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(Initially composed as a response to The Hill Rising’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti’s segment, “Biden DESPERATE for Bernie to drop out as new polls show massive liabilities”)

Krystal, Saagar, I understand what you’re saying about the dynamism of the general election, but I am 100% sure that Joe Biden cannot defeat Donald Trump under any circumstances. In terms of the 2020 primary, Biden is where he’s at because of brand recognition, DNC/establishment bias, election fraud, and the media that refuses to discuss election fraud (including Rising) and studiously eschews Biden’s glaring vulnerabilities in a general election.

In all likelihood, Biden hasn’t won much and an independent audit of the primary to date would reveal that he’s not even ahead in the earned delegate count. Exit polls have been *way* off in state after state, signaling election fraud. Two months after Iowa’s Caucus, the real vote count is unknown, thanks to a Shadow(y) app and the DNC’s unprecedented intervention. Weeks after the primary in California, millions of votes remain uncounted (per BBC reporter Greg Palast, 75% of the uncounted ballots in 2016’s primary went for Bernie Sanders).

It’s theft in plain sight, using patently unreliable (hackable, unauditable) voting mechanisms, proprietary software, massive voter suppression directed at young voters and people of color, and more.

But the real issue, so far as November is concerned, is that Joe Biden hasn’t really been vetted. With Russiagate, impeachment, and other distractions — and now the pandemic — the American people have barely been following the Democratic primary, and most of the coverage they’ve encountered has been DNC-underwritten propaganda.

Unlike Rising (and Jimmy Dore, Grayzone, MCSC/Niko, et al), the MSM has utterly failed to introduce the public to the real Joe Biden: a pathologically lying, plagiarizing, racist, misogynist, neoconservative, neoliberal corporatist — a deeply corrupt mental marshmallow with his fingerprints on some of the most disastrous and least popular policies of the last few decades: The New Jim Crow, NAFTA, the Iraq War, and the Bankruptcy “reform” bill that saw him labeled “The Senator from MBNA.”

And now there’s a credible rape charge against Joe Biden — which most of the media refuses to cover (kudos to the amazing Katie Halper and also to Rising for giving Tara Reade a chance to tell her story).

The truth is Joe Biden would be an incredibly weak candidate against Donald Trump even without his pronounced mental deterioration. In the debates, Trump will make mincemeat out of Biden and expose his corruption. Mainstream Americans will hear for the first time about Burisma Holdings, Joe’s misogyny, and Hunter’s grifting. The American people will suddenly realize that Joe Biden’s mental health is failing — and it won’t be pretty watching Trump illuminate just how unfit for office the former VP is.

As one shocking revelation follows another, Americans will become intimately acquainted with Joe Biden’s worst qualities during the general election cycle, just as they first learned in 2016 from Trump about Sec. Clinton’s appalling history of racism, warmongering, corruption, and her 30,000 missing e-mails. The American people were edified about these matters by Donald Trump because the corporate media had abdicated its duty (promoting Clinton instead of reporting on her) — and because Bernie had been too much of a “gentleman” to make an issue of the Clintons’ Pay-to-Play State Department/Foundation and their privatization of public servers and various aspects of U.S. foreign policy.

Biden can’t win in 2020. He won’t do nearly as well as Sec. Clinton did in 2016, because as the race currently stands, 2020 promises to be a blow-out for the GOP, delivering a Republican super-majority Congress to Trump in 2021.

Corona-virus will wreak its havoc and the economy will tank, no doubt. But these issues will not sink Donald Trump — they will provide him with an excuse. Like many of Trump’s most dreadful policies, his pork-laden pandemic “relief” bill received nearly unanimous bipartisan support — and the response of Democrats to the virus, from Gov. Cuomo to Joe Biden to DNC Chair Perez, has been every bit as reckless and derelict as the administration’s… so how exactly can maundering, mush-brained Biden turn this into a winning election issue in November?

He can’t.

Since Democrats, including AOC (and Bernie), just gave away the $4.5-trillion store to corporations and the 1% — and hardly anyone (including Rising) is willing to discuss blatant election fraud in the 2020 primary — I don’t see anything but a bleak future for the nation, with or without the corona-virus.

Unfortunately, that includes Trump’s reelection in November.

