Yes on Prop. 10 (rent control) in CA!

No on Prop. 8 (reduces care for vulnerable patients) in CA!

Yes for Robert Daulton and Cullen Tiernan for Fremont City Council!

And so far as the U.S. Congress is concerned…

Unless you have an opportunity today to vote for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Barbara Lee, or Rep. Nina Turner, you should seriously consider casting a vote to Make America GREEN Again!!!

Seeing as the U.S. Congress is probably headed for a split-decision (Rs keep the Senate, Ds take the House, after spending the last two years inadvertently helping Trump by attacking him from his right), you could actually vote for someone, for a change, instead of being cowed by neo-fascists into voting against the slightly more terrifying (to you) of two patently monstrous, equally racist, warmongering evils — both responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents (mostly Arab Muslims) and the collapse of the rule of law… and the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem, ongoing as I type these words.

Conversely, you could vote your corporation-programmed conscience (unfazed by genocide/mass-incarceration/ecocide) and keep evil riding high.

For instance, you could vote for California’s own RussiaGating neo-McCarthyist, Adam Schiff, the neocons’ best pal, or NRA-owned Trump-booster, Jon Tester, in Montana, or Claire McCaskill in Missouri, who supports Trump “100 percent” when it comes to migrant refugees and his immigration policies (and has helped confirm the vast majority of his judges)… and don’t worry, they’re all big fans of fracking!!

You could vote for any of the other “liberal” or “Christian” frauds who simply do whatever the Koch Brothers, Saim Haban, and the CIA tell them to do (aka “democracy”).

Only here’s a hint: You can’t repudiate fascism by voting for its most ardent proponents. Repudiating the modern KKK is a moral imperative… but joining the party dominated by modern Nazis – the neocons and our amoral, genocidal intelligence agencies — is not how we “defeat” the right.

It’s how we capitulate to the furthest right extremists in our polity after unilaterally disarming, trading in our minds and souls for a four-year chip of righteous-feeling, utterly impotent, completely hypocritical (for Democrats) Trump Hate… after cheating the real left in a rigged primary.

It’s called playing into the fascists’ hands.


ADDENDUM (1:23PM Daylight Savings Time)

The best, for me, would be if everyone voted third party, if there was a complete and total, 100% repudiation of both the KKK-right (the GOP), and the neocon/neo-McCarthyite-right (the Democrats), which has been pushing WWIII on a bunch of baseless propaganda since before Trump was even inaugurated.

But I understand that tribalized mainstream Americans aren’t quite ready to reject neo-fascism, that they are still capable ONLY of choosing between two equally racist, equally genocidal brands of evil: one subtly, institutionally racist, and far more effectively so (the Ds); and one overtly racist and obviously dangerous, which also happens to expose our far-right, white-supremacist, and ultimately despotic political establishment for what it is and long has been (the nakedly fascist Rs).

In other words, it’s the party of mass-incarceration on steroids, which also helped Wall Street illegally plunder the post-Civil Rights Era gains of African-American households in 2009-10 — and which spread the Terror War to seven nations (the Muslim-butchering Ds)… vs. the wretched, ignorant misogynists of the party of overt racism and unalloyed Christian Dominionism (the Muslim-butchering Rs)…

One party kills hundreds of thousands of innocents, and everyone is up in arms. The other party, so insidious, kills hundreds of thousands of innocents (teeing up millions), and everyone is SILENT AS THE GRAVE.

It’s fucking eerie. And there’s the real danger.

How either vote-suppressing, massively racist, environment cratering, utterly corrupt party EVER gets anyone’s vote is a mystery to sane, moral people the world over.

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“There’s a big election coming up.”

“Yes, I heard.”

“An important opportunity to repudiate fascism, yes?”

“Definitely, but what makes you think everyone’s going to vote third party?”

“Fascism, stupid… what Trump and the Republicans are peddling.”

