietnam War, and make the world safe, once again, for imperial aggression in the wake of 3-4 million dead Southeast Asians and nearly 60,000 dead American soldiers (not to mention all of the psychologically and physically maimed human beings that monstrously stupid war created).

Although The Crazies had flourished under Bill Clinton’s nation-bombing presidency, most of us first came to know them under Bush, Jr. — as the warmongering neocons, who owned outright the first six years of Dubya’s foreign policy. They were the conservative hawks responsible for the butchery in Iraq, the scumbags behind the “WMD” lies (a narrative that conveniently spares all of the neocons’ Democratic enablers, especially Sec. Clinton, who has spent her entire career just as pliant to the neocons’ will as GWB ever was). But the truth is that the neocons have held sway under Democratic and Republican administrations alike. Neocon imperatives killed over a million Iraqis during the Clinton years, too, only most Americans are ignorant of that effect of the U.S.-tailored sanction regime (which, among other cruelties, denied potable water to countless Iraqi civilians).

“The era of big government is over!” Bill Clinton had jubilantly declared, introducing a “new” Democratic Party and a “new” liberalism… but neoliberalism wasn’t liberal at all, in the traditional sense. From that point forward, the United States would have just one political party, with two wings: the “Property Party” representing plutocrats only. And just as the Democrats under Clinton had signaled the demise of the Party of FDR on the economic front (killing the party of workers and organized labor, the party of regulated capitalism and the New Deal), they had also signaled complete surrender on issues of systemically racist mass-incarceration, police-militarization, mass-surveillance, and endless war, which entailed an all-out assault on civil liberties and the Constitution. With regard to such radical right-wing policies, the New (corporatist) Democrats would become just as committed as Republicans to America’s racially-divided, extraordinarily unequal, and societally devastated neo-fascist future. And they were arguably far more effective at ushering in that future than their GOP counterparts.

With the ascent of the Clinton/DLC wing in the Democratic Party, the era of two-party government, with competing agendas and interests, was over. Average people no longer had a champion in Washington, just two different brands of bullshit to choose from, while both parties conspired to rob us blind — and unravel the rule of law — on behalf of corporations. That’s when America began courting fascism in earnest. As the 20th century made clear, fascism is birthed in the fires of broken liberalism — “liberalism” that caters to the conservative/wealthy class while betraying everyone else: warmongering, bankster-abetting, worker-betraying PSEUDO-liberalism (like that offered by post-1980s Democrats, who joined the GOP in every meaningful way possible… when they weren’t outdoing the deplorable, knuckle-dragging Republicans.)

When the Democrats under Clinton embraced the conservative (neocon) agenda, killing millions in the Middle East and beyond — including more than half-a-million babies in Iraq, during Bill Clinton’s tenure — it truly signaled the end of the American experiment in democracy. At home and abroad, there was no longer an opposition to the vampiric oligarchs and Nazi neocons. Unsurprisingly, torture was normalized. Murder of journalists and human rights workers has also become standard operating procedure for the Washington boys, over the past two presidencies. Freedom of speech has become a laughable notion, with the assassination of dissenting Americans (and their children) official policy in the post-9/11 environment, thanks to Bush-Obama, and now Trump. Mass-surveillance to crush dissent was also ushered in, making Orwell’s “Big Brother” look like an amateur, compared to us. And practically every meaningful law and regulation that once gave Americans prosperity, health, and some semblance of liberty has been eviscerated. Posse Comitatus, habeas corpus, and the heart of the Civil Rights Act have been undone, along with most of the Bill of Rights. Cruel and unusual punishments have become commonplace in America. Only the rich retain the rights to a speedy trial and representation… but then we don’t ever charge the rich for their crimes anymore, so it’s kind of a moot point.

The rise of the neoconservatives and the normalization of permanent war are among the more stark signs that America the Beautiful has perished, replaced by something like AmeriKKKa or the Fourth Reich. Although it’s hard to argue against the notion that America was forged in white supremacy and has been imperialist and warmongering for most of our history, America did enjoy a period of around a century, roughly — between the Civil War and the 1970s — during which our institutions were frequently willing to challenge the would be oligarchs and racist rulers, exposing and resisting their worst crimes. Only now, with the passing of the 1980s and the success of the Reagan “Revolution” (a “revolution” of the rich, blessed by Democrats), the oligarchs have won. They’ve run the table, and all the power is theirs, along with most of the wealth, in our once democratic republic.