The New York Times recently reported on the DNC’s plans to disregard the winner of the popular vote at their convention this summer, even though, per the article: “Historically, superdelegates had always supported the candidate who won the most pledged delegates, which accrue from primary and caucus wins.”

But now that Bernie is clearly projected to win the most pledged delegates — democratically, by a large margin — history, precedent, and tradition are all being shit-canned.

“While there is no widespread public effort underway to undercut Mr. Sanders, arresting his rise has emerged as the dominant topic in many Democratic circles…. In recent weeks, Democrats have placed a steady stream of calls to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who opted against running for president nearly a year ago, suggesting that he can emerge as a white knight nominee at a brokered convention…” (NYT)

Great! Now, they want Trump’s opponent in November to be SOMEONE NO ONE VOTED FOR in the primary! Someone who didn’t even run!

The Democratic establishment is obviously desperate to nominate anyone but Bernie. They want to nominate anyone except the projected winner of the popular vote — anyone but the candidate who consistently polls best against Donald Trump!

(Because defeating Trump, the most dangerous president in our lifetimes, is simply not a priority for them.)

Former adviser to President Obama, Bernie-hater Anton J. Gunn, has been explicit about the party’s aversion to democratic norms: “The public doesn’t really decide the nominee.”

(It’s like they didn’t spend the last three years bemoaning the fact that the winner of the popular vote lost the 2016 general election.)

Sadly, it seems that Sen. Warren agrees with the DNC and Mr. Gunn. Lately, Warren has been on the warpath against Sen. Sanders (again), disingenuously accusing him of endorsing the role of super-delegates at the convention — and changing his mind “just because he now thinks there’s an advantage to him…”

(That’s a pretty dishonest talking point, Senator.)

Warren is well aware that Bernie and progressives argued for the complete removal of super-delegates from this process. She knows full-well that Sanders argued for a more democratic convention, one not decided by un-elected lobbyists and party apparatchiks. She also knows that the party denied Bernie’s request, refusing to end the super-delegates’ democracy-nullifying role in their nominating process.

And contrary to her latest false talking point, Warren knows that Bernie nixed the idea of lobbying the super-delegates in 2016, choosing instead to release his pledged delegates and enthusiastically support the nomination of Sec. Clinton.

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “I don’t believe in superdelegates.” (Ah, but today she does!)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “I don’t believe in super PACs.” (Ah, but today she does!)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “What we have to focus on now as Democrats is, we recognize the process was rigged” — referring to the 2016 Democratic primary “won” by Sec. Clinton. (Later, she reversed her position, saying “the process was fair.”)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “In most democracies around the world, the person who gets the most votes wins. How about we make America that kind of democracy?”

But the Elizabeth Warren of old has apparently been swallowed whole by some kind of ophidian creature. She “now thinks there’s an advantage” (for her) in opposing “that kind of democracy” (the kind where “the person who gets the most votes wins”).

[Thank you, Niko House, for drawing my attention to this very interesting exchange, “a very entertaining back-and-forth,” indeed.]

Colbert: “Why do you think that THE PEOPLE — why do you think he (Bernie) has got, while not the majority of the support in the Democratic Party, right now, he’s got the plurality, to use that twenty-cent word…?”

Christie: “Because he’s one of the only people up there who’s actually talking about ideas.”

Colbert: “Elizabeth Warren talks about ideas.”

Christie: “No, she doesn’t.”

Colbert: “Yes, she does!”

Christie: “No!”

Colbert: “She talks about all the same ideas that Bernie talks about!”

Christie: “No! No, she used to talk about all the same ideas, then she backed off of it. And now everybody doesn’t like her. Because the people who are the real progressives don’t think she’s genuine, anymore. And the people who are the moderates don’t trust her. So, she’s in No Man’s Land.”

Precisely right…

As a “progressive,” Sen. Warren has greatly damaged her brand and given many of her former supporters grave doubts about her character, allegiances, and priorities.

In terms of policy proposals, Sen. Warren remains one of the top three candidates in this race, along with Sen. Sanders and Rep. Gabbard.

But in political terms (former New Jersey governor and emblem of corruption) Chris Christie is 100% correct: Warren is toast.