“Agreed. That’s Fascism Brand R, as in revolting, repugnant, racist, and reviled the world over… But then there’s Fascism Brand D, infiltrated top to bottom, these days, with Wall Street/PhRMA/Monsanto/fossil fuel lobby (corporate) courtesans, former Republicans, intelligence agents, and neocons pushing WWIII on a load of baseless propaganda. Fascism Brand D: the journalist/whistleblower-hunting party that took over every extreme right-wing/Heritage Foundation/PNAC position and made it policy while calling itself ‘liberal,’ because Republicans just weren’t up to the Herculean tasks of ending welfare (70% of which went to poor children, disproportionately black), passing NAFTA (devastating workers and the middle class), exploding mass-incarceration and The New Jim Crow… repealing Glass-Steagall and making it illegal to regulate derivatives (making the 2008 economic meltdown inevitable)… removing media ownership rules so a handful of Rupert Murdoch’s could control 90% of what every American sees, hears, and reads, including under the banner of “news”… bailing out Wall Street while decimating the middle class… legalizing torture, indefinite detention, drone assassination, police state surveillance, domestic propaganda. We’re talking about the neocon-dominatedMujaheddin 2.0-launching party responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians… the OWS/free assembly-crushing, primary-rigging, vote-suppressing party that, in order to excuse a bungled election, revived the specter of McCarthyism, bringing the world to the brink of a HOT global war between superpowers, for the first time in generations… the party of the ICE-expanding, Border Patrol-swelling ‘Deporter in Chief’ (who separated thousands of children from their parents/legal guardians in his day, caging them as Trump has). We’re talking about the ‘We came, we saw, he died,’ Libya War party (the slave auctioneer’s and jihadi’s best friend party that expanded the GWOT to seven nations)… the party that helped Wall Street crooks erase the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households… the party that gave lip service to climate change while freeing the polluters in deep ocean waters, the Gulf, the Arctic — all while making sure the Paris Agreement had no legally binding carbon emissions limits and polluters were given immunity… all while using the U.S. State Department to spread fracking throughout the world, privatize water, and support the Pentagon’s missions. Fascism Brand D, the party that made a Trump-like figure in the White House inevitable.”

“You and Dr. Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon and Daniel Ellsberg and Jimmy Dore and Seymour Hersh and Chris Hedges and Caitlin Johnstone and Eva Bartlett and Glen Ford and Max Blumenthal and Medea Benjamin and Col. Ann Wright and Dr. Cornel West and Ray McGovern and Abby Martin and Ralph Nader and Vanessa Beeley and Julian Assange and Katie Halper and Aaron Mate and Rania Khalek and Briahna Joy Gray and David Swanson and Helen Buyniski and Jeremy Scahill and Eric Snowden and Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky need to shut up for the rest of your lives and go away.”

“You know, I use to hear that kind of thing all the time from Republicans in the 1990s and early 2000s, back before they realized that the vast majority of the politicians they supported were bought and sold, without a principle to their name. You’ll get there. It will probably be too late, by then, to do much of anything useful with your nominally liberal impulses, in the post-petrodollar, post-empire, post-normal climate world… I only hope that me and mine (and you and yours) will have access to food, water, medicine, and shelter, in the dark days ahead, which the duopoly has condemned us to. Until then, keep ‘repudiating’ stuff.”

“I hate you. Stop talking forever.”

“Now you sound exactly like a 1990s-early 2000s Republican. At long last, a bipartisan consensus has been reached: the real enemy of the corporation-programmed duopoly voter is anyone remotely progressive.”

“Fuck off and die. I’m voting against the modern KKK and the rise of fascism.”

“I understand that, and I salute you. But you’re also voting for the party of the New Cold War… possibly a third World War. A neocon party, top to bottom, genocidally Islamophobic and maniacally Russophobic. A neo-McCarthyite, CIA-party that has risked the reputation of the American left on a conspiracy theory, with no public evidence yet offered… the party of modern Nazis.”

“I love David Frum, Rachel Maddow, Tom Friedman, Joy Ann Reid, the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Vox, The New Yorker, Daily Kos, Huffington, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the Daily Beast, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, CNN, NPR…”

“I know you do.”

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Speak out against vote suppression today!

Here’s a worthy petition from Color of Change calling out GOP candidate Brian Kemp’s aggressive vote suppression tactics in Georgia, aimed primarily at African-Americans:

Please take a minute to follow the link and add your voice to those of myself and others condemning this practice.

Republicans, representing (now more than ever) the party of the Southern Strategy, have been perpetrating schemes to suppress the votes of POC for generations, and apparently Brian Kemp is keen to distinguish himself among these vote-suppressing jerks.

