Obama and Trump, together again…

Not long ago, it was President Obama who the deep state (and affiliated Salafist militants) tried to manipulate and subvert with these false flag attacks; today it’s Donald Trump.

If we’re to believe the corporate media, it would appear that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has an absolutely uncanny way of “crossing Washington’s Red Line” every single time he and his allies are on the verge of rolling up this foreign invasion for good… every single time they’re on the cusp of winning outright with conventional weapons alone (along with the support of the vast majority of Syrians)… every single time that a U.S. president threatens to seek diplomacy and stop pushing regime-change in Damascus.

KAPOW!!! (Chlorine! Sarin! Something else!)

Apparently, we are meant to believe that the Syrian government has an irresistible death wish, an irrational desire to be further invaded by the 800-pound gorilla of the West. We’re meant to think that Syria’s leaders are utter morons, unwilling to accept imminent victory, so desperate are they for the sweet sting of America’s missiles and bombs…

On repeated occasions, both Obama and Trump were told by senior-level advisers that there is simply no hard evidence, no “smoking gun” proof, that the Syrian regime has had a hand in these chemical weapons attacks. And yet both presidents have made concessions to the warmongers, under enormous political and institutional pressure to do so.

Meanwhile, the so-called “rebels” (al Qaeda, ISIS, and their ilk, backed for years by Washington, Riyadh, et al.) have used chemical weapons “at least 52 times” in Iraq and Syria, according to The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/…/isis-chemical-weapons-syria-iraq-…

Nothing to see here, folks, just our leaders and nation sleepwalking into WWIII over a raft of evidence-free claims spread by inveterate propagandists… nothing to see here at all, just the establishment trying to exert total control over a U.S. president, once again, in order to keep the “GLOBAL WAR” going… no matter how costly, in lives, treasure, or western credibility.

No matter the risks involved…

Fool Americans once, twice, a thousand times… a neo-fascist simply can’t lose with today’s “free press” and these alleged citizens.

But before long, we’re going to find ourselves wishing that we had RESISTED the neocon, neo-McCarthyite agenda of the neo-fascists who run our country, career warmongers who make Donald Trump look like a pacifist.

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