You wouldn’t know it from watching CNN, but Bernie Sanders’ highest approval rating has consistently come from African-Americans. Coming in at a close second are Hispanics, followed by Asian-Americans.

(Review the data, if you dare.)

73% of African-Americans have a favorable opinion of Bernie Sanders.
68% of Hispanic-Americans have a favorable opinion of Bernie Sanders.
62% of Asian-Americans have a favorable opinion of Bernie Sanders.

Compare these numbers to the bare 55% of men (vs. 58% of women) and just 52% of white Americans who have a favorable opinion of the country’s most popular politician (white Americans being the most fascism-prone, establishment-content demographic in the good ole’ USA).

And then ask yourself why the corporate media keeps slandering this old civil rights crusader and ally of the vulnerable as someone who “mostly appeals to young white males.”

And then remember that the same corporate media told us in 2008 that then-Senator Obama’s supporters were misogynist “OBAMA BOYS.”

Apparently anyone who doesn’t adore Wall Street neocon Hillary Clinton is a sexist, racist jerk… It couldn’t possibly be that we decry the catastrophic and morally grotesque right-wing policies she’s championed over the years, resulting in the doubling of the U.S. prison population, the 2008 Wall Street crash…and two genocides in Iraq (1990s sanctions and 2003 invasion), a revived slave-trade in Libya, and more genocide in Syria and Yemen (the latter ongoing).

Maybe the ones with the race problem are the same soulless careerists who spend seven days a week pushing propaganda and demonizing foreign leaders, and whipping the American people toward war, war, war, war, war…

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