Apparently, he’s aiming for Katherine Harris territory… or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz territory.

- As Florida’s Secretary of State in 2000 (the “Bush for President!” co-chair who ran her state’s election), Ms. Harris intentionally disenfranchised thousands of legally registered black voters in order to give us “President” George W. Bush, who would turn out to be one of history’s most accomplished war criminals (the Democrats, of course, would join Bush not only in his appalling war crimes, which their next president would exceed, but also in telling those disenfranchised African-American Floridians to sit down and shut up, as documented in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11″).

- Harris’s counterpart, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, was forced to resign as DNC Chair after it was revealed that she had used her office to help rig the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination for Sec. Clinton, in part through a massive voter disenfranchisement scheme targeting POC, students, and the poor… which would ultimately result in Donald Trump landing in the White House.

(Great job, Democrats. Brilliant. You brazenly cheat the left, resuscitated after decades of dormancy by an aging progressive — and demoralize your base, especially young people — in order to nominate the least popular candidate in party history… except on Wall Street and in neoconservative circles, where she is very popular. You elevate Trump, whom you view as “beatable.” You move even further to the right in order to win moderate Republican votes, after telling your base for the thousandth time to sit down and shut up, because you owe them nothing. Then you lose to Donald Trump.)

It’s pretty shameful, the myriad ways that millionaires and the privileged have labored to disenfranchise whole populations, communities that have been relentlessly targeted by our institutions since the country’s inception.

But the duopoly systematically disenfranchises vulnerable populations — Republicans in general elections and Democrats in their party’s primaries, which are systematically rigged for the most conservative, corporate-friendly candidates available (the Democratic Party being the establishment’s most effective firewall against the nation’s few remaining liberals).

I highly recommend the investigative reporting of Greg Palast, who mostly focuses on Republican vote suppression tactics, but does not let “Good Cop” off the hook.

But all whataboutism* aside, I hope that my friends will take the time to sign this petition.

* (because we are morally obligated, according to the “Blue No Matter Who” crowd, to denounce any whatabout-ist who mentions “our side” of the duopoly’s massive voter disenfranchisement, corruption, fracking/drilling, neoconservative butchery, spying on citizens, racism, water privatization, assassinations, torture, mass-incarceration on steroids, etc.)


A satirical addendum…


I was about to get really upset about blatant GOP suppression of African-American voters in Georgia, but then the whispers started (emanating from Kemp campaign headquarters and the media it controls) that this damning audio about their dirty election tactics wasn’t leaked at all — it was “HACKED BY THE RUSSKIES!”

Holy smokes, that’s a good diversion tactic (right up there with “Squirrel!” when dealing with any mob of Pavlovian mutts).

[Y’know, I can’t help but feel I’ve seen this story before... leaked communications of political operatives exposing a campaign built on racism, sexism, voter suppression, and dirty tricks galore, with supposedly neutral party officers and major media outlets working overtime to rig the election for a far-right, deeply corrupt candidate... who then goes on to LOSE the general election to an orange yeti. Quick, somebody mention Putin!]

From this point forward, even though no proof of the Russian “hack” has been made public — and even though there is proof that the “Russian hack” story was created out of whole cloth by the right-winger’s top campaign staff, John Podesta and Robby Mook, the day after they lost the election — I get to ignore everything that was revealed in the audio and all the most damning facts about my primary-rigging, massively racist, corrupt as hell candidate… because I am a Clintonite dumbfuck, aka, a run of the mill Democrat/Republican: a corporation-programmed “Blue/Red No Matter Who” reactionary conservative under the self-sparing illusion that I am a moral, decent Liberal/Christian — and not a racist, because I don’t use the “N” word and would’ve given Obama a third term, if possible.

Meanwhile, I’m largely unmoved by: a neverending, globe-destabilizing, U.S.-led world war that’s killed millions of Arab Muslims (a modern holocaust) under Trump’s three predecessors alone; systemic racism, mass-incarceration and modern slavery, the New Jim Crow; the Standing Rock Sioux and the people of Flint, MI (water rights); GITMO/the normalization of torture; police militarization and brutality; drone assassinations and state-sponsored terrorism (my country’s support for Nazis in Ukraine and al Qaeda in Syria); the effective repeal of habeas corpus along with the First, Fourth, and Eighth Amendments and Posse Comitatus; the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act; the exaltation of corporations over nations through “trade” pacts; austerity and neoliberalism (the total capitulation of the institutional left to neo-fascism); the collapse of global resources and the ecosystem; the disappearance of 60% of the world’s wildlife over the last few decades; the utter corruption of our elections, campaign finance system, and government, at every level, by oligarchs who make Donald Trump look like Mother Fucking Theresa…

“Russia, Russia, Russia!”