NEOCONS: The simplest way to understand the neocons is to see them as picking up where the Third Reich left off. They want nothing short of world domination by unrestrained corporate giants (not even American companies, but international predators), and they’re willing to butcher millions to get their way. Sure, they’ve swapped Muslims for Jews, demonizing Islam the way Hitler demonized Judaism, but otherwise they’re cut from entirely the same cloth. They want the end of the Enlightenment and a return to might makes right and the medievalism of the Crusades, only with industrialized methods, like the Nazis had… which explains why the oceans and climate are collapsing. Industrialized mass-destruction, with no checks or balances, is more powerful than an Old Testament god having a hissy fit. Our leaders are the real harbingers of doom, whether modern conservatives and liberals want to acknowledge that reality or not.

And none of this is surprising, as our leaders have been flirting with fascism since the end of WWII. Operation Paperclip, which brought over 1,600 Nazi scientists, engineers, and doctors into the U.S., was only the tip of the iceberg. Top SS and Gestapo figures — with no technical knowledge or value beyond their hatred of Russia and the left — were shielded at the highest levels of our government. Many of them were given beautiful homes and cushy lives in the USA. Others were too hot to handle, so we placed them in South America (Argentina and Bolivia, mostly). Virtually all of them were guilty of appalling massacres and outrages against human decency, but Washington’s shadow operators saved them from ever facing justice for their crimes, because they saw them as useful allies in America’s own bid for world domination. This is why so few top Nazis were ever tried for their crimes: they were Americanized instead and deployed in various theaters across the world, making the world safe for U.S. imperialism.

Washington’s premier power brokers, including the all-powerful Dulles brothers (especially Allen, the CIA spook very likely behind JFK’s assassination), fundamentally shared the Nazis’ ideology and rescued thousands upon thousands of butchering sadists, folding them into Washington’s efforts to launch and prosecute the Cold War. They made a liar out of FDR, who’d promised Stalin we would join the USSR in prosecuting the Nazis, and spiked America’s relationship with Russia for decades to come. Since the USSR’s demise, our senior power brokers no longer feel it entirely necessary to hide their admiration for Hitler and his Reich, as has been documented by the journalist, Jeff Sharlet, in his essential book, “The Family.” Sharlet details his experiences infiltrating the highest levels of “The Family,” the highly secretive, pseudo-Christian, Caucasian-dominated organization that effectively runs the U.S. government, regardless of who the American people elect to office. They are the ultra-rich descendants of the robber barons and the ideological doppelgangers of the Nazis, whom they openly admire. There is nothing they hate more than liberalism, populism, and democracy — which is why they’ve done all in their considerable power to squelch the left at home and abroad.

And not only are the Nazis back (or at least their inheritors), but the robber barons are back, too. Usury is back in a big way, at rates that have been historically criminalized. Keeping individuals and entire nations in massive amounts of debt (where they can never get to paying down the principle) has become the pillar of the global banking regime, what modern economics is all about… in addition to speculation. Rampant speculation is back, crashing whole economies to the ground — which is why such speculation was punishable by death in the 17th century. After learning the hard lessons of the Great Depression, speculation in America was restricted to investment banks — gambling with their own money, rather than the taxpayers’ money — from the time of FDR to the age of Clintonian “Democrats” (conservatives in liberals’ clothing). Only those days are gone. Today, thanks to the modern Democrats’ complete abdication of their historic role, there is no liberal party in Washington advocating a return to regulation of banks and other destructive juggernauts.

