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Personal Reflections and Practical Advice for Election Day — Including an Endorsement!

I. Personal Reflections: “Cassandra complex” acknowledged… Over the roughly 15 years that I have been obsessively (more or less) following news and politics, I’ve gone from being alarmed at the metastasizing corruption and polarization in the American body politic to … Continue reading

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Election 2012: Marginalized Voices vs. the Establishment’s “Choice”

[Before reading today’s blog, please devote a few minutes to the following brief excerpts from today’s broadcast of DemocracyNow! featuring two impressive candidates for the U.S. presidency, the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, each … Continue reading

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Art project completed: a seminar transformed!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been finishing up an art project I began in July, after my wife and I returned from the first ever Johnston summer seminar: Ovid’s Metamorphoses (my post-seminar blog can be read here).  The piece … Continue reading

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Three Poor Players Strut/Fret Their 90 min. upon the Stage; In Other News, Proof that Intelligent Debate Exists

Last week delivered another grim marker in the decline of a once great nation: the first of the 2012 presidential debates (if my response is a tad belated, please note that I had to wait until I stopped vomiting). I … Continue reading

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Revisiting the .1%’s bait and switch — Romney or Obama, it’s time for austerity and union-busting!

[The following comment was originally authored in response to a HuffingtonPost article about California's Proposition 32, the Koch-funded proposition that masquerades as an initiative to get “special interest” money out of politics but is actually about crushing unions -- decimating … Continue reading

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