Hooray for the ex-Soviet boogeyman who makes all of our own election-stealing, omnicidal capitalism, and monstrous crimes against humanity disappear!

, the day after the election was lost,
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Unlike Nader, most politicians make me want to RALPH!

Thank you, Chris Hedges, for acknowledging the great works of a great human being!

What American alive today has lived a better or more heroic life than Ralph Nader? Made more meaningful contributions to their society and the world? Stood up against evil and neo-fascist corruption more than Nader has?

The corporatists’ unyielding hatred of Ralph Nader, and their smearing of his name with nonsense, simply testify to how well this eminently rational and moral man has lived his life – and how very much he’s accomplished.

This is how you get “disappeared” off American media, blacklisted as if you never existed: You resist fascism, stand up for human rights, and fight for the truth, saving countless lives along the way.

You help your society begin to comprehend who its most grave enemies are, and you lead our struggle against the serially racist, mass-murdering, rule of law eviscerating, corporatist quislings calling themselves “Democrats” and “Republicans.”

(Though both parties serve identical paymasters and the same omnicidal agenda, the average Republican president does so far less competently than the average Democrat, who can actually speak in complete sentences, unlike his GOP counterpart. The Bushes, Trump, and Ronald Reagan represent the GOP perfectly: mentally non-robust, obviously venal, bumbling clods who impeded and discredited the neo-fascist regime rising in the U.S. – the same regime so competently advanced by the “successful” right-wing presidency of Bill Clinton; the very same neo-fascist regime that President Obama needlessly rescued when it was gasping its last foul breath after GWB had inadvertently totaled it… So competent, so polished, so tragic, these Democrats.)

If only Barack Obama had governed with even a fraction of Ralph Nader’s integrity, Main Street (and most African-American households) wouldn’t have been sacrificed on the altar of Wall Street fraud. The middle class would still be limping along, rather than utterly decimated. The neocon wars and assault on our civil liberties would not have been so dramatically expanded, leaving us no semblance of healthy, functioning democratic institutions.

And under that hypothetical, ethical President Obama, it’s fair to assume that the DNC would not have blatantly rigged its primary in 2016.

Trump wouldn’t be in the White House, and Bernie Sanders almost assuredly would be.

The world’s loss… simply because most of the American electorate doesn’t know how to stop voting for fascism’s most ardent proponents, Team Red and Team Blue.

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Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahantas” is racist, but then again, so is exploiting Native Americans to advance one’s career…

Science wins! Sen. Warren’s DNA proves that she has not lied about her Native American ancestry! Tests have revealed that someone indigenous was in the Warren Family mix, some 6-10 generations ago.


But that doesn’t change the way she has gone through life as a member of the privileged class, never facing discrimination on the basis of her racial heritage. It doesn’t change the fact that while she’s often touted her Native American identity, she has never been a part of that community — a community whose identity she has conveniently appropriated in order to raise her profile at Harvard and later in life (representing a cynical, culturally privileged way of burnishing the longtime Republican’s otherwise paper-thin liberal credentials).

In truth, Elizabeth Warren has never been an advocate for Native American interests and has not been a part of that community. She never stood with the Standing Rock Sioux as they put their bodies on the line in order to protect our nation’s drinkable water. And she’s backed conservative/corporatist politicians and policies that have devastated indigenous peoples and their resources.

Leaving the ugly, racist “Pocahantas” jeers of Trump and his ilk aside, here’s what an actual member of the Cherokee Nation has to say about Elizabeth Warren’s legitimacy on this subject:

“She was not a hero to me when she failed to foster a haven of support for Native students within Harvard University’s alienating Ivy League culture. She is not a hero for spending years awkwardly avoiding Native leaders. She is not a hero because, despite claiming to be the only Native woman in the U.S. Senate, she has done nothing to advance our rights.