And that is the true story of 21st-century America. It’s why the vast majority of employment opportunities have disappeared; why even two incomes barely suffice when just one used to carry an entire family; why education has become corporatized and unaffordable, for most; why unions have all but disappeared; why healthcare is woefully inadequate for all but the wealthy; why our elections are no longer transparent, auditable, or democratic; why being black, Muslim, or Hispanic has been all but openly criminalized; why the most venerable and respected of our “news” organizations have been reduced to nonstop propaganda-appendages of the deep state; why our natural resources are being despoiled and plundered at unprecedented rates; why our institutions refuse to do anything meaningful to combat climate change, even as it is clearly dooming the planet; why fracking has gone gangbusters, even though it apparently causes earthquakes and unquestionably befouls the water supply; why an unqualified, extraordinarily ignorant, and reckless boob is the new president of the United States… rather than an unconscionably evil warmonger who worked only for the MIC and Wall Street (the fix was in, but it wasn’t quite enough to stop the populist backlash that put Trump in the Oval Office).

Not that we’ve anything to celebrate in the establishment’s 2016 defeat, because it’s only a temporary setback for these imperialist goons. They’re co-opting Trump’s presidency as I type these words, forcing out anyone not on board with World War III. In a functioning democracy, Bernie Sanders would be our president, right now, and the nation would be experiencing the kind of course-correction the people have been demanding for over a decade. Only the powers that be absolutely refuse to let anything like that happen. Our owners despise the left every bit as much as Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton do… which does not bode well for the future.

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One Sick Puppy vs. “The Next Hitler”

Do you want to resist the worst excesses and legitimate dangers posed by a Trump presidency? Well, SO DO I – but if our “dog in this fight” is the Democratic Party, maybe we should take at least some interest in its overall health.

(How is that principle not a sound one? Please take a minute to explain it to me, if you think I’m wrong.)

Because by restricting our political expression to transparently partisan and hollow condemnations of the new president — which has only marginalized the left and hardened Trump’s support (as predicted) — we are choosing to send into this gravely serious fight one DOG of a dog, positively riddled with vermin and disease. And that, my friends, is simply not good enough. In fact, it’s easy, cheap, and lazy, in addition to being patently irresponsible. We must do better — and be willing, even, to do a little self-examination — if we genuinely want to win this fight.

In short, Glenn Greenwald’s recently articulated thesis (about how best to defeat Donald Trump) is precisely what I’ve been arguing, these past few months. From his February 9th Intercept article, which also provides evidence, if more were needed, that the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged by the warmongering, democracy-loathing corporatists who still dominate the party:

“One can spend all of one’s time and energy denouncing Donald Trump. But until the systemic causes that gave rise to him are addressed and resolved, those denunciations will do little other than generate social media benefits and flattering applause from those already devoted to opposing him. Focusing on and attempting to counter the fundamental flaws of the Democratic Party is not a distraction from #TheResistance; it is a central priority, a prerequisite for any kind of success.”

Bingo (was his name-o).

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Another Win for the Deep State

Before reading today’s entry, please give a listen to Glenn Greenwald on last Thursday’s “Democracy Now!” (but bear in mind that this is the miserable SOB* who makes a living saying what I’ve been thinking — only more articulately and with far more authority, facts, and, dammitall, verve).

And now for the truly good stuff…

Gen. Michael Flynn has been defenestrated by the Washington foreign policy establishment for advocating detente with Russia and greater international cooperation against ISIS and al Qaeda. While most on the left will cheer this development, I encourage you to revisit Flynn’s interview with al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, providing a rare glimpse into U.S. foreign policy:

In short, radical Salafist militants have provided the bulk of the fighters for Washington’s regime-change operations in the Middle East — the CIA’s second Mujaheddin, in effect — responsible for initiating the ethnosectarian carnage in Syria that has left over 400,000 people dead and created over 10 million refugees. Gen. Flynn has been sharply critical of the policies that led to this modern holocaust, which is why he’s been forced out of top government positions in intelligence. Twice now, with Trump today emulating Obama a few years back. More’s the pity.

For those unaware of the myriad ways that President Obama brought to Syria the same kind of devastation that George W. Bush brought to Iraq, this primer on the origins of the conflict includes links to Pulitzer Prize winners and mainstream news sources, including The New York Times

But back to Michael Flynn and the significance of this moment: The general’s Islamophobic ignorance and partisan foolishness aside, the Trump administration just lost one of its few remaining voices pushing back against the genocidal neocon agenda in the Middle East… and against World War III, if anyone cares. And yet the left will surely celebrate his departure, as the “centrist” neo-fascists who run America’s foreign policy establishment take a major, dissent-crushing step toward co-opting Donald Trump’s presidency entirely — like Obama before him — and bringing a dangerously ignorant president on board the monstrously bloody train that’s been running at full steam since George W. Bush’s time.