She’s dealt herself one too many critical blows already this year, thanks to her Obama/Clinton consultants. There’s no path forward for her in 2020, except damaging the progressive frontrunner on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and the establishment.

(Her less charitable critics, including myself, have suggested that that’s what she’s been after, all along.)

“Mike Bloomberg has been publishing videos attacking Bernie Sanders and Bernie supporters for being ‘toxic’—and then Bloomberg fabricated grotesque fake quotes” [“praising despotism”] “and attributed them to Bernie.” – from an article published by

This is what the establishment does: It projects.

For the second consecutive primary season, an obscenely rich right-winger with an appallingly Trump-like history is smearing the most gentle, compassionate, moderate/centrist candidate with the most popular policy proposals and the least aggressive, least white supporters.

In 2016, David Brock (who called Prof. Anita Hill “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty”) tarred us with the invented “Bernie Bro” smear — created by the Clinton campaign, as reported by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald. (This was the same political machine that had dubbed Obama’s 2008 supporters “Obama Boys,” accusing then-Sen. Obama’s supporters of being unusually aggressive and “sexist.”)

Was it true? Were Bernie’s 2015-16 on-line supporters unusually aggressive or hostile? Not that I saw, and I was hopping everywhere from DailyKos, The Huffington Post,,, The New York Times, Facebook, TruthDig, and beyond.

More significantly, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting’s former managing editor, Julie Hollar (today, FAIR’s senior election analyst), recently reported the March 2016 study that found Sec. Clinton’s on-line supporters nearly twice as “threatening” as Sanders’s supporters (30% to 16%).

I can attest to that.

Where was the MSM’s reporting about all of the “Hillary Harridans” (most of whom were bullying white men)? Why didn’t the MSM go with a sexist framing of her “toxic” trolls, many of whom were literally on the payroll of David Brock, the Clintons’ answer to Karl Rove?

(They could have called out the “Brock Bros,” at least, and acquainted their audiences with Brock’s shameful history in the service of no-holds-barred, right-wing politics.)

Now, in 2020, a serially racist and misogynist modern plutocrat — Mayor “Stop & Frisk” himself, who has paid the better part of a billion dollars to the DNC and bought himself a candidacy, thanks to changed debate rules and paid staffers on the DNC’s “Rules Committee” — is trying to paint Bernie Sanders, the candidate of the working class and people of color, as a proponent of DESPOTISM.

(Positively despicable.)

Once again, the pot is calling the kettle black.

Colloquially put, haters gonna’ hate…

That these haters represent the elite — and the people they’re hating on represent the most vulnerable and marginalized — well, that’s something they’d rather not talk about.

(It makes the Identity Politics “Woke” sticker on their sleeves look like a tasteless joke.)

A disingenuous attack on the only candidate not funded by corporations and billionaires (Bernie) has ended in yet another painfully hypocritical reversal… and a brand-new super PAC (Sen. Warren’s).

Apparently, it’s time for Warren to resume her former practice of “sucking up to billionaires!”

Last September, The New York Times reported that the vast majority of funds raised for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “100% grassroots funded” presidential campaign came from corporations and billionaire megadonors hosting one swanky fundraiser after another for the Massachusetts senator (far more than she needed for her Senate race).

And yet, not long ago, Sen. Warren was on the debate stage in New Hampshire condemning all of her male rivals for “sucking up to billionaires.”

(She’d already tagged Pete Buttigieg for his “wine-cave” fundraisers — and Mayor Pete had already hit back, noting that Warren, herself, has attended plenty of exclusive, billionaire-hosted fundraisers: “This is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass.” Democratic Party grandee and former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell chimed in: “Can you spell hypocrite? …She didn’t have any trouble taking our money the year before… All of a sudden, we were bad guys and power brokers and influence-peddlers. In 2018, we were wonderful.”)

Forbes reported in November that although Buttigieg and Biden are the billionaires’ favorite candidates, the campaigns of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar have been funded by 27 billionaires (between the two of them).

Yet on the debate stage in New Hampshire, Sen. Warren sought to tar Bernie Sanders with the same brush as Buttigieg and Biden, the two most billionaire-dependent candidates in the race. She hung her lie on a technicality, because Bernie Sanders actually does have one super PAC backing him (one that she’d previously celebrated): “Our Revolution.”