“She is not from us. She does not represent us. She is not Cherokee.”

But don’t imagine that I don’t see the big picture: the important thing isn’t fair representation, potable water, and some measure of justice for Native Americans; the important thing is that DNA testing has made it possible for a warmongering, center-right fraud, Elizabeth Warren, to tell an obnoxious ape, Donald Trump, to STFU.

We can all sleep better tonight.

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(Per the NYT, Bob Woodward’s new book, and virtually every journalistic article that’s come out on RussiaGate over the past two years: no evidence.)

From the article by Joe Lauria in Consortium News, responding to the New York Times’ recent defense of its RussiaGate coverage (doubling down on nuthin’):

“This is a reaffirmation of the faith, a recitation of what the Russia-gate faithful want to believe is true. But mere repetition will not make it so.

“The Times’ unsteady conviction is summed up in this paragraph, which the paper itself then contradicts only a few paragraphs later:

‘What we now know with certainty: The Russians carried out a landmark intervention that will be examined for decades to come. Acting on the personal animus of Mr. Putin, public and private instruments of Russian power moved with daring and skill to harness the currents of American politics. Well-connected Russians worked aggressively to recruit or influence people inside the Trump campaign.’

“But this schizoid approach leads to the admission that ‘no public evidence has emerged showing that [Trump’s] campaign conspired with Russia.’

“The Times also adds: ‘There is a plausible case that Mr. Putin succeeded in delivering the presidency to his admirer, Mr. Trump, though it cannot be proved or disproved.’

“This is an extraordinary statement. If it cannot be “proved or disproved” what is the point of this entire exercise: of the Mueller probe, the House and Senate investigations and even of this very New York Times article?

“Attempting to prove this constructed story without proof is the very point of this piece.”

LEFTIES AND CENTRISTS, are we tired, yet, of doing the neocons’ dirty work for them, swallowing neo-fascist propaganda whole because we dislike Trump for perfectly valid reasons, having nothing to do with his reasonable foreign policy aspirations, which put him well to the left of our “centrist” (neo-fascist) foreign policy establishment: detente with Russia, ending U.S. support for al Qaeda-led regime-change operations…

Aren’t the accidental neo-McCarthyites tired, yet, of boosting the faction pushing WWIII (the old Bush/Clinton crowd) — simply because they had their hearts set on the other deeply corrupt, racist warmonger winning the presidency in 2016?

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In support of the “Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2018,” the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” and ending Washington’s backing of the ongoing genocide in Yemen…

From the article, quoting Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM):

“‘The administration’s approach to Iran is ripped straight out of the same playbook that launched us into the failed invasion of Iraq, and Congress needs to assert its constitutional authority and halt the march to war,’ said Udall. ‘Every day, the president and his saber-rattling foreign policy advisors like John Bolton are inching us closer and closer to conflict, endangering our national security, jeopardizing our diplomatic interests and alarming our allies. The consequences of war with Iran would be catastrophic, risking the lives of thousands of Americans while squandering our global reputation, with little chance of improving our long-term security.’”

*          *          *

I can’t remember the last time any member of the U.S. Congress — outside of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), generally, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), regarding Yemen — was this on point, with regard to foreign policy.

Apart from failing to mention the likelihood of catastrophic loss of life in Iran… well done, Sen. Udall!

Now if only there were a filibuster-proof majority of Senators willing to vote for Udall’s “Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2018,” that would really be something. (I’d fall out of my chair, but it would be worth it to see any institution of the U.S. government make an actual stand against the illegal wars Washington’s been waging for the past several decades.)

While I’m on the subject, I think we should also be encouraging our representatives to support Rep. Gabbard’s “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” – which would end U.S. support for al Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East… only that bill, too, would require a 180-degree turn from current policy.

What a shame our last several presidents have done little but terrorize the world: fomenting coups; instigating wars; arming neo-Nazis and terrorists; spying on allies, journalists, and enemies, alike; kidnapping, torturing, and murdering on suspicion alone; shattering economies and the rule of law; leaving millions of dead civilians in their wake, creating many million more refugees…

We’ve spent the past several decades filling the world with generations of people who think of Americans as ultra-violent, environment-collapsing psychopaths.