“Hooray for our side.”


*(Figuratively speaking, Glenn… Honestly, I’m just jealous. The truth is that all of us, here at, think you’re just the GREATEST! Keep up the outstanding work, stealing my best thoughts and backing them up with exemplary reporting and cogent commentary.)

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“On Russia, Trump is a CODE PINK Republican” (Bloomberg)

Jaw dropping: This jingoistic Bloomberg article (linked to photo above) tries to smear Donald Trump by comparing him to CODE PINK — an outstanding peace organization which the “rah-rah” author, Mr. Lake, denigrates and mocks. Even worse, the article recklessly (if predictably) celebrates the few modest concessions Trump has made to the warmongering DC establishment. (Liberals and moderates say they fear Trump’s warlike tendencies, and then condemn him for being “Putin’s puppet” over a bunch of anonymous CIA/DNC claptrap while pushing our unstable new president to get on the WWIII bandwagon! Because more and greater wars will surely bring out the best in President Trump??! Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this evidence-free anti-Russia campaign is the height of self-harming, values-inverting stupidity from self-identified “liberals and moderates.”)

As most Americans have been operating in a vacuum of information — or, more accurately, drowning in a sea of propaganda — with respect to recent U.S.-Russian history, Bloomberg apparently feels free to peddle great gobs of anti-Russia hogwash. How many outright lies are in this trash? I lost count. Under George W. Bush, the expulsion from our corporate media of nonpartisan experts — in all fields — accelerated dramatically, which was considered alarming at the time, but in recent years the absence of experts in American “news” has become the new normal. (Consumers just can’t get enough of Bill Kristol, Judith Miller, James Clapper, and Lindsay Graham!)

For those with open minds, willing to consider the record, I highly recommend the excellent work of Stephen F. Cohen… and I advise that you read Bloomberg and the rest of the corporate media’s similar “reporting” as if you’re holding a copy of The Onion.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find any objective, rational, informed human beings in today’s America, but here’s one of them, Stephen F. Cohen, America’s preeminent Russia expert (and therefore persona non grata in U.S. “mainstream” news), subjecting himself to a tough interview, where his facts are routinely challenged. If you’re unfamiliar with his written work, I suggest you acquaint yourself with Mr. Cohen today:

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Are we still allowed to discuss what Orwell tried to teach us?

The above video, courtesy of TED-Ed’s Noah Tavlin, provides an excellent primer on the difference between simply “authoritarian” and actually “Orwellian.” If we can apply this lesson to our present political situation (even in the current environment, which strongly discourages critical thinking and dissent), I would say that the last two presidents have been authoritarian, in practice. But the worst Orwellian tendencies of our government have grown each year following 9/11 — making President Barack Obama, ironically, more Orwellian, in practice, than his predecessor, whose authoritarian excesses Obama was elected to reverse.

It was, after all, President Obama, whose brilliant use of language made it possible to continue torturing “folks” (including American whistleblowers) and unleashing CIA-armed/trained Salafist terrorist “rebels” on the world (continuing Bush’s monstrous, post-OIF, “Redirection“)… to the effect that hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed on his watch. And most Americans didn’t even fucking notice, even with the resulting greatest flood of refugees in recorded human history. Most believed that the neocon agenda had been rolled back… when it actually had been dramatically expanded (look at what’s happened to JSOC… and Yemen! during the Obama years).

That is Orwellian, indeed.

And even more to the point, it was President Obama who effectively repealed habeas corpus and turned due process-free assassination of Americans uncharged with crimes (and their children) into the “targeted killing of terrorists” (the kid should’ve had “a more responsible father” — IMAGINE IF THAT ZINGER HAD COME OUT OF TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION!).