Our Revolution is composed of nine 100% grassroots-funded progressive organizations: The Sunrise Movement, Indivisible, Movement Voter Project, Make the Road Action, Center for Popular Democracy Action, Dream Defenders, People’s Action, Our Revolution, and National Nurses United (environmental groups, progressives, nurses, immigrants’ rights groups, voter rights groups — representing the opposite end of the spectrum dominated by the billionaires and corporate lobbies that have historically backed Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and the rest).

Mike Figueredo of The Humanist Report asks a perfectly legitimate question of Sen. Warren: “Do you honestly believe that Dream Defenders and Our Revolution and the Sunrise Movement are comparable to the Wall Street-funded super PACs that back people like Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden?”

We’re waiting for your answer, Senator. With baited breath, we await your next Bernie-smearing contortion of the truth, you sexist, ratfucking, culture-appropriating, white privilege-reeking, Trump-applauding, right-wing-talking-point-spouting HYPOCRITE.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her New Hampshire speech after finishing a distant fourth: “We can unite our party. We can unite people… we can unite people…”

(Unity… at least until it’s time to stoke division and smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters, then “unity” goes out the window!)

Warren (in that same speech): “The question for us Democrats is whether it will be a long, bitter rehash of the same old divides in our party, or whether we can find another way…”

(Surely, Senator, the way we “unite” our party is by reviving the old “Bernie Bro” smear invented by the Clinton campaign — brilliant!)

Warren: “…the fight between factions in our party has taken a sharp turn in recent weeks, with ads mocking other candidates and with supporters of some candidates shouting curses at other Democratic candidates.”

(Boo, says the audience…)

(Only the truth is that Sen. Sanders has refused to attack his rivals and expressly forbidden his supporters from going negative. In fact, he’s the only candidate in this race unilaterally disarming in the name of unity — just as he did in 2016. “I don’t care about your damn emails!” he told Sec. Clinton, refusing to go negative. Then and now, Bernie just wants to talk about POLICY and defeating Trump in November.)

Warren: “These harsh tactics might work, if you are willing to burn down the rest of the party in order to be the last man standing.”

(And there’s the irony: Apparently, Warren is completely willing to “burn down the rest of the party” in order to be the last woman standing. She’s willing to revive a totally unfounded David Brock smear and open up all of those bitter old wounds from 2016. In January, on the eve of the 2020 Iowa Caucus, Elizabeth Warren tried to take down the left’s best hope against Trump by bringing up a year-old conversation and characterizing it in a way she’d never characterized it before — suddenly turning on her “friend” from Vermont, implying that he is a SEXIST.)


(“Bernie’s winning? Burn it all down!” In the name of “unity,” burn those bridges, Senator! Alienate Sanders’ army of supporters by following the Hillary Clinton ratfucking playbook — surely that’s the way to “unite” the party and defeat Donald Trump!)

Warren: “They might work… if you think only you have all the answers, and only you are the solution to all our problems…”

(Now, that is rich. Warren and her campaign have spent the previous year saying: “I have a plan!” “She’s the one with the plans!” “Her plans are the best, so Bernie should drop out (anyone still supporting Bernie over Warren is “sexist,” because her plans are the best)! “Elizabeth Warren has all the answers!” “She is the solution to all our problems!”)

(Way to weaponize identity and trivialize sexism, Senator! You’ve certainly got the solution to cure “unity” — divisiveness and vicious personal attacks that no one believes!)

The Democratic establishment to Elizabeth Warren: “We need a solution to all of our problems, and ‘all of our problems’ are named BERNIE SANDERS.”

Warren in response: “I have a plan for that!”

(And then she proceeded to turn herself into a kamikaze warrior for the establishment, willing to blow up her political career in the hopes of ending Bernie’s. How’s that working out for you, Senator? Terribly, but you keep doubling down, covering yourself with shame. It’s what Hillary would want. That, and a second term for her old pal, Trump — as long as it stops that horrible, horrible Bernie “No one likes him” Sanders and his majority-nonwhite, majority-female, working class army of LGBTQ-friendly “bros,” aka, the people who comported themselves most civilly in 2016, per a study cited by Julie Hollar of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting.)