If we wish to counter that perception, we should also be urging our representatives to sign on to H.Con.Res.81 – Directing the President pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution to remove United States Armed Forces from unauthorized hostilities in the Republic of Yemen.

In other words, we need to tell our government to stop backing the Saudi genocide in Yemen, which threatens to kill some 18 million people by year’s end, per the United Nations.

Three bills, legislating respectively, that Washington must stop: 1) threatening Iran with an illegal war (beyond the illegal aggression we’ve already been waging, assassinating scientists, waging cyber war on Iran’s infrastructure, supporting anti-Iran terrorism in neighboring countries, etc.); 2) arming Saudi-linked Sunni terrorists for the purpose of regime-change in nations allied with America’s geopolitical rivals; and 3) U.S. support for the ongoing genocide in Yemen… while we still can.

It’s amazing that there’s so little institutional support for such obvious, desperately needed remedies for what ails U.S. foreign policy (rapacious-empire-itis).

But if we could finally pivot from our nation’s neoconservative killing spree of the last few decades, we could begin repairing our image in the world and restoring our nation’s credibility.

We could begin actually improving our national security, something no drone strike or assassination has accomplished yet.

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The President of the United States is met with open scorn on the world stage… finally.

This is dramatic.

Look at this easily manipulated pig president, sowing the seeds of war… and look at the world laugh openly at the President of the United States!

(It’s about time.)

Trump’s immediate predecessors labored to bring us to this point, fulfilling the neocons’ “Clean Break” strategy, bringing genocide to several nations in the Middle East, supporting al Qaeda and ISIS — any group threatening Shi’a Muslims and ultimately Iran… Russia… China.

Like Trump, our previous presidents deserved to be derided as buffoons as they pushed the world-dominating neocon agenda… while the United States of America was disintegrating from within… crumbling infrastructure, decrepit rights, eviscerated middle class, deregulated laws, corrupted elections.

Donald Trump delivers us to the appropriate moment in our nation’s tragic history.

The imperialist buffoon is openly scorned. His economic triumphs are transparent failures, locking in future inequality. Meanwhile, his beleaguered followers continue to believe that he’s making the country “great” again.

(Just like when President Obama was in the White House, and liberals went to sleep, now conservatives can turn off their brains and snooze.)

It’s truly sad.

Trump is putting the final nails in the country’s coffin. Just as Hillary Clinton would have done. Two peas in a pod.

Yet partisanship rules the day.

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Nicaragua today…

Thank you, Max Blumenthal and “Moderate Rebels” for this:

This segment is good journalism exemplified. It informs us about the current political situation in Nicaragua and acknowledges our government’s continuing efforts to subvert the popular will of the Nicaraguan people. It offers a historical view and gives a sense of how this history has been experienced by Nicaraguans. It elucidates the political players involved, including the Catholic Church and other elites.

Washington’s internationally condemned aggression against Nicaragua didn’t end in the 1980s, with the mining of Nicaragua’s coastal waters and the Iran-Contra affair. And it didn’t end with Washington’s support for the dictatorship of Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza, either.

The deep state’s covert war against Nicaragua was prohibited by the U.S. Congress (official Washington) with the Boland Amendment, and later censured by the World Court:…/World-court-rules-agai…/7873453009600/

But no one ever was brought to justice for those crimes. And the victims are rarely acknowledged.

Unfortunately, with Facebook now coordinating with the notorious IRI and NED (the coup-mongering, Color “Revolution” plotting, International Republican Institute and National Endowment for Democracy), this brand of respectable journalism, Moderate Rebels, is apt to be labeled “Fake” news and algorithm’d to the bottom of your newsfeed:

(…relegated to the status of “Fake News”)

How discombobulated the Fourth Estate has become!

How very much power the billionaires have acquired!

Rupert Murdoch (right-wing lunatic), Jeff Bezos (with his $600 million CIA contract), and Mark Zuckerberg (classic sociopath in the Trump mold) control practically all that any American ever sees, media-wise. These THREE men provide the filter for the vast majority of Americans as they try to understand the world and current events.

Thanks to these three individuals, most Americans will never begin to recognize our government’s millions of victims… in Nicaragua, Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Congo, Venezuela, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda, Bahrain, Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Egypt…

Thanks, disproportionately, to these three men, democracy truly dies in darkness.