We should never forget that it was Barack Obama who championed and signed into law the worst provisions of the 2012 and 2016 NDAAs, which, respectively: ended Posse Comitatus and repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, the longstanding prohibition against propagandizing the American people (2012); and authorized a veritable Ministry of Truth (2016), creating a government office to determine which news is “real” and which is allegedly “fake” (from now on, everything that contradicts the state’s propaganda is officially fake news, thanks to President Obama… with a little anonymized assist from PropOrNot and the neo-fascist hacks at the Washington Post).

As many close observers have noted in recent years, by doubling down on the most authoritarian of the Bush/Cheney policies, President Obama has put in place everything that a would-be dictator could possibly desire, including a surveillance system that would make Big Brother greenly envious. Trump doesn’t need to change a thing, when it comes to the legal framework and lethal programs he’s inherited. Obama did it for him. Nixon’s theory of the Unitary Executive, once considered terrifying and radical, is now the respected, consensus opinion in Washington.

I understand that some people reading this might actually like/admire Barack Obama and imagine him to be liberal — so did I, once — but we on the left have to reconcile ourselves to history if we’re to have any chance of opposing Orwellian authoritarianism, under any president:

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Still tilting at windmills, hoping to bring the left back to its senses…

HERE, MY GOOD FRIENDS, IS HOW WE UNITE THE LEFT AND WEATHER THE TRUMP YEARS (which we can limit to four, if we’re smart):

A. Put massive pressure on the Democratic establishment, now, to support the progressive policies backed by strong majorities of Americans, per poll after poll. Here’s how, practically speaking, we can apply that pressure:

Change your voter registration from Democrat to whatever and then write the DNC a handwritten letter telling them why you did so.

1. Tell them that we refuse to support the party of “superdelegates” and primaries rigged to assure the victories of corporate, far-right, neoconservative candidates (Third Way/New Democrats who largely reflect the GOP establishment’s values and agenda);

2. Tell them that our presidential hopefuls for 2020 are Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Zephyr Teachout, Kshama Sawant, and Nina Turner… unless they want to draft Medea Benjamin or Amy Goodman. And that we reject, out of hand, party favorites like Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Rahm Emmanuel, Michelle Obama, Al Franken, Kamala Harris, or any of the other corporate-financed frauds and neocon DINOs they’re likely to try and ram down our throats in 2019 (in the next rigged primary, if we don’t act now);

3. Tell them that, in order to restore the left’s credibility in the eyes of mainstream Americans, they need to demonstrate that they are capable of being reasonable and respecting the choice of the electorate; NOT BY CAVING TO TRUMP’S WORST IMPULSES, but by trumpeting their willingness to work with Trump on the few progressive policies he promised (which are very popular, by the way — part of how he won):

a. Fix/repeal NAFTA and other slavery-overlooking/regulation-nullifying/sovereignty-effacing “trade” pacts;

b. Invest in our crumbling infrastructure, modernizing (GREENING) it and putting millions of Americans to work;

c. End the GWOT and reduce the threat of WWIII by working with Russia against ISIS/al Qaeda, forgoing the genocidal neocon agenda which has resulted in the deaths of millions of Muslims (from Clinton-Obama);

d. Reinstate Glass-Steagall, so the taxpayer isn’t on the hook the next time Wall Street’s casino economy goes bust;

e. Resist PhRMA’s predatory pricing through drug-reimportation and allowing the government to negotiate lower prices; and

f. Protect Social Security and Medicare from any and all cuts/regressive restructuring designed to “save” the programs (the hollow promise of the Paul Ryan/Barack Obama “Grand Bargain”).

If we don’t press Democrats to battle for progressive priorities — when the incoming, hard-right president and GOP are on the record in favor of them… well, then we are just plain STUPID. Joining the grassroots right when they are on our side is the best way to achieve true unity and resist the way the neo-fascist state has divided Americans against one another along cultural/educational/class lines.

4. Tell the sore losers to drop the “Russian hacking” allegations, as the Deep State has failed, thus far, to produce even a scrap of evidence supporting these highly provocative and inflammatory claims. What little they’ve come forward with, to date, has been roundly debunked:

5. Finally, tell the Democratic Party to battle like zealots for the smart, popular, progressive policies that Trump and the GOP haven’t offered, but which deserve our full-throated support and could help us win back working class voters and vulnerable populations abandoned by the Democratic Party over the last few decades:

a. A $15 minimum wage, indexed to inflation (so we don’t have to keep fighting this battle);

b. Tuition-free public education at the college level;

c. The end of the privatization/charter school movement, which has always been a hollow, right-wing farce;

d. Universal healthcare based on a single-payer model/Medicare-for-All (rather than the ACA, which leaves 20 million uninsured, even at full implementation, and does nothing to rein in skyrocketing costs);

e. Restore the Smith-Mundt Act and prohibit the propagandizing of the American public;

f. Repeal the 2012 NDAA and restore Posse Comitatus (the U.S. military should never be deployed on American soil against the American people, unless we’re actually courting another Civil War);

g. Cede no ground on a woman’s right to control her own body and make her own choices, with regard to reproductive health (Sec. Clinton was signaling retreat on third-trimester abortions and even found herself supporting unfounded attacks on Planned Parenthood waged by the bogus Center for Medical Progress; such “commitment” to a woman’s choice/freedom clearly falls short of our values);

h. End the practice of global assassination and restore the rule of law (repeal the PATRIOT Act and stop allowing the vacuum-collection of all of the world’s personal data);

i. Close GITMO and end the practices of indefinite detention and torture;

j. Prohibit fracking until the evidence supports that it is safe (so far, all of the evidence points to the opposite conclusion: earthquake-causing and water-polluting, terrible for carbon emissions…);

k. End “broken windows” policing, the Drug War, and for-profit incarceration;

l. Make access to potable water a HUMAN RIGHT and stop Nestle from privatizing our last reserves;

m. Restore integrity to U.S. elections (pass Instant-Runoff Voting; end gerrymandering; end dark money; replace hackable, unauditable voting machines with proven methods and countable, paper ballots; bring international monitors on board); and

n. Do everything possible to nullify or eliminate the corrupting influence of money out of U.S. politics (Lawrence Lessig’s “Republic, Lost” offers a lot of sensible prescriptions for addressing this problem, which, more than any other, has led us to this neo-fascist moment in our history).

There are scores of other horrible policies in need of reversing, passed under the last few U.S. presidents, but these items would be a fine place to start. Here is the DNC’s mailing address:

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

B. PRONG TWO: COMBATING THE FAKE NEWS – And while we’re “reading the Riot Act” to the corporatist, institutionally racist “Democratic” establishment, now is an excellent time to drop our subscriptions to propagandist rags like the NYT, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Mother Jones, The Nation, BuzzFeed, etc. — and stop watching corporate news of all flavors (ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-Fox-PBS-NPR). Hit them where it hurts: subscriptions and ratings. Unlike their Facebook pages, let them Tweet to themselves, sans “Followers” (stop being a follower).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, DON’T FORGET TO TELL THEM — IN WRITING — WHY WE’RE DOING SO, in order that they are clear that journalistically derelict faux-liberalism, in the service of a bloody, environment-collapsing, right-wing corporatist agenda (and WAR, WAR, WAR), is nothing we’re willing to support with our dollars… or our time.

And while they contemplate reforming themselves, some sensible places to get one’s news in the present, chaotic period, include: The Intercept, Consortium News, Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now!”, Truthdig, Jacobin Magazine, CounterPunch, The Humanist Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, Black Agenda Report, WikiLeaks, The Sane Progressive, FAIR, the ACLU, RT… anyplace that regularly gives a platform to genuine progressives and non-partisan experts like: Glenn Greenwald, Kshama Sawant, Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben, Randall Robinson, Michelle Alexander, Chris Hedges, Michael Hudson, Arundhati Roy, Mahmood Mamdani, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Zephyr Teachout, Daniel Ellsberg, Eric Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou, Alfred McCoy, David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, Col. Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Bill Binney, James Bamford, Helen Caldicott, Diane Ravitch, Thomas Frank, Brian Stevenson, Nomi Prins, Naomi Wolf, Robert Fisk, Jane Mayer, Ralph Nader, Laura Poitras, John Perkins, Norm Finkelstein, Juan Gonzalez, Antonia Juhasz, Matt Taibbi, Juan Cole, Ta Nehisi-Coates, Stephen F. Cohen, Phyllis Bennis, Jeffrey Sachs, Tariq Ali…

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