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The time has come… to talk of DRONES and things, of presidents and Predators, of cabbages — and kings.

From the article appearing in the Guardian: “The Bush administration carried out roughly 50 attacks that killed around 500 people; under Obama, the government conducted more than 500 strikes that killed more than 3,000.”

…including “hundreds of children,” per this same article.

And now Donald Trump has dramatically expanded the use of civilian terrorizing drones, just as President Obama dramatically expanded the use of that same, patently illegal, mass-murdering program from what it was under his predecessor.

More than any other policy, the drone assassination program – mostly killing by profiling, with no clue as to the targets’ identities – makes the rest of the world hate and fear us. It’s outrageously illegal, with drones operating routinely in nations with which the U.S. isn’t even at war.

Creating far more “terrorists” than we kill.

Our nation’s descent into warmongering neo-fascism well precedes Trump’s arrival, noxious though he is. Because this trend isn’t really about the occupant of the White House. If it were, President Obama would have decreased the number of drone strikes – and decreased the deportation of immigrants, rather than exploding the drone program and becoming the ICE-expanding, Border Patrol-swelling, all-time “Deporter in Chief” (separating over 5,100 children from their parents/legal guardians in 2011 alone, per a study reported in McClatchy news, the one media outfit that got its “WMD” coverage right, prior to the illegal 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq).

By and large, the neo-fascist tendencies of our government have very old roots – and have become more pronounced with each president after John F. Kennedy. U.S. presidencies, today, are more about optics and theater than about policies, which are determined outside of public scrutiny.

Whether we’d gotten Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in the White House, prior to Trump, we’d still have the insurance industry giveaway – minus cost controls – that is the “Affordable” Care Act, complete with Obama’s Medicare slashing follow up…

We would still have no public debate or awareness as our government launched a second Mujaheddin – arming and coordinating al Qaeda and ISIS, most conspicuously, the “moderate rebels” – for the purpose of regime-change operations in the Middle East, resulting in hundreds of thousands of corpses and millions of refugees (yielding, globally, the largest number of refugees in recorded history: over 65 million, per the United Nations).

Bush’s obscenely unfair tax cuts for the rich were bad enough for one decade, but they were made permanent by Barack Obama, locking in that inequality, when all he had to do was let them “sunset.” Romney certainly would have done the same.

Also, President Obama’s war on journalism and whistleblowers was far more aggressive than George W. Bush’s, who went so far as to militarily target and kill journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet Obama would pervert the Espionage Act, using it to hunt journalists and their sources twice as many times as all of his predecessors combined. And he would effectively repeal habeas corpus, the First and Fourth Amendments, Posse Comitatus, and the Smith-Mundt Act. The government can now deploy the military against Americans on American soil, legally propagandize the public, spy on all our communications, and kill anyone, anywhere, without a hint of due process… without even charging that person with a crime.

Does anyone truly think that Obama outdoing Bush for sheer evil, on this front, was a reflection of his values, vs. “Dubya’s?” Of course not. Morally, George W. Bush is not fit to lick Barack Obama’s shoes. But on policy, bumptious, incompetent Bush discredited fascism while elegant, brainy Obama rescued and normalized it… while aggressively shielding and facilitating Wall Street’s $16 trillion heist, wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households and cratering the middle class.

Honestly, can you imagine our reaction if Donald Trump had done these monstrous things, entrenching the very machinery of totalitarianism for any would-be American dictator!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: This is so not about personalities.

The deep state long ago committed the country to a suicidal, world-destabilizing course, and these unaccountable, law-shredding, profiteering neo-fascists are more bold and reckless with every passing administration. When they couldn’t get what they wanted out of Obama, they simply defied him. Same goes for Trump:

The last president to refer to their lawlessness and the danger they pose to our country was Eisenhower. A lifetime ago.

So, here we are: Policies under Trump are more appallingly fascist than policies under Obama… whose policies were more appallingly fascist than Bush’s… whose policies were more appallingly fascist than Clinton’s. And on and on.

In short, it’s the direction of the country we need to be worried about, not hush money paid to prostitutes or fellatio in the Oval Office. Not the neo-McCarthyist, WWIII-courting Kabuki Theater in Washington, DC, designed to push Trump ever further into the neocons’ camp — but the policies… which keep getting worse with each passing president.

Appallingly